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Topic:British Junior Championship Results
mark barlow
Posted: 2008-04-15 02:19:44
We Had 29 Categorys, some fantastic fights some close finals that had to go an extra round Well done to the judges and ref's. Started at 11:30 and finished at 7pm. 99% of the people were happy. Some people didnt agree with some of the judges but hey were not all perfect. But a good day I hope all the kids enjoyed it. These are the Thai Boxing results, the Low kick results will be on in a couple of days time.
Thanks Everybody for supporting us, can't wait till next year lol.

Thai Boxing Results:
9-11yrs –40kg
Winner Orlana – K-Star
2nd Chloe Mclennon- Fortitudo
3rd Taylor Howson- Fortitudo

12-14yrs –45kg
Winner Amy Pirnie- Phoenix
2nd Jessica Wilson- Teeside Thai

12-14yrs –50kg
Winner Georgina Greenwood- G.F.C
2nd Amie Bayley- Pythons
3rd Catlin Faulds-Phoenix

15-17yrs –45kg
Winner Megan O Rourke- Fortitudo
2nd Harriet Hugkolstone- Semtex

15-17yrs –55kg
Winner Kyah Chamberlain- Assassins
2nd Becky Aldersley- G.F.C


6-8yrs –25kg
Winner Colan Teale- G.F.C
2nd Hamza Jebari- All Stars
3rd Luke Galvin- All Stars

6-8yrs –30kg
Winner Liam Lydon- Semtex
2nd Ellis Adcock- K-Star
3rd Shaq Ahmed- Dean Whites

6-8yrs –35kg
Winner Charlie Kewley- Semtex
2nd Robert Whill- All Stars
3rd Yassin Jamal- All Stars

9-11yrs 25kg
Winner Thai Barlow- Assassins
2nd TJ Everett- Phoenix

9-11yrs –30kg
Winner Leon Maxey- Wutan
2nd Callum McGowan- Phoenix
3rd Lee McCue- Phoenix

9-11yrs –35kg
Winner Luke Phillips- G.F.C
2nd Thomas Hardie-Phoenix
3rd Harley Macleod- Semtex

9-11yrs –40kg
Winner George Miller- Semtex
2nd Oliver French- Semtex
3rd Zak Lydon- Semtex

9-11yrs –45kg
Winner Luke Christopher- K-Star
2nd Harry Colville- Nemesis

9-11yrs –50kg
Winner Chris Whittle- Beast Masters
2nd Jordan Reynolds- Semtex

11-12yrs –45kg
Winner Lee Ferns- Base

11-12yrs –55kg
Winner Carlos Douglas- Dean Whites
2nd Dale Mathie- Teeside Thai

12-14yrs –35kg
Winner Luke Kelly- age 10Assassins(sorry I wrote age down wrong) –30kg
2nd Shane Kimberley-K-Star 33kg

12-14yrs –40kg
Winner Dean Lowney- Pythons
2nd Luke Debourgh- Wutan
3rd Dillian Elsmore-K-Star

12-14yrs –45kg
Winner Callum Maguire- Dean Whites
=2nd Jack Buckley- Assassins (won semi but injured, couldn’t fight in final Adil Ali stepped in)
Adil Ali- Pythons

12-14yrs –50kg
Winner Jamie Sutton- Dean Whites
2nd Jack Cooper- Teeside Thai
3rd Kane Chamberlain- Assassins

12-14yrs –55kg
Winner Matthew Bell- G.F.C
2nd Troy Attewell- Assassins
3rdJack Bezance- Teeside Thai

Winner Brian Long- Irish Thai Cork
2nd Samuel Breen- All Stars

12-14yrs –65kg
Winner Ryan Subhan- K-Star
2nd Garry Kewley- Semtex

15-17yrs –45kg
Winner Aaron Watson- Assassins
2nd Dominic Leahy- Irish Thai Cork

15-17yrs 55kg
Winner Juran Jones- K-Star
2nd Paul Okeefe-Irish Thai Cork
3rd Jack Shorter- Wutan

15-17yrs –60kg
Winner Darren Whewell- Fortitudo
2nd Ryan Lowney- Pythons
=3rd Chris Laws- Nemesis
Jack Alkenhead- Beast Masters

15-17yrs –70kg
Winner Nathan Bendon- K-Star
2nd Matt Li- Semtex
3rd Dean Naylor- Nemesis

15-17yrs –75kg
Winner Jacob Newton- K-Star
2nd Sam Reynolds- Semtex
3rd Josh Aarons- Semtex

15-17yrs Heavyweights
Winner Reiss Swaby- Pythons
2nd Reynolds- Semtex
mark barlow
Posted: 2008-04-15 07:22:05
On Saturday there was a photographer there. If you want any photoes his email address is
Or visit his website.

Posted: 2008-08-14 08:19:46
lol how long is liam lydon and charlie kewley from semtex!!! going to be 8 yrs old???? what a joke!!!! :(
Posted: 2008-08-14 09:05:54
well done to all the scottish fighters,glad to see wee thomas back fighting!!
Posted: 2008-08-26 10:43:15
Nikki, surely this website/forum should be used in a positive manner, especially where young children are concerened. I am sure you will agree that we dont want to come across on this website as being like the idiots who dropped their guards on the that Channel 4 documentary, our sport took a lot of stick because of them. For your information Nikki, when Liam Lydon and Charlie Kewley from the Semtex gym won their respective weight and age divisions at the British Open Championships they were both within the desired criteria. This was a well run tournament, competitors had to bring with them their passports for proof of age. Because of this I can let you know that Champion Liam was 9 at the end of April and Champion Charlie 9 in July. I hope this satisfies your sense of humour and age concerns :)
Posted: 2008-08-26 19:50:49
so why are they in the 6-8 year catagory then?
and get a profile up ya muppet! then i will listen....hehe ;0)
Posted: 2008-08-26 19:58:38
And by the why the ch4 idiots u was reffering to! werent the show organised by one of them pmsl....
do ya home work first, b4 ya come on here shooting ya mouth off troll!
( sorry mark i aint saying ur an idiot the muppet is ) ;0)

P.s and as for the name of hardhitter, bet ya couldn't punch ya way out of a wet paper bag... hehehe
Posted: 2008-08-27 09:51:00
Yes, 6-8 year old category you muppet! They both had their 9th birthday after the tournament - MUPPET
Ch4 documentary, I havent got a clue what you are on about there
As for punching out of a paper bag, of course I could, if it was soaked for a week!
Posted: 2008-08-29 14:44:27
Grow a pair of b***ocks and put your profile up, ya f**king idiot...given it lemon ya troll!!! :) x
Posted: 2008-10-01 11:25:30
Hi Niki,i hope you and connor are both well, yes liam and charlie competed in the 6-8 yr old category as they were both 8yrs at the time. the first time charlie fought connor he was only 6 yrs old, i dont know if you were aware of that. i believe connor has changed camps and put on a very skillfull display(as he always does) this weekend past, well done and all the best for the future.
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