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Topic:Iska Uk News And Results From July 08
Posted: 2008-08-27 10:07:25


ISKA Leadís the way

In the second quarter of 2008 April to June ISKA UK sanctioned 25 events in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales including 3 World titles, 3 European titles and 16 British, National and regional title matches in both Pro and Amateur divisions. ISKA UK sanctioned some major events including PAIN & GLORY (Excel London), POWER OF SCOTLAND 4 (The Lagoon. Paisley) World Championship Muaythai (Leeds Town Hall) and some major fights including the rubber stamp third match between Bad Companyís Richard Cadden and Thailandís Rungnakorn Kharnpan for the ISKA World Light-welterweight Muaythai title. The long awaited and much discussed match between Barinder Singh and Shawn Burton they put all their ISKA belts on the line, it was winner takes all for the British Commonwealth and European titles. We saw the emergence of a new star in the shape of Northern Irelandís Daniel Quigley who won the ISKA European Cruiserweight title in March with a first stoppage of Paul Hill then challenged World Champion Wayne Turner and stopped him in the fifth round to take the World crown. There was growth in International activity fighters from Belgium, Belarus, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Thailand and the USA competing on ISKA UK sanctioned events. UK fighters were invited to compete in Austria, France, Russia, United Arab Emirates and the USA. The ISKA has real world wide activity unlike some of the so-called World sanctioning bodies that have little or no activity outside the country in which they were founded. The success of ISKA UK has pushed some of our competitors into action, one of them cutting their sanctions fees by half, which says more about their true value. Another making a complete policy u-turn in an effort to keep up. We hope our efforts will raise the standards across the board in both Kickboxing and Muaythai.

Thrasher evens the score as Sterrittís European title bid ends in the first

Near the end of a bruising first round Spainís Jonathan Padilla connected with a short left hook that knocked out Englandís Gavin Sterritt, ending his challenge for the ISKA European Super-Middleweight Muaythai title. The match was staged in Santa Cruz, Tenerife on the 19th July, Englandís Andy Thrasher even the score in the main supporting bout, he faced Spainís Hernandez Javier in a non-title Welterweight match and dropped him is the first and second rounds then knocked him out in the Third

ISKA Amateur World Championships 2008 Czech Republic

Over one thousand Amateur Martial Artists from fifty two countries have already registered to compete in the ISKA Amateur World Championships being staged in the city of Olomouc, Czech Republic from the 19th to 24th August. The Championship tournament will have categories in all disciplines including Full Contact and Freestyle Kickboxing, Oriental rules, Semi-contact, Light-contact and Forms with divisions for male and female both juniors and seniors. Andrew Hennessy the Director of the ISKA UK Amateur division has put together a strong England Team of over 100 competitors with team managers, coaches, officials and supporters the UK contingent will number over 200. All the England team have worked extremely hard, first earning a place on the team in qualifications then maintaining and improving their standard throughout a series of squad training sessions designed to give our team the very best chances of success come the Championships. This is by far the strongest team that ISKA UK have ever sent to an International tournament and the ISKA UK National coaching team are very happy and confident of the squadsí chances of success

Hudders and Thomas will headline a major ISKA show in Cambodia

Plans are confirmed for a major and ground breaking show in Cambodia on the 28th August, Frankie Hudders has agreed to defend his ISKA World Welterweight Muaythai title against Meas Chanta of Cambodia and former World Champion Tim Thomas will challenge for the ISKA Intercontinental Light-welterweight title against Cambodiaís Nuon Soriya. Germanyís Alban Ahmeti will defend his ISKA World Middleweight Muaythai title against Cambodiaís Vorn Viva. The show will be staged at the 7000 seat Olympic Stadium in Phnum Penh and will be broadcast live CTN National Cambodian TV. It will be the first ever World Championship event staged in Cambodia.

Rung makes second defence of his ISKA World title

Rungnakorn Kharnpan will defend his ISKA World Light-Welterweight Muaythai title for the second time this year. His last defence was on the 14th June at Leeds Town Hall where he stopped Englandís Richard Cadden. Rung will put his belt on the line again on the 14th September at the Oran Mor in Glasgowís West End, he will face undefeated Scottish Thaiboxing Champion, James Doolan who also fights MMA with several successful outings on Cage Warriors, Cage Rage and recently a trip to Japan to compete on Cage Force. The Promoter Guy Ramsay is promising a quality International supporting card

Mark Ellwood Challenges for ISKA European title

Britainís number one ranked Super-middleweight Mark Ellwood will challenge for the vacant ISKA European title on the 21st September at the Warner Sports Centre in Hull. Ellwood has had a long and prestigious career including three World title fights, unfortunately the champions he faced were the best of their day, top French fighters Christophe Lartisien and Jean Martin, then Polish Star Robert Novak. Ellwood had a brief flirtation with Professional boxing before returning to Kickboxing were he re-started at square one winning the ISKA British title and working his way up the ranks. Ellwood will face the new ISKA Commonwealth Champion Matt Martin to contest the European title.

