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Marco S
Posted: 2016-07-13 05:34:21
I'm still applying these to great effect.
Fucking tremendous, if I'm being honest.

The application of "movement" is ever evolving, with the use now of consistently tensed core muscles, which give me more control over my body, reaction times, and I can take seriously heavy shots to the body where they used to put me down time and again.
One of my sparring partners markedly noted this during the week.

In addition to that, incorporating a more side ways stance with my lead hand outstretched, allows the use of my arms to facilitate movement to an even greater degree.
I find this comparable to running and sprinting technique where again, we use the back and forth motion of out arms to assist with getting our knees up and to propel ourselves forward.

And the final addition I made in sparring yesterday, was, instead of loading up on the lead foot whilst throwing a jab, to instead push off the back foot.
This provides infinitely more power and control in the jab, as well as mitigating the fatigue associated with constantly popping the lead hand out and attempting to get sufficient leverage into it to make it effective.

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