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Posted: 2014-04-02 10:03:22
There's been a bit of a revival by two groups trying to get the art of BKB - Bare Knuckle Boxing - back as a sport. There's the BBAD group, run by Andy Topliff, and Knuckle Promotions, headed up by James Quinn, who also heads up the International Bare Knuckle Boxing Federation.

Both are putting on events, with BBAD now looking to do its 8th event, later this year.

There's fighters from all over the country. I gotta admit, it doesn't look quite as organised as boxing/kickboxing/MMA, etc, but i think it has a decent chance to create its own niche circuit and following.

This is NOTHING like Gypsy/traveler type back-street bare knuckle.

Anyone any opinions on it. I know a lot of the unlicensed boxers and mma fighters are going to be giving it a go. i think it's quite an interesting art if i'm being honest.

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