British Champions contest Commonwealth title

British Light-cruiserweight Champions Paul Grant (Sit Ayuthaya) and Dino Bagahin (Wuay Tan) will face off on the 28th September Inchyra Grange Hotel, Scotland to contest the ISKA Commonwealth title under Muaythai rules. Paul Grant won the ISKA British Muaythai title on 14th June when he outpointed Phil Burke (Tobins) Dino Bagahin stopped Rod Phillips (Rough & Ready) in the fifth round to take the ISKA British Oriental rules title on the 29th June. Both men have sparked interest in a previously weak division and promise to be an interesting match for the Commonwealth Crown.

Junior Tournament at Disneyland Paris

The European Festival of Martial Arts will be hosted by Disneyland Paris in the 26th to 28th September. As part of the festival a junior tournament will be staged on the 27th September and will include the disciplines of Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Freestyle, Karate and Tae kwon Do. The Freestyle division will feature Semi-contact and Light-contact categories under ISKA rules under the guidance of Andrew Hennessy the Director of the ISKA UK Amateur division and his team of World class officials. For more information go to

Nick Gill challenges for ISKA World Kickboxing title

Britainís number one ranked welterweight Kickboxer Nick Gill will challenge for the ISKA World Welterweight Kickboxing title on the 4th October at the Stevenage Conference and Arts Centre. Gill was offered a shot at the World Champion Chris Algeiri in Atlantic City, USA last year but the date coincided with a family holiday. American Algeiri has since vacated the title to pursue a career in Professional Boxing. It is likely that gill will now face Frenchman Kanfouah Ali who has an impressive record with over 100 fights 99-9 with 66 KOís. European Champion Simon Akufu will defend his ISKA Welterweight title against ISKA British Champion Suky Shoria.

Westley Mackayís suspension reduced on appeal

Westley Mackay was suspended from competing on ISKA events for 12 months for breaking a 28 day medical suspension and not reporting the correct result of his previous contest to a medical officer. Mackay made a written appeal against the suspension to the ISKA disciplinary committee. It was agreed by the committee that Mackay did not set out to intentionally mislead the promoter or his medical staff. We are aware that not every fighter or their trainers fully understand the rules. The 28 day rule is there to protect fighters that's why the ISKA take a very serious view if we feel this rule is being broken. The committee decided to reduce Mackay suspension for 12 months to 6 months his suspension will end on the 28th October 2008.

ISKA UK Results July 08

5th July 2008

St. Richards Hall, Wythenshawe, Manchester

ISKA Novice the C class Thaiboxing

Main Event: non-title bouts

Kamran Arif (Franks Gym) def. Zane Manhood (Shin-Gi-Ru) Pts.

Mason Strong (Franks Gym) def. Rasa Shah (Shin-Gi-Ru) Pts.

Salem Husain (Shin-Gi-Ru) def. Tommy McGrath (Franks Gym)

Nathan Davis (Franks Gym) def. Fezzan Khan (Shin-Gi-Ru) Pts.

George Fosbrooke (Franks Gym) def. Kyle Fisher (Sit-Siam) Pts.

Callum Fisher (Sit-Siam) def. Kane McCluskey (Franks Gym) Pts.

Natasha Sweeney (Mr. Mís) def. Grace Stoker (Franks Gym) Pts.

Keeley Burgess (Franks Gym) v Becky Robinson (Sapphire Gym) Draw

Bethany Burgess (Franks Gym) def. Jade Taylor (G-Camp) Pts.

Kameron McDowell (Franks Gym) def. Nadeen Husain (Shin-Gi-Ru) Pts.

Karl Pierson (Franks Gym) def. Lee Thompson (Gladiators) Pts.

Sean Ellis (Franks Gym) def. Martin Redfern (Sit-Siam) Pts.

Ashley Fosbrooke (Franks Gym) def. Husain Khan (Shin-Gi-Ru) Pts.

Darren Till (Sapphire Gym) def. Dean Storey (Franks Gym) Pts.

Promoter: Frankie Hudders

12th July 2008

Hutton Moor Sport Centre, Weston Super Mare

ISKA Championship Kickboxing

Main Event: ISKA Commonwealth title bout

ISKA Commonwealth Super-middleweight FC 78.1kg

Matt Martin (Weston Warriors) v Darren Forrest (Elite Oxford)

Winner Matt Martin points decision

ISKA English Light-heavyweight FC 81.5kg

Andy Bendal (Panther Bristol) v David Gower (Dorchester KB)

Winner David Gower points decision

ISKA Ladies Amateur English Bantamweight FC 54.5kg

Kate Sandal (GMA) v Louise Tanner (Fighting Fit Banbury)

Winner Louise Tanner points decision

Supporting Bouts:

Paul Hill (Weston Warriors) def. Graham Blackwell (Dragonfoot) Pts.

