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Posted: 2005-10-30 05:02:14

This is the sparkling new WBC Muay Thai World Title Belt.
Posted: 2005-10-30 05:14:08

This is the WBC Muay Thai International Title Belt.
Mark L.
Posted: 2005-10-30 08:04:54
I personally don't like green but otherwise its a sweet belt. Of course I wouldn't mind the green if I had it lol
Posted: 2005-10-30 11:00:08
whats the difference between world and international?
Posted: 2005-10-30 11:55:24
Yeah,, I was wondering the same thing
Posted: 2005-10-30 13:57:22
They do it with convetional boxing also.

Areas like Aisa Pacific, European, central America and north America ect.

Then they have World title belts and an intercontinental belt or international belt.

Its just to confuse the masses on who is the champion.

Thanks for the pic's, they are almost identical to the WBC boxing belts!
Posted: 2005-10-30 16:24:50
The belta are very nice looking imho.

However, I am very dissapointed that they chose to introduce WBC Muay Thai by staging a women's WESTERN BOXING match.

that makes me wonder about their committment to MT, and if possibly its just a way to promote more western boxing in a new market: Thailand.

I would like to see just a small token of sincerity from the WBC: like maybe A Muay Thai fight-not a westtern boxing fight.

is that unreasonable??

Colin Payne
Posted: 2005-10-30 19:15:41
This is about sanction fees pure and simple. Before long there would be world champs, international champs, interim champs, etc etc. All to boost the coffers of the WBC which is in some difficulty for money.
aaron boyes
Posted: 2005-10-30 20:03:16
I heard it cost $5000 to sanction a wbc muaythai world title fight, can anyone confirm this?

I guess that would be one way to lessen the amount of world champions cause no one can afford the sanctioning fee, lol
Posted: 2005-10-30 20:46:33

Here is the conventional boxing WBC belt

Good point Aaron

Dan, Thailand still has alot of prospects in conventional boxing also and Songchai focuses maybe more attention on conventional boxing than his Muay Thai empire. But I do agree, it should be Thai boxing and not conventional boxing. I hope that all works out fine for the fighters, promoters and enthusiasts but it is still a newborn concept.
Posted: 2005-10-30 20:55:53
Rather than a promotion in Thailand, I'd like to see the WBC promote Muay Thai in the US, I think Bovi holds the WMC featherweight title, I'm sure he'd impress a few.

I'm not sure about $5,000 to sanction a Muay Thai world title, but I think they ask around $100,000 to sanction a regular boxing World Title.
John Wayne Parr
Posted: 2005-10-30 22:05:35
Hi Pioneer,
Do they come in a size 34 waist?
Posted: 2005-10-31 01:37:29
oooohhh Wayne is on a mission. Cool go for it.

I like the belts I think they look class but im still not convinced that the WBC is good for our sport.
Posted: 2005-10-31 02:49:36

well you must have a good feeling to be asking if the belt fits you; I'd say this belt would look great and fit just fine around your waist...It would be very comfortable!
Posted: 2005-10-31 04:02:23
If it means just another "World Champion" it's a waste of time but if it can become recognisable as THE World Title to hold it can only become a good thing. Lets hope it's the latter
Posted: 2005-10-31 04:56:31
I dont know how others feel but in international Muay Thai THE title for me is a WMC world title. Im sure others will feel differently.
Neil Holden
Posted: 2005-10-31 05:39:58
The Inter-Continental title, also known as the International title, was supposed to be for those waiting their turn to challenge the current World champion and to enhance their status as a leading contender. Almost like a Silver medal, or level 2 to being the #1 Champion

It is supposed to be highly regarded as the World and Int. belts mean that the Champions are able to defend their titles against fighters from anywhere in the world.

All of the other titles supposidly have restrictions on who can contest them.

For example an English fighter cannnot contest the North American title ( Continental Championship) just as a Canadian cannot challenge for the European title ( Continental Championship ).

Titles are supposed to rank in the following, well for UK fighters, but you can apply the same to other nationals...

- Facing the best opponents from across the World, i.e. Internationally


Continental ( European )
- Both contenders must be from a European country

Commonwealth ( Formerly the Empire title )
- Both contenders must be from the Commonwealth country

- Both contenders must be British

National( England, Scotland, Wales )
-Both contenders must be from the same country

- Both contenders must be from the same county

Maybe the WBC World and Inter-Continental/national titles will be a positive for the sport.
Posted: 2005-10-31 06:05:02
More or less the same as the boxing belts. They look great. Anyone remember the phrase the bigger the belt the smaller the title?
Neil Holden
Posted: 2005-10-31 06:36:19
I always thought that the fee for the WBC Sanction was connected to the purse.

Hence, promoters make purse bids to stage the title.

EG a purse bid of $1'000'000.00 to stage a world title, may see the Champion / Contender split 60%-40% after the sanction fee was taken out, which would be a parcentage ( say 10% ).

This would leave $900'000.00 split 60% - 40% between the Champion and Contender.

If this followed through to WBC Muaythai, then bids by promoters of $5'000.00, (less sanction fee), when purse split would see many fighters earn greater purses than are currently available.
Posted: 2005-10-31 15:15:03
lol @ JWP!!! :)
Neil Holden
Posted: 2005-11-02 04:41:19
The main title the WBC has, is the title of linear Champion at heavyweight.

Who would be the linear champion in the K-1 Heavyweight division?
Posted: 2005-11-02 07:24:47
The WBC title is not regarded as the linear heavyweight championship. It just so happens that it is currently, but not too long ago Shannon Briggs was the linear heavyweight champion when he beat Foreman.
Posted: 2005-11-02 07:25:27
The WBC title is not regarded as the linear heavyweight championship. It just so happens that it is currently, but not too long ago Shannon Briggs was the linear heavyweight champion when he beat Foreman for the IBF title
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