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Dave Croft
Posted: 2012-07-27 08:16:11
Having watched the fight. Albeit from the videos angle. and firmly confident Steve won. I can no longer claim neutral impartiality in the debate.

I can say however; I understand a meeting is scheduled to discuss this matter and hopefully some light will be shed upon those areas in doubt. I am also aware delays in calling said meeting have occured due to illness.

It is therefore; with some optimism I say I am sure there will be a resolution announced soon.

Without going back over the thread I cant recall Chris's score card but from memory think it was 50/47 and I cant fault that ( i think if it were a title fight where score cards are collected after each round i might have scored rnd 2 to steve as well rather than rely on dots/dashes/notes to arrive at my final score 50/46).....But thats not important. What is. Is that the Swedish judge saw a completely different fight. Craigs score card tampered or not shows he was watching the right fight but in the final assessment decided to disregard his own score cards as a running tally of the action and announce a draw.

Fires come in two varieties. Some burn out others need putting out with positive action. This matter is firmly in the latter. Delay in addressing the issues has done little to douse the flames. Im sure the flames will die down but fear the lasting damage may take some time to repair.

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