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Posted: 2004-02-09 18:06:11
Master Sken Show
Does anyone know the full line up for Master Sken's show on the 29th February????
Posted: 2004-02-10 07:13:54
I know we are still looking for a 67 kg fighter to fight Andy Thrasher over 5 x 2 for the SIMTA north west are title, day before weigh in. Any takers?
Posted: 2004-02-11 06:08:50
i know liam harrison is fighting a thai and on 23 this month channel 5 start to show the fights from the rex in london from last april.i have seen some of the fights and i was at the show and if liam fights like that again he should be worth watching .and isnt there some controversy about one of the fights and scorecard changing???
johnny pistol
Posted: 2004-02-11 06:13:25
whos is the thai liam is fighting is he ranked in thailand go liam do the stuff.

it said before he was top fighter from thailand is it true
Posted: 2004-02-11 07:08:12
Liam Harrison is fighting Preechapon Por Nuongubon (Thailand), I don't know what his ranking is or how good he is.
Posted: 2004-02-12 09:42:56
liam v Preecha
nicola fearnley v becky berry
richard cadden v lee colville
imran v scottish guy (sorry forgot ur name!)
richard jones from pele's
carl bracegirdle

these are the only ones I can remember from memory. if some one puts the poster up you can see all fights down the side, plus main events in the middle.
Posted: 2004-02-12 10:24:24
Strange how no one at Por Muangubon gym has heard of a Preechapon??
Liar's Nemesis
Posted: 2004-02-12 10:32:17
I heard a rumour that the thai liam is fighting hasnt fought for years and lives in England!
johnny pistol
Posted: 2004-02-12 10:35:43
Not again why not say he lives here & not a top thai penny pinching.
Posted: 2004-02-12 10:46:55
Who said he was a top thai????

What is the value of bringing over a "top thai" if the domestic fighters are not of the same calibre (taking nothing away from our domestic fighters)!!!!!!

johnny pistol
Posted: 2004-02-12 11:50:27

There is quite a difference from a thai coming from the ubon gym in thailand from a chef from london would you not say so.

as rob said nobody as heard of this fighter from that gym there and now people are saying hes from england ?

thats the point i am making do you know understand.
Mr Smith
Posted: 2004-02-12 12:06:36
Why do people have to look for conspiracy everywhere? No one has said that the Thai is a top Thai. I have been on here asking about him and Rob has asked questions in Thailand and no-one knows anything.

Master Sken has not made him out to be anything - he told me he doesnt know what he will be like, that he's been in the army and hasnt fought for a few years, and that he now lives and trains in the UK.

Liam is training hard and is ready for a test. We hope that the guy is good, but if he isnt he will be dealt with accordingly. Master Sken has consistently brought over decent fighters from Thailand in his last few shows - not top fighters, but the right level to develop our fighters. He has done a lot for Liam and I am grateful. His shows have been consistently good over the last few years and he is one of the few promoters who is paying out to put his shows on TV for the benefit of the sport and all of us and it has meant that there has been some consistently good stuff on.

So all you (as usual) anonymous guys who are looking for some scandal and ammunition to slag others off - there is none, so shut up.
Posted: 2004-02-12 12:16:07
cant add much more to that smithy
Posted: 2004-02-12 12:23:09
Well said Mr. Smith.
Posted: 2004-02-12 12:36:16
Richard have you got the poster for the show and if so could you put it up. Thanks, Brian.
Jim Chivers
Posted: 2004-02-12 15:15:57
Good luck to Liam.

He has got a great future in the sport and I am one of his biggest fans (Have seen him live and on TV, always delivers). If the Guy was from the Army and doesn't train any more, then why is he fighting one of our best prospects?

Is this to wet the appetite of the TV audience who stay up till 5 in the morning (drunks and insomniacs), or is it to line the pockets of Sken?

One of Liam's last fights was in Japan where he won, massive TV audience and publicity. Is this not correct? Why is he fighting a bum? Would this not do his fight career massive problems if he lost?(not saying he will).

Just think he could do far better than fighting against a guy who is past it.
Mr Smith
Posted: 2004-02-12 16:54:55
I tell you what then "Jim Chivers", why dont you take over Liams training and management - you obviously have all the answers.

The way to bring fighters and our sport forwards is to build it up in the eyes of the general public, who are more interested in seeing a fighter who is exciting and devastating, showing how good they are. My fighters take on all comers - always have. Sometimes they get easy fights, sometimes hard ones. It remains to be seen how tough this one is. He obviously thinks he's up to the job or he wouldn't have taken the fight would he?

This is why our sport gets nowhere and why the internet does so much damage. Every time one of our fighters starts doing well, all the idiots come out of the woodwork to try to cast doubt and take away their achievements. People from all over the world read this forum. How does it make us look in the UK when they read this crap.

"Is this to wet the appetite of the TV audience who stay up till 5 in the morning (drunks and insomniacs), or is it to line the pockets of Sken?"
What a stupid thing to say. A lot of people see the shows on channel 5 - ok it would be better if they were on at a better time, but at the moment its that or nothing. If you think you can do better, go out and get yourslf a tv deal, promote and put it on, and show us all a thing or two. Or maybe you already are a jealous instructor or promoter who just wants to slag everyone else off even though you cant do any better.

And do you really think that Master Sken or any other promoter really lines their pockets promoting? I sincerely hope that he does make money from this and all his other promotion, because otherwise he would stop putting them on and that would be a big loss. the only way this sport will go forward is when people start to make more money out of it.

Mr Smith
Posted: 2004-02-12 17:01:27
Oh - and who's to say this guy is a bum?
If he is, I'm sure Liam will smash him and show us all how good he is. But I can tell you that he is training as though he's fighting the best. Comments like yours - questioning the credibility of his opponent behind a facade of pretending that you are giviing him praise and support arent exactly likely to encourage anyone are they?
You say if he loses it will harm his career as the guy must be a bum. the only harm it will do is if he doesnt learn from it.
Trevor Ambrose
Posted: 2004-02-12 20:51:12
Well said Mr Smith.............
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2004-02-13 01:32:02

My boy Stuart Oldham is fighting on the show.
Posted: 2004-02-13 02:10:51
Each time this thread has been put up it drops into a slagging match!
As one of the other threads says "sometimes we should sniff the path for trolls and then tke the other one!"
I've had enough of this stupidness!!!!!

PS Top comments mr.smith!!!
Posted: 2004-02-13 03:26:21
Yes. There should be a sign.

'Please do not feed the trolls.'

Posted: 2004-02-13 05:29:37
Good luck Liam, do it for Europe, UK, England, West Yorkshire, Leeds!
Posted: 2004-02-13 05:52:42
Not forgetting LS9 and Gipton!!!!! he he he
Posted: 2004-02-13 06:00:29
whats wrong with gipton thats were they breed them tough. even the midwives have got tatoos
Posted: 2004-02-13 06:07:52
More of an LS7 man myself!
Alan Wong
Posted: 2004-02-13 06:49:37
Strange Mr. Smith....we have idiots here is OZ that does the same as well. I admire your thoughtful response to these armchair critics and I honestly wish I have the same ability to express myself the same way you do. Go on Mr. Smith, do your stuff and shut these idiots up.
Nikki Thomas
Posted: 2004-02-13 09:14:07
Mr Smith, you are spot on, my sincerest best wishes to Liam, whoever this guy is I'm sure Liam will show the quality of his preparation and his professionalism in the ring.
Posted: 2004-02-13 10:34:34
Liam has just turned 18 and allready what he has achieved is amazing, he is not only one of hte most exiting fighters out there, but also one of the most skillful. He one of a hand ful of Uk fighters who could realy do wonders for UK Thai Boxing and yet some "small minded, jealous, idiots" can only have a go, instead of wishing him all the best.

Good lick Liam and for god's sake do not listen to these toss pots!
Charlie Trojan
Posted: 2004-02-13 10:38:57
Mr Smith
eloquently put. I think you are spot on when you say Mr Chivers is probably a disgruntled promoter or instructor. In fact there seem to be far too many of these clowns on this site. Their disparaging and negative comments are totally unnecessary. You succinctly stated what many of us would have liked to. Good luck to your fighters, looking forward to hooking up with you at the K1 when Andy and Reece fight. Oh and by the way remember the first round is on you, I hope you haven't forgotten. I know you'll be looking forward to spending some of the hundreds of thousands you make as a promoter!!!
Posted: 2004-02-16 03:40:36
Any info on other fights?

(without slagging people off....)
Posted: 2004-02-16 16:28:03
Richard Cadden v Lee Collville
Becky Berry v nicola Fearnley (SIMTA ladies flyweight title)
Karl Bracegirdle v Gary Turnbull (SIMTA light welterweight title)
Andy Thrasher v Ian McCully (SIMTA northwest welterweight title)
Stuart Oldman v ??> (SIMTA heavy weight title)
Imrhan Khan v ??? (SImta Super lightweight title)
Sean Wright v Andy Jones (SIMTA welterweight title)

Plus more!!!!
Mr Smith
Posted: 2004-02-16 16:57:55
Liam Harrison v Preecha
Posted: 2004-02-16 18:23:21
As far as I know Ian McCully isn't fighting at this event.
Posted: 2004-02-17 03:15:22
Ian McCully originally had to withdraw from this show, but has now agreed to fight Andy Thrasher. The parties invovled in the original decision for Ian to withdraw at aware of this and are happy!
liam badco
Posted: 2004-02-17 06:30:51
whos imran fighting now.
Posted: 2004-02-18 01:16:52
Can Nicki Thomas tell us??.... she's from that neck of the woods
Posted: 2004-02-20 08:27:54

who's going?
Albert "The Hurricane"
Posted: 2004-02-20 09:16:35
Charlie, you and Smithy are doing the 1st round? he's giving away a bit of weight isnt he ;)
Posted: 2004-02-21 02:33:37
Imrhan Khan is fighting John "Jesus" Gallagher from John Craig's. He's giving away a lot of experience but will be up for it I would imagine.
Posted: 2004-02-21 12:50:38
Who is Master Sken?
Posted: 2004-02-21 12:59:41
Are you having a LAUGH????
Posted: 2004-02-21 13:31:48
Nope. I know he trained Sandy, but there is VERY limited info on the web about him. Id quite like to meet him.
Posted: 2004-02-21 13:33:57
Go to his website at and you will get all the info that you need.
Posted: 2004-02-21 16:11:46
I hear its being filmed by Ch5 again.
Posted: 2004-02-23 05:19:04
Any axers going to this show??
Posted: 2004-02-24 05:36:49
Yes, I am with a few others.
Posted: 2004-02-24 06:41:25
well you'll have to say hello. I'll be the bald fat bloke yelling at Andy thrasher to keep his hands up
Posted: 2004-02-24 06:45:30
Andy Thrasher is fighting Ian McCulley who is from Guy Ramsay's camp as are my son and I. Should be a good fight. Has Andy lost yet??
Posted: 2004-02-24 09:18:14
No. Andy has had 19f 18w and 1 draw.

His picture is a bit decieving. He is 6ft 2 and has an awkward style.

Thats right isnt it Dazza?
Posted: 2004-02-24 15:37:37
Andy has had 6f and as of yet he has not lost, although this looks like this will be his toughest test yet.

He's 5 foot 8/9
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2004-02-24 16:46:29
My guy Stuart will be fighting full Thai rules!...Looks like an interesting show
Posted: 2004-02-24 17:22:17
Unfortunately Eddie Scott has had to pull out of his rematch with Richard Jones.
Posted: 2004-02-25 08:26:15
Stacy Butler has just agreed to replace Becky Berry against Nicola Fearnley.
jim hodge
Posted: 2004-02-27 03:42:38
John Jesus Gallagher, YOU must be joking, he has NO chance.
Posted: 2004-03-01 09:51:52
Great show especially the Dutch guy that fought Richard Jones.
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