Chris Morgan (MKKA) def. Barry Hazel (Storm Gym) Pts.

Luke Green (Weston Warriors) def. Adam Powell (Spatz) Pts.

Shayne Smith (GMA) def. Dave Disney (Weston Warriors) Pts.

Luke Sayce (KKAW) def. Paul Healey (Weston Warriors) Pts.

Gareth Penny (KKAW) def. Sean Buckland (GMA) Pts.

Phil Evans (Sharks) def. Jasper Chow (Weston Warriors) Pts.

Steven Smith (GMA) def. Sam Laurence (Kings Dojang) Pts.

Ryan Lester (Panthers Bristol) def. Simon Gerard (Dorchester KB) Pts.

Lenny Williams (GMA) def. Will Cullen (Weston Warriors) TKO

Promoter: Stuart Davies

Medical Suspensions: Will Cullen (Weston Warriors) received a 28 day medical suspension and will not be fit to compete until 8th August 2008

12th July 2008

Circus Tavern, Purfleet Essex

ISKA International Kickboxing

Main Event: non-title International Kickboxing

JasonVassello (Aveley,UK) v Tamas Bittmann (Hungary)

Winner JasonVassello TKO Round 4

Tracy Reno (Heathrow,UK) v Zsofia Bedo (Hungary)

Winner Tracy Reno TKO Round 3

Supporting bouts:

Andrew Tate (Storm Gym) def. Ollie Green (Aveley) TKO R4

Chris OíConnor (BFK) def. Nathan Leeson (Rough & Ready) Pts.

Richard Hines (Aveley) def. Mick Dunford (Scorpions) Pts.

Louise Wilson (Scorpions) def. Jodie Whitaker (BKF) Pts.

Shane Bennett (Wiffen Academy) def. Gary Brennan (BKF) TKO R3

Ricky Gamble (Kaisho) def. Nathan Church (Nak-Soo) Pts.

Reece Rowell (Aveley) def. Anthony Vaughan (Scorpions) KO R3

Wayne Barford (Modern Karate) def. Billy Quinn (Aveley) Pts.

Sam Kavanagh (Scorpions) v Chris Hughes (Aveley) Draw

Dan Barrett (Wiffen Academy) def. Jack Rowell (Aveley) Pts.

Promoter: Steve Kerridge

Medical Suspensions: Tamas Bittmann (Hungary) Zsofia Bedo (Hungary) Ollie Green (Aveley) Anthony Vaughan (Scorpions) Gary Brenning (BKF) received 28 day medical suspensions and will not be fit to compete until 8th August 2008

27th July 2008

The Old Veteran Club, Farnsworth

ISKA Thaiboxing Novice to C class

Main Event: non-title bouts

Chris Hargreaves (Bolton Elite) def. John Montague (Bolton TBC) Pts.

Drew Gaunt (Failsworth TBC) v Jonathan Mann (Salford TBC) Draw

Amanda McWilliams (Merseyside TBC) def. Jackie Gee (Failsworth TBC) Pts.

Tom McMad (Luuksit) def. Aaron Grimmer (Salford TBC) Pts.

Mark Purdy (Merseyside TBC) def. Paul Devise (Failsworth TBC) Pts.

Laura Baugh (Merseyside TBC) def. Jade Taylor (M Factory) Pts.

Emma Wallace (Bolton TBC) def. Claudor Celdor (KO Gym) Pts.

Isabelle Aranega (KO Gym) def. Naltita Morrison (Burnley TBC) Pts.

BJCS Junior Girls Lightweight English title

Becky Edge (Walkden TBC) def. Amy Cummings (Peel TBC) Pts.

Canner Tomlinson (Bolton TBC) def. Brian Blen (Manchester) Pts.

Brad Wilson (Wigan TBC) def. Salem Husain (Shin-Gi-Ru) Pts.

Joe Tomlin (Knuckles) def. Joe Madden (Walkden TBC) Pts.

Raees Patel (Shin-Gi-Ru) def. Rhys Fenlon (Luuksit) Pts.

Promoters: Brian Goodall & Mark Bagnall

Chris Morgan
Posted: 2008-08-27 13:04:03
I hate to do this, but as my name doesn't get mentioned much on here I have to correct you...

12th July 2008 Weston Supermare
Chris Morgan (MKKA) def. Barry Hazel (Storm Gym) KO.
I assume he will need to be added to the medical suspensions.
Mick Crossland
Posted: 2008-08-27 13:28:54
Nice Work Chris well done mate.
Chris Morgan
Posted: 2008-08-28 03:52:32
Thanks Mick, appreciate it. I wouldn't have mentioned it but it doesnt happen very often so I had to get it in there lol...

When you fighting next?
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