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Little Thai
Posted: 2005-07-01 03:26:15
Good luck to Dean Bomber Hopkins when he defends his British title on Sunday at Wakefield. Deans has trained hard for this fight for the past 3 months, you can do this Bomber from all your mates at Panthainarasingh Camp in Liverpool, we would also like to wish Dale White, Danny Brown, Aiden Ellis, Scott Yule,Kane Watson,Jamie Sutton and Rick Joseph the best of luch
Posted: 2005-07-01 05:33:33
Where is the full line-up on the web? Where can tickets be purchased?
Little Thai
Posted: 2005-07-01 06:44:30
There is a poster for the show on bad company,s web site
Dan G
Posted: 2005-07-01 14:23:49
Posted: 2005-07-02 03:46:39
what is the fight card
Posted: 2005-07-02 12:11:51
Good luck and all the best to Ricky Swift!
Posted: 2005-07-02 17:02:09
Good luck to Norrie from Caledonian Muay Thai who is fighting tomorrow, show em how good you are mate.
Posted: 2005-07-03 11:55:45
Just heard that big Norrie won in a cracking 5 round fight, well done mate.
Posted: 2005-07-03 12:16:43
any other results pls??
Posted: 2005-07-03 12:38:32
Congrats to Norrie!
Posted: 2005-07-03 15:37:00
Congrats to Ricky Swift!
Posted: 2005-07-03 21:39:00
Jamie Sutton (Nongkee) v Jackson Barkhouse (Dragons) 33kg Barkhouse win pts

Luke Naylor (Kings) v Ian Wilcock (Keighley)T 66kg Naylor win pts

Kane Watson (Nongkee) v Lawson Tennant (Dominators) Watson win pts

Ricky Swift (Bolton) v James Travers (Scotland) 71kg Swift win pts

Aidan Ellis (Nongkee)v Sebastien Lietz Germany 70kg AE wins tko rnd 2

Anthony Sibanda (Kings) v Tim Halton (Dominators) 79kg Sibanda win pts

Scott Yule (Nongkee) v Alexander Schiefer (Germany) 56kg Yule win tko 3rd.

Lee Morgardo (Nongkee) v Adam Sneddon (Scotland) 70kg Morgano win tko 3rd

Phil Briggs (Kings) v Phil Cope (Hanuman) 70kg Briggs win pts

Danny Brown (Nongkee) v Waldermar Scheifer (Germany) 62kg Brown win tko 2nd

Dean Hopkins(Panthainarasingh) v Willie Vallance (Dragons) 55kg Hopkins win tko 1st

Ricky Joseph (Kings) v Norman McKenzie (Scotland) 81kg McKenzie win pts.
Little Thai
Posted: 2005-07-04 08:14:02
Congratulations to Dean Bomber Hopkins from Panthainarasingh Camp on the defence off his title against Willy Vallance from Dragons Maryport (what a nice person), Dean won by 1st round TKO.
We would also like to thank Dean White for putting on a good show and making everybody feel welcome.
Posted: 2005-07-05 04:31:48
looks like all won comfortably, what was the opposition like?
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