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Topic:"warriors Cup Of America Iii"
29165 : "Warriors Cup of America III"

Posted: 2001-05-13 00:44:14

Lowkick Productions is proud to present it's 3rd & Best show yet, Coming Sunday, June 3rd, 2001 at the Hilton Burbank Airport & Convention Center, Located @2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank Ca. 91505 -800-840-6450, Bouts Begin at 4:00pm. Ticket Prices are as follows Gen Admission $35, Reserved Ringside $50 & V.I.P. $80.
Tickets can be purchased by Credit Card Visa/Amex/MC/ATM Debit Card by calling
Lowkick Productions at 714-573-8386 or cn be purchased at the gate on the day of the Event.

The card is as follows:

Ole Laursen (Denmark) -vs- Kongnappa Watcharavit (Thai/USA)
Robert Kanorasingh (Thailand) -vs- Melchor Menor (USA)
Rob McCullough -vs- Danny Brandt
Baxter "One Arm Bandit" Humby -vs- Peter Keljevic
Brian Popejoy -vs- George Humbert
Pongsan Ekyotin -vs- Rene Basilio
William Sriyapai -vs- Danny Slade
Soneluck Sayarath -vs- Dn Rawlings
Gary Wheeler -vs- Nihad Husic
Johnny Carrabello -vs- James Martinez
Ulysis Nava -vs- Sumphan Boonsouk
Chris Really -vs- Louis Rodriguez

Come out and see some of the Best Muay Thai fighters from around the World and
from the USA, Lowkick Productions "The Best in Muay Thai"!

Posted: 2001-05-13 00:52:49
WOW SOUNDS GOOD ! please see the "craig buchanan" topic / thread and if you want any u.k.m.t.a. fighters in the future ? please let me know ? i / we came to california a few weeks ago @ DENNIS WARNER SHOW and met some of the above fighters on your show there too ! wish them well from me ! please ! thankyou from SANDY HOLT U.K.M.T.A WEBSITES:- htpp://
Posted: 2001-05-13 10:40:18
Looks like a great card, but $35.00 general admission? Heck, K-1 USA was $25.00 dollars and all Dennis Warner's cards are the same. $35.00 is a lot for the average Joe Smoe (or JOE SMALL) to put up to see some kickboxing.
Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2001-05-13 12:02:30
I agree with Doug!!! 35.00 is alot. Dennis Warner is $20.00 GA and $10.00 for GA for kids. What a great way to build a new fan base!!!! but $70.00 for me and my kid to go to your show?????

Posted: 2001-05-15 03:13:30
Chris & Doug,

Yes $35.00 Dollars is alot of money, But when you consider the amount of Bouts and Quality of this Event, there is a big difference between Dennis's show and and the"Warriors Cup of America", here is the diffrerence, we are flying in for this event alone the following: Ole Laursen from Denmark, Robert Kanorasingh from Thailand, Kongnappa Watcharavit from Atlanta, Dan Rawlings from Cleveland Ohio, Pedro Villalobos from Atlanta, Nihad Husic from Atlanta, Danny Brandt from Phionex Arizona, Peter Keljevic from New York, James Martinez from Albaquerque N.M. and regards to building a fan base, having over 2,000 Spectators at our last event including many celebrities is quite simply indicating the Quality of show we are displaying for the public, Please do not Try and Protray Lowkick Productions as Money suckers, we are not
if you realized the amount of money on Purses, Air Travel, Hotel & Perdium expenses, Thats not including the money for the Venue, Calif State Athletic Commision sucks from us, and lets not forget the City Permits, The Fire Permits and Cost, There is so much more than meets the eye when doing a Larger Event!
Whoooh!!, Peace, Jason.
Posted: 2001-05-15 03:40:41

You made me realize that Kids should not be Charged if an Adult is Paying to get in, So I will Implament that all Kids 10 & Under will be let in for free on a General Admission Ticket Purchase, as this is a first come, first serve basis, This cannot be done with the VIP and Ringside seating as this is assinged seating!!, Hope this make it easier for a father and son to witness some great Muay Thai!!, Peace and thanks for the Great Idea Chris!!!
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2001-05-15 04:45:12
I just want to wish my friend Ole Laursen good luck against Kongnapa .
Ole is good fighter and i know he can put up a good fight against the Thai .

Make Scandinavia proud Ole !!
Posted: 2001-05-15 07:14:03
it does seem expensive but i agree with jason. these guys can't put on quality shows with big names if they are constantly loosing money.
Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2001-05-15 07:51:35

Thanks for the explanation! If you are truly going to implement the kids GA policy then I will be there! THanks again! And good luck to Will Sriyapai hopefully he can get things turned around at this event!

Posted: 2001-05-15 12:47:27
Makes since on the cost, even though the average Joe Fan might not understand. I know that Low Kick pays well and takes excellent care of its fights, ie, hotel paid for, no need to beg for food. That's why somehow, someway, we need TV exposure in the US. With the quality of pro shows (not the amateur that the State of Ca. allows to be passed as por) that Low Kick and Dennis Warner does, these should be televised live where the promoter will make good money and be albe to pass the savings on to the fans. On a different note, I think Low Kick still owes me a video tape from the Marconi show, correct Jason?
Bryan Popejoy
Posted: 2001-05-16 01:04:01
Hey Jason,
Who is Pedro fighting?

Thanks for letting me be a part of your shows.
See you there!

Posted: 2001-05-29 11:30:26
Jason, Looks like a great show.. any changes in the card?
Posted: 2001-05-31 23:28:39
Danny will be fighting Pedro Villobos. Rob had to pull out.
Posted: 2001-06-01 10:25:38
Sunshine, I saw Pedro fight at the car museum a few months ago... when he started to lose he started throwing elbows, groing shots... not a clean fighter! Are you going to make the drive?
Posted: 2001-06-01 20:15:13
No, I won't be going. I have to work this weekend. I didn't know that about Pedro. Did he lose that fight? Hopefully Danny won't have any problems. DOyou know where Palo Ca is? I just got confirmation today on a boxing match there on July 20th.
Posted: 2001-06-02 10:24:25
Pedro did lose! Danny will do great! Palo Alto is up in the Bay area around San Mateo. Who will you be fighting?
Posted: 2001-06-02 21:01:55
I'm fighting Summer DeLeon. I was supposed to fight her in a MT match a while back, but that never happened. I thought he just said Palo Ca, not Palo Alto. Maybe I got something mixed up.
Posted: 2001-06-03 09:41:10
Sunshine, There is a Palos Verdes here is So Cal but I am not sure where a Palo is...

info I could fingd on Summer DE LEON "Summer Lynne De Leon"
(143 lbs) (Welter)
Born in Saint-George (Utah) the Jul-8-1977 United States

Record: Amateur: ???
Professional: 11 fights; 6+ (1 KO), 1=, 4-

- 1998 -

- (Jul-11-1998, Reno) Brenda Drexel 4
+ (Oct-17-1998, Mesquite) Hidi Tibe 4

- 1999 -

+ (Mar-6-1999) Marsha Valley 4 + (Apr-9-1999, Temecula) Dawn George 4
+ (Jun-18-1999, Temecula) Marsha Valley 6
+ (Jul-16-1999, Temecula) Danielle Doobenen 4
+ (Oct-22-1999, Las Vegas) Victoria Lara kot 1
= (Dec-3-1999, Temecula) Marsha Valley 6

- 2000 -

- (Jan-27-2000, San Marcos) Brenda Drexel 4
- (Mar-23-2000) Mitzy Jeter 6
- (May-3-2000, Montebello) Danielle Doobenen 8

no fights as of May 2001... looks like she did not have a good year last year!

Have to give her the same this year!!!!

Posted: 2001-06-03 14:21:09
Thanks xman. I bet its Palo Alto he was talking about.
Too Live Kru
Posted: 2001-06-03 19:25:56
Let us know what happened.
Posted: 2001-06-04 09:24:27
Good show Jason!!

Ole Laursen (Denmark) -vs- Kongnappa Watcharavit (Thai/USA)
Kongnappa won by split decision but not in my eyes... VERY BAD CALL!!!

Robert Kanorasingh (Thailand) -vs- Melchor Menor (USA)
Kanorasingh won by unamimous decision... good call!

Pedro Villalobos -vs- Danny Brandt
Danny Brandt won by TKO... Pedro could not continue after the first round... broken left arm!

Baxter "One Arm Bandit" Humby -vs- Peter Keljevic
Humby unamimous decision...

Brian Popejoy -vs- George Humbert
Popejoy by split decision...

Soneluck Sayarath -vs- Dn Rawlings
Rawlings by decision...

Johnny Carrabello -vs- James Martinez
Carrabello winner by KO!!

Majeed (sp) also won by KO 36 sec into first round!!!

Posted: 2001-06-04 12:21:04
anyone have all the fight results?razor didnt fight?how did pongsan do?
Posted: 2001-06-04 15:15:20
Rob McCullough didn't fight... Pedro took his place,
Pong was there but didn't fight.
Chris Hernandez
Posted: 2001-06-04 17:20:06
What about Will Sriyapai???????
Posted: 2001-06-05 09:31:02
Saw Will sitting with his wife and little boy at the fight... not sure what cancelled his fight...
Posted: 2001-06-05 18:54:55
Did William used to go by the name of "William Weatley". I have an old video of this guy fighting a guy from my old gym and it really looks like William Sirupai
Posted: 2001-06-06 10:23:07
Will was Weatley when he trained with me a got his first belt... He legally changed his name when he opened his own school.
Posted: 2001-06-06 11:36:12
isnt he half thai??overall,was it worth the money.i didnt get to go.
Posted: 2001-06-06 19:54:55
How close was the fight between Robert Kaenorasing and
Melchor Menor please could someone give details????????
Posted: 2001-06-07 09:41:12
thongsai, not close! Robert was quicker and more accurate. He would stick and move, he seemed to always be a step ahead of Mel. Robert would score with his hands or legs at will. Mel never got close enough to land hands or knees. Mel also seemed just to be chasing trying to land a heavy hook or overhand. Overall it was worth the money to see these fights even though there were dropouts.
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2001-06-07 11:56:02
Robert broke his hand and couldn't fight. Instead it was Chareontong Kiatbanchong who fought Mel.
Posted: 2001-06-07 12:07:44
I didn't know that they had changed fighters... Brian do you know any other replacements that they had? Who was it that fought Majeed?

I remember Mel being knocked down it one round. Scores were 50-44, 50-45 etc.
Posted: 2001-06-07 13:09:58
so many sucks.congrats to brian popejoy.
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2001-06-07 13:44:17
Majeed fought Nijad Husic. Yenoneski, Thanks for the congrats, although I feel I don't deserve them. I fought pretty poorly.
Posted: 2001-06-07 13:50:55
hey brian,i got admit.i met you in your gym 1.5 years ago and i thought that sleeper was going to murder you.but during the fight i realize that you a bright future in muaythai.keep useing those crazy knee attacks,even though i would like to see more boxing from you.whos next on your list?
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2001-06-07 14:03:48
As far as the boxing goes, yeah, me too. Next on my list=Vacation. Seriously, I don't know yet. I don't have a date. I feel funny, you know me, but I can't remember you. Help me out here.

And X-man-I saw you there, while I was up in the ring. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you after.
Posted: 2001-06-08 11:25:00
Yeah, I was the one yelling!!!! I had to leave early after the fights.. problem with having sun nite fights is that us working folk have to get up early the next day! Did you see my AX shirt?
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