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adam hanuman
Posted: 2009-01-19 08:30:40
Lean & Green,

have been browsing on their webiste, anybody used their products to lose weight? if so which product?

I walk about about at about 69-70kg and fought last year at 67kg, looking at getting down to 63.5-64kg for next fight and thinking of using lean and green, any feedback from people who use theor products?
Posted: 2009-01-24 03:27:53
I would highly recommend using the supreme greens and digestive enzymes im sponsored by lean and green and i have used the products above for my last 2 fights and they have really helped with making weight, i'm fighting in a couple of months at a lower weight than usual and the weight is dropping off me at the moment. We stock the greens at our gym through lean and green and everyone that has used them has been giving positive feedback so give them a try m8.If you have anymore questions m8 give me a shout or give Craig at lean and green a shout he is top guy and help you with any questions you have
Posted: 2009-01-24 08:57:24
are supreme greens better to take in powder or capsules?
Posted: 2009-01-24 11:35:55
I prefer the capsules as the powder doesnt taste that good, i have taken it with protein powder which i found easier to drink but its all down to personal preference i suppose
Posted: 2009-01-24 11:48:32
thanks, im thinking of getting some myself
Posted: 2009-01-24 13:10:56
Go for it m8 just think how easy it is to spend 30 on junk food, just get some try and and if you dont like it dont bother getting anymore. Everyone i have spoke to that has used them have felt the benefits so i sure you wont be disapointed
adam hanuman
Posted: 2009-01-24 14:27:57
Cheers for the info, wil giv it a bash.
Posted: 2009-01-25 17:53:40
What are these products you guys are referring to. Is it the "Ultra Lean Green" tea or something else. Any links would be appreciated. Cheers.
Posted: 2009-01-26 13:33:42

all the products and info is on there
Posted: 2009-01-27 15:18:51
put an order in before 31st january,minimum of 25.00+ i will send you a free tub of enzymes,worth 10.
trust me,the products work.
any info,call me.
craig 07932945436.

adam hanuman
Posted: 2009-01-27 16:19:41
I'm gunna put an order in online in friday.
Posted: 2009-02-07 20:32:50
Heh. I'd be game but I'm all the way over in NZ. I imagine the postage on top of our crappy conversion to the pound would make it too expensive for me. I got some other green tea tablets I'm taking for weight loss, but not sure I've noted anything other than a placebo effect.
welsh eagle
Posted: 2009-02-15 03:16:42
Ha Craig would they work for me??????

Posted: 2009-02-18 15:23:28
hey lee. certainly wuld mate.
waiting for new stock to arrive and will send some to the gym for u too stock.
if any other gym,like lee,studio 2000,beastmasters,touchgloves,dean sugdens just a few to name,would like to stock the products,please get in touch. excellent commission available.
Posted: 2009-03-30 15:24:03
daitan jackson new iska british champion and latest athlete to join Lean+Green.
Posted: 2009-04-24 04:52:46

Daitan Jackson
Posted: 2009-05-29 16:17:24

Posted: 2009-05-29 16:19:13

Posted: 2009-09-06 11:27:29
lean + green is now back in stock of its best seller, supreme greens.
also,now stocking all lonsdale products at some crazy prices so call or txt me on 07932945436 or go to the website direct.
Posted: 2009-09-15 10:10:48
Hi Craig,

My fight weight is 75kg and Im currently walking around at 85kