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Topic:Muay Thai Champions League Xiv
dirk stal
Posted: 2005-04-10 01:53:14

dirk stal
Posted: 2005-04-10 01:59:46
1. MT - A - Dutch title: 63.5kg: Robert v Nimwegen VS Terik el Medni
v. Nimwegen winner on TKO

2. MT - A - Dutch title: 76kg: Marco Pique vs Nadir Lahrech
Pique WOP

3. World Title ladies 61kg: Germaine vs Saoikai.
Germain WOP

4. MT - A - 71.5kg Younnes el Massami vs Randall v Haldem
Younnes el Massami WOP

5. MT - A - 76kg Panjonsuk vs V Vielvoye
Pajonsuk WOP

6. MT euro title 72,5 Tyrone Spong vs Mohammed Ouali
Spong winner on KO

7. MT World Title -67 kg: Fikri Tijarti vs Big Ben
Fikri win on Doc Stoppage

8. MT - A 63kg: Jouad Ertan vs Hassan ait Bassou
Jouad winner on KO

9. MT - A 70 Imro Main vs Rodtung
Main on KO

10. MT A 95 kg Manhoef VS Sakuragi
Manhoef TKO R2 lowkicks
Posted: 2005-04-10 03:01:39
19 year old Tyrone Spong gets his first WPKL-European title & Imro "Murder" Main needs only his first round again to finish the job. Very impressive results...
Congrets to Lucien & his boys!!!

For you all living near Las Vegas, pay attention to Imro when he takes on Jongsanan Fairtaix May 28th at Dennis Warner's next show. I'll think you'll be very pleasantly surprised.
Posted: 2005-04-10 03:05:11

dirk stal
Posted: 2005-04-10 04:26:52
It was a great night of fighting!!Yesterday,I think back on the first time I meet Lucien and his boys.That was on the first Killerdome 2 1/2 years ago,that first time I was really impressed by Tyrone Spong and Imro Main.Tyrone is now 19 years old and who's next for him.It was super,to see how Tyrone,dictated Mohamed Quali,a very experienced fighter.And then Imro Main,unbelieveble !!He beat that Thai in only 1 round.What a fightersheart!!
Congratulations ffc !!!!
Posted: 2005-04-10 13:24:31
Robbie "Mr. Fighttalk" and his crew did a splendid job again & put up some great pics of the fights last night.

Topic: Verslag en foto's hoofdprogramma MTC league XIII deel 1

Thanks to fighttalk for doing a great job!!!
Posted: 2005-04-10 13:40:32
Carbins boxers are first class beating top draw fighters.
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