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Posted: 2012-07-12 05:36:18
well if chantals so shite..then why did the queen of female muay thai with multiple world titles fight chantal?

why didn't the queen of muay thai with umpteen world titles stop chantal if she is clearly so poor at muay thai?
...if chantal is so poor and cannot beat a top 10 fighter and you claim julie is number 1 and leagues ahead of teh competition then why didn't she stop chantal easily...didnt that fight go the distance?
..especially when you claim julie hits harder than a male thai national nak muay...doesn't quite add up does it?

fudkins alwasy been dodgy..he didnt change over night and most were pleased to get into bed with him and do business...i wrote on here years ago that you shouldnt have fuds like him involved with the sport and it should be in the hands of a group of respected peers like richard smith, mark wakeling, bill judd, dean white, steve logan, mick mullaney etc

you've lined fudkins pockets for years with his interclubs and he's wealsed his way into the only have to look at his overpirced tours and how he acts to know he's a monkeyboy...

i'm disgusted in the corruption and dissapointed for the wakelings being roobed and having the sheen taken off of their hard work and win...but i am suprised at the reaction to fudkin...its as if you never saw it coming...whats he ever done in the world of muaythai? yet he's involved with repping the uk on an international stage...was he ever even uk champ or that standard of a nak muay? was he fook.i dont beleiev some thai called him lion either more like lying

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