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Kru Shaun Boland
Posted: 2012-07-24 08:22:48
Well it's all academic now as the official score is a draw and the governing bodies have decided that is how it stays. My scoring is just by what I see on this video and is no way official as I was not there.

I disagree that Levin has limited skill, he is a dangerous fighter with an awkward style that might not be to everyone's taste but nevertheless a fighter that should be respected.

In saying that I agree with 'Keepyerguardup' with the scoring.

First rounds were pretty close. Third round Levin pressured and scored more. 4th & fith rounds Wakeling scored big with the right kick to Levin's body:

1 10 10*
2 10* 10
3 10 9
4 9 10
5 9 10

TOTAL = 48 49

It was a clever fight from both fighters with Levin clearly trying to slow Wakeling up with body punches. Wakeling was moving away and leaning back from the head punches so no real effect was coming from those. Levin started pressing the fight more in the 2nd round but not enough for a clear win of that round. However he picked up momentum in the third and this was definitely his round. Round 4 saw Levin pretty much sticking to the same game plan but Wakeling scored better with his right kick to the body and won that round based on this. The fifth was a stronger round for Wakeling and again he scored well with the body kicks.

Wakeling for me scored better in the last two rounds and point wise was 1 up at the final tally. As he finished the strongest in addition to the point tally I would not have given it a draw.

An alternative score (if you were scoring it like a boxing match) without the stars would be:

ROUND 1: 9 Levin 10 Wakeling
ROUND 2: 10 Levin 9 Wakeling
ROUND 3: 10 Levin 9 Wakeling
ROUND 4: 9 Levin 10 Wakeling
ROUND 5: 9 Levin 10 Wakeling

So even with the 'alternative' score it's 47 - 48 Wakeling however that is not how Muay Thai is scored but it is still interesting to note.

This of course is just my opinion watching the DVD and in no way is official and against any of the judges that were there. What is clear from everyone who scores this on here, is that Wakeling definitely scored the last two rounds 10-9.

While I am on here is there any update as to the dispute as to UKMF saying the score card was altered and Craig O'Flynn saying it wasn't?


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