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Steve Logan
Posted: 2008-05-25 10:58:17
K-Star show 29th June
K-Star are back at the Tower Ballroom in Birmingham on Sunday 29th June.
Should be another great show. Looking for fighters, so contact me Asap If you have anyone
Dave Croft
Posted: 2008-05-25 11:48:33
Steve send me your fight list mate
Posted: 2008-05-25 12:05:38
si from sapphire gym is looking to get a lad matched steve. 63kg.
philip botha
Posted: 2008-05-25 14:16:51
Pro or am?
Posted: 2008-05-26 03:31:33
Hi Steve, yeh i've got Darren Till 16 years old 63kg, 2fights both wins, 5x1.5's if you can match him my email is

07727 032681
Steve Logan
Posted: 2008-05-26 06:57:55
Hi Simon
I may be able to match him. I will call you ASAP.
Thanks for the info wainey and well done on your recent victory.
Posted: 2008-05-26 07:56:04
cheers steve. hope all is going ok for the show.
stu holden
Posted: 2008-05-26 08:05:06
Steve give me as call and i will try to help out with a few fighters
liam badco
Posted: 2008-05-26 10:08:47
Is Mr Trainor fighting??? im coming down if so!
Posted: 2008-05-26 11:18:34
im going to be there if that any good to you liam. lmao.
liam badco
Posted: 2008-05-26 11:36:25
im there
Posted: 2008-05-26 12:18:00
i knew there was love there haha!!!!!!!!
Posted: 2008-05-26 12:51:50
if your coming down and we get darren matched then your working the corner mate ha ha. Whats Birmingham like on a night out???? i can see a cross dressing theme coming up, steve, damien, wainey you up for it??
Posted: 2008-05-26 13:19:31
not too sure as i havent been out on a sunday for a long time, but im sure i know peoplewho will know so yeh ill be up for it if theres a few going out
Posted: 2008-05-28 12:42:29
cool but what about the cross dressing bit?????
liam badco
Posted: 2008-05-28 14:23:42
Simon we should go down on the saturday and go out, stay over then go to the fights!!!! already mentioned it to Robinson and told him to get wainey and deano involved too!!!
Posted: 2008-05-28 17:10:19
I've asked ste to see if he can get Thrasher and peahead on this. so any going out count me in as I was only just warming up when we had to call it a night the day b4 POS4 (I should really say the morning of pos4)
Liam R
Posted: 2008-05-29 04:28:13
if thrasher and my brother are involved with afterparty im staying well clear after what they did to me and harrison in glasgow
Posted: 2008-05-29 07:18:54
This sounds like it could be fun
Posted: 2008-05-29 08:41:11
Liam it's a deal!! Now i've just got to get the little sh*t matched (he reads ax) any luck steve?
The lad he fights can be older 63- 65kg
Also have some semi pro MMA lads I believe you might be looking for some.
James Tasker (MMA) 80kg no fight experience semi pro
Possibly another one at 83kg 1fight semi pro

Could you email me a list of what fighters you need matching and i'll see if we can help.


I miss you dougie x
liam badco
Posted: 2008-05-29 09:39:49
dont think i can go now just been told of a possible fight on july 6th....ill be there if its not on!
Liam R
Posted: 2008-05-29 09:45:41
ok MM
Posted: 2008-05-29 09:50:36
where we going on the 6th??? tell me its somewhere fooookin sunny :-)
Posted: 2008-05-29 12:48:50
It will be good to see Mr peahead back fighting.I have never been this show and may have a ride down. Good luck all.
Posted: 2008-05-30 06:18:51
Hi Steve got a 68kg novice 1-0-0 any possiblity of matching him.
Posted: 2008-05-30 06:37:37
brum is a class night out, i recon best night in the uk! its classy.i know girls that work in legs11 and the rhino so if anyone wants passes!
Posted: 2008-05-30 09:23:12
ant news on a line up yet, oh and by the wat chalky youre gay
Posted: 2008-05-30 09:35:23
i meant any news and by the way chalky your gay ha ha
Posted: 2008-05-30 10:07:42
Gonna say.... wot the fck?!!
Posted: 2008-05-30 10:10:11
just bored and with the size of your ears you deserve some abuse
Little Thai
Posted: 2008-06-11 05:17:11
Any news on the line up yet
Liam R
Posted: 2008-06-11 05:23:10
get ur tattoo out crazylegs
chris podesta
Posted: 2008-06-15 13:07:30
what time this show kicking off...
Posted: 2008-06-16 06:41:16
who is fighting and how much is ticket on door please
Posted: 2008-06-16 18:28:47
mini me, fat b***ard, dr evil few others.

going to be another cracking show from steve.
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