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Posted: 2016-06-16 06:17:52
Heres the current line-up, 4/5 more fights to add to the card..


1 - 62kg 5 x 1.5kg N CLASS
Umair Nawaz THAITANS, Redditch V Jamaal Hussain IMPACT GYM, Walsall

2 - 69kg 5 x 1.5 C CLASS
Dan Fullerton REAPER GYM V Lee Woodcock KEARSLEY MUAY THAI, Manchester

3 - 69kg 5 x 1.5 C CLASS
Sam Reuban THAITANS, Redditch V Connor Evans CHAOS, Hereford

4 - 52kg 5 x 1.5 C CLASS
Sarah Whittiker REAPER GYM V Chantelle Tippett CHAOS, Devon

5 - 89kg 5 x 1.5 C CLASS
Jarek Makowski THAITANS, Redditch V Seweryn Zych CHAOS, Hereford

6 - 68kg 5 x 1.5kg C CLASS
Jay Jovadas CHAOS, Devon V Connor Haley BEASTMASTERS, Nantwich

7 - 58kg 5 x 1.5 C CLASS
Lauren Evans REAPER GYM V Alicja Kolodziejek CHAOS, Hereford

8 - 66kg 5 x 1.5 C CLASS
Jacob Connolly COREFIT UK, Birmingham V Matt Foley BEASTMASTERS, Nantwich

9 - 55kg 5 x 1.5 C CLASS
Paul West REAPER GYM V Daniel Charilaou HANUMAN, Darlington

10 - 73kg 5 x 2 B CLASS
Campbell Bourne CHAOS, Devon V Manuel Mancini BEASTMASTERS, Nantwich

11 - 51kg 5 x 3 A CLASS
Dasi Swali PRA CHAO SUUA, Walsall V Harris Hussain ABUSIN’S THAI, Bradford

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