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20059 : Fights in San Bernadino

Posted: 2000-10-11 13:06:59
I heard that there will be bouts in San Bernadino, CA on Oct.21st. Does anyone know who is on the card?
Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-10-11 13:59:35

How is it going!!!!The Card you are talking about is a Dennis Warner card in Victorville,Ca. From the flyer i saw Manson Gibson will be fighting your "friend :)" Heath Harris,Craig Buchanan vs TBA and Mark L was scheduled to fight BM Sasiprapa but the fight fell through according to Mark. Let me know if you hear anything as far as updates!!!

20064 : Fights in San Bernadino

Posted: 2000-10-11 16:44:36
Heath "Cowboy" Harris against Manson Gibson? I've seen and heard everything now. When I managed "Cowboy" (my ex-wife gave him that name by the way even though he is from PA) I wouldn't let him fight Maurice Travis because of 1. Fight experience, 1-2 in pro kickboxing, 0-2 in boxing, all KO losses. 2. Suspect heart-he looks like he quit in a couple of his losses which is one of the very reasons he was let go from the Lion's Den. The CA athletic commission never ceases to amaze me with this one, allowing a fighter with 3 pro bouts to go against someone with 50 plus. But, of course kickboxing is the bastard step--child of boxing, which I guess would make it OK
Mark L.
Posted: 2000-10-11 16:47:52
With me and BM. I kinda screwed up. Thats why I'm on the poster. Theres explanations but I kinda made a mistake. :)

Hope he gets a fight. They said they wanted me to have someone else but if they couldn't find anyone to fight him then they would ask me. So i hope something works out.

Met him once. Came across as really nice.
Mark L.
Posted: 2000-10-11 16:49:17
With me and BM. I kinda screwed up. Thats why I'm on the poster. Theres explanations but I kinda made a mistake.

Hope he gets a fight. They said they wanted me to have someone else but if they couldn't find anyone to fight him then they would ask me. So i hope something works out.

Met him once. Came across as really nice.

I think he's a world champ boxer too...anyone? Beet Coban I heard also.

Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-10-11 17:59:54
BTW Doug!

Didnt Cowboy fight Craig Buchanan last year??? and got KOd??? what was that like his first pro fight???? Just curious! Also what weight was that fight since Cowboy fights LgtHvy and Craig is Middleweight!!!!
Posted: 2000-10-11 22:43:57
what part of pa. is he from?
muay thai guy
Posted: 2000-10-12 00:36:38
There were some fights in California sometime earlier this year, and this Heath Harris guy was supposed to fight someone for a title (can't remember what title). Anyway, for whatever reason, Harris's opponent was unable to fight. So, somehow my instructor got this guy from my gym named Danny Dlask in to fight Harris as a last minute replacement. Danny had like a few days notice i think, hadn't even been training regularly or anything before that. Anyway, Danny went to California and fought this guy and won the title :) We have a picture in my gym of Danny and Ken Shamrock after the fight, and Ken is looking all pissed off. Heh
Mark L.
Posted: 2000-10-12 13:19:45
Yeah Dannys been some good tricks.
20118 : Bouts in San Bernadino

Posted: 2000-10-12 15:54:39
Yea, the fight with Danny was the straw that broke the camels back. Harris was beating the hell out of him with his hands, but Danny kept blasting his legs, showed tremendous heart and came back from the brink of disaster to cause Harris to quit. Poor Cowboy after the fight claimed to have had an asthma attack or some bullshit. Since I had trained him for 5 years I can honestly say he quit in that one because when he came back to the corner after the 3rd round, he had "quit" written all over his face. Anyways, it should be an interesting fight with Manson while it lasts!
Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-10-18 14:31:35
I saw the updated card on the web site!!!

The Main events are as follows:

Craig Buchanan vs Tomek Korcil
Manson Gibson vs Heath Harris
BM Sasiprapa vs William Sriyapai

Has anyone ever heard of Korcil???? Also I think the Sasiprapa fight is interesting in that Sriyapai trains with Saekson Janjira from time to time and Sasiprapa is a friend of Janjira (I think) Also I know that William has been wanting a World title fight for a long time! So even though I know a lot of people on AX think that most world titles mean shit! I wish the best for him because I know it means alot to Him!!!!

Big Diesel
Posted: 2000-10-18 15:18:55
Hey, if anyone knows the promoter or can put me in touch with the promoter for the possibilty of a fight I would appreciate it.


Mark L.
Posted: 2000-10-18 19:51:40
Mr. Warner e-mailed me this adress

Its his new site and has the fights on it...enjoy.
Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-10-19 11:28:57
Anybody going????? Besides me :)
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2000-10-19 13:08:09
Chris, you're gonna give us your personal review afterward, right??

Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-10-20 09:55:19
Of Course I will!!! :) again anyone heard of this Tomek Korcil ??? Anyone else going?????

Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-10-20 09:56:27
PS Mark L your really missing out on this one! If you thought San Diego was nice you should see Victorville!!! :P

Mark L.
Posted: 2000-10-22 04:45:27

BM seemed like such a cool guy too.

A good guy to get beat up by :P
Bryan Popejoy
Posted: 2000-10-22 15:38:36
Any results from this show?
Posted: 2000-10-30 23:59:17
back to the top! any results????
Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-10-31 10:29:43
Sorry for the delay!! I was still in mourning since William lost!!!:(
Anyway here are the results for the pro fights!

Frank Cota def Sam Moolio TKO4
Javier Diez def C. Urzua dec5
BM Sasiprapa def William Sriyapai dec5
Manson Gibson def Heath Harris dec5
Craig Buchanan def Tomek Korcil dec5

Cota v Moolio you have probably never heard of these guys either but this was a good hvy fight these guys started slow in r1 then started throwing bombs for the next 3rds Moolio could not come out for the 5th rd, injury or just out of gas i do not know...

Diez v Urzua kind of shitty fight Diez smacked Urzua around for 5rd should have KOd him but could not Urzua has more heart than skill IMO.

Sasiprapa v Sriyapai..dirty fight on BM part I thought! competitive through 4 rds with alot of throwing by BM and at least one hit while Will was getting up from a throw.. Did this constantly but only had 1 pt deducted. Sriyapai had him in trouble in the 4th causing a standing 8.couldnt finish him. Then in the 5th BM hurt Will either with a throw or a knee or combination of the two..This caused three 8cts in the 5th for Will.Despite of the 5th it was still close on pts but BM won a very unpopular dec by the crowd!!!

Gibson v Harris.. Gibson unorthadox style confused the hell out of Cowboy Gibson knocked Harris down four times in the fight two from hard side kicks that sent Cowboy flying , one from a spinning backfist and one from a spinning heel kick to the head..Cowboy made it to the judges cards amazingly then acted shocked when he lost!!!

Buchanan v Korcil..Close fight the only dif was a knock down in the 3rd(??) by
Craig other than that it was even in my eyes. Korcil took the fight to Craig.
Buchanan seemed off. but still won the dec.

That should about cover it !! Anything else you guys want to know about the fights let me know!


Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-10-31 17:19:58

Mark L.
Posted: 2000-11-03 15:34:19
hhmmm whats dirty????

I think if kickboxing with kness was called what it is then MuayThai fighters might realise that its not MuayThai and not do what is acceptible in MuayThai(didn't say tecnically legal).

I didn't see the fight but I've seen a lot that are called dirty when the fighter is simply just fighting. Had to get a name thing in there too. :)
Posted: 2000-11-03 16:30:07
Did Adam Garcia, David Morrow and John Adams fight? Let's take our hats off to Mr.Cowboy, he lasted 5 rounds with Gibson. Now, how did the CA Athletic Commission agree to sanction a bout like that with such a difference in records?
Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2000-11-03 17:30:45
Hey Doug, John Adams did not fight ! David Morrow lost his fight by ref stoppage I believe against D. Brandt because he was getting the worst of it and his eye was F*cked up. I saw him after the fight , he stayed till the end to watch the rest of the card, and his eye was completly swollen shut..Garcia and
Caraballo(sp) fought an exhibition. Interesting because Mike Ryan(Garcia's) oppenent was there to help corner for Craig Buchanan...Also there was a girl fight with two girls not listed on the poster and one got KO'd with a spinning backfist. and she was out cold for a few minutes I do not now who she was but Saekson was in her corner!!!

See ya

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