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Posted: 2006-08-19 23:01:09

Xplosion 13 Sydney results

Carnage def MacKinnon by TKO

Peter Graham def Andrei Malchanau by KO

Tony Bonello def Kyle Williams by Submission

Ian Schaffa def Kim Do Hyung by Decision

Daniel Dawson def Park Byoung Kyu by Decision

Nicholas Pettas def Erik Nosa by KO

Elvis Sinosic def Katsuhisa Fujii by Arm bar

Ramazan def Will Riva by KO

James Te Huna def Takehiro Oba by Decision

Jason Scerri def Haruo Fujimoto by KO

Kei Iwasaki def Dale Hogan by TKO

Joey Lee and Jody Solway fought to a Majority Draw

Dylan Resnekov def Choi Yui Nam by Dec

link to the photo i took

Posted: 2006-08-20 07:50:41
So what did ppl think of the fight
Got to give it to nick stone he got a great line of fighter in his gym
A little shocked how well they could throw there elbows (nsw joke)

And how good was it too have Daniel 'the rock' Dawson back in the ring
Good to see he still put on a great show
Was thinking he mite have just tryed to out box Park Byoung Kyu but that went out the window with the first head kick he let fly & landed clean

Got to say Carnage def MacKinnon was the fight of the night hope for antehr FTR match some time soon
Didnt think Steve elbow would have been a good & as many as there was but good to see he mixed it up with Carnage with his elbows

One fight i would like to see down the track is Steve or Nathan take on Ramazan
This guy has gone from 70kgs to just over 90kgs in 2 year or there about
& have a great win rate in the ring

Would also like to that Rising from bring me down to this event one i wont forget in any hurry
Thank you all that for that
And thanks to richard for putting me up for the night aswell
Posted: 2006-08-20 12:15:32
I thought X-Plosion 13 was the one where Danny Maskachef fought Grant Millwood in the main event?
Posted: 2006-08-20 17:17:44

Once again AWESOME ARE the man..

And Carnage, he has to have the tightest guard of any fighter going around IMHO....
Posted: 2006-08-20 17:45:58
Yep, I was figgin working nights and mised the live internet screening. Does anyone know if it is gonna be on Fox at anypoint. After reading everyones views and Scottya's picks I have to see this fight.
Posted: 2006-08-20 19:54:56
From what i know the fox team was hire to flim this event
But there wasnt anyone wearing any foxtel gear (that i knw of) so un sure if it will be air ov pay tv

Well it would be part B or 2 due to XPlosion 13 ended short

Cheers mate had a good time,great fights & blood great lighting for the show
But sort a few thing out with the new diggy cam & should be seeing better photos for now on
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