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Mark Wakeling
Posted: 2012-07-11 21:00:58
Thank you Andy I was with Steve when this come through, and it was the first time he laughed since, now it seems UKMF fucked it up Ryan was not alone, for all board members to vote to put that statement up, and not overturn the decission, its a real life scandle. All you board members that aloud that criminal statement under your banner UKMF are just that. CRIMINALS OF MUAY THAI, You are a discrace to the sport. Im so sorry beauty that you are a part of them, as you seem to be the only decent person in there. That decission is just so corrupt, the whole board is fucked up. I really never thought a whole board would vote those perthetic statements. How can anyone want to be in some thing so dirty and corrupt. Shit man that has blown my mind, all of you read the statements, read the resentment, The whole ukmf board voted this shit muay thai has hit the pit, with the whole ukmf board, god unbelivable, this really is not cricket, it must be some kind of cult to all vote this in.

Is this what anyone should intrust there children to walk into,
we are supposed to teach morals, honor, fairness, honesty, If i as a parent read this thread, I would not let my children near anything with the name ukmf. Your ukmf board had a chance to do the right thing, instead they make them selfs gods, and say if we make a misstake, we will lie cheat rob and you weak muay thai people will suffer it because even when the world knows we do wrong, we say no the world is wrong, and our board members word is final. Enjoy what i hoped would be the best org ever, another dream dead.

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