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Posted: 2016-12-30 18:21:16
Blyth leisure Centre
Bolam Park
Tony 07734349508

Pro K1 bout 3x3min
(Wka English title 76kg)
John 'joker' Cairns vCraig 'thesurgeon'Shadforth
Millennium MSAC

70kg 4man tournament
Tommy crossland - Combat Academy
Ryan Foster - Armageddon
Jordan Trainor - Phoenix Thai
Kyle 'K1LLER' Todd - Millennium

(Wka international super fight title)
Pro K1 bout 3x3min
Thomas Daniels v Ciprian Schipu 85kg
Contender Respect (Romania)

Pro K1 bout 3x3min
Jack Sampola v Catalin Filimon 77kg
Sor thanikul. Sca (Romania)

Pro K1 Bout 3x3min
Rayko levitchi v Martin Sweeney 65kg
Sca (Romania) Koroko gym

Pro K1 bout 3x3min
Leif taggart v zakaria Bouynafif 62kg
Chokdee Team Holzken (Holland)

Pro K1 bout 3x3min
Connor Brown v Alexandria Marton 72kg
Team phoenix Sca (Romania)

Pro K1 bout 3x3min
Jack Ridley v Levi Mikkers 71kg
Wolf Thai Team Holzken (Holland)

(Wka world Muay thai title)
A-Class Thai x5 rounds
Claire Clements v Aimeer Codd 63.5kg
Faktory Valhalla (Ireland)

(Wka northern area MT title)
B-class Thai x5rounds
Dean Scott v Ben Goldsborough 66kg
Jai suu Phoenix Thai

(Wka northern area MT title)
B-class Thai x5rounds
Kevin Carr v Robert Barry 63kg
Jai suu The Manor Thai

B-class Thai x5rounds
Stephen Williams v Gary Laws 61kg
Jai suu northern kings

Semi pro K1 bout 3x2min
Nathan Ryder v Michael Mctavy 64kg
Millennium kui-ling

Semi pro K1 bout 3x2min
Dan McGowan v TBC 76kg

Semi pro K1 bout 3x2
Ross Laidlaw v TBC 55kg

Semi pro K1 bout 3x2min
Pete Hymers v Johny Winn 65kg
Millennium Northern Kings

63kg junior MT 4 man tournament
Louis Shipton - Beastmasters
Shaun Cuthbert - Force Thai
Paul Morris - Faktory
Brandon Barry - jai suu

Junior K1 bout 55kg 3x2min
Charlotte Thompson v Lauren Young
Ko kickboxing Force Thai Scotland

K1 light bout 28kg 3x1min
Geraldo Holzken v TBC
Team Holzken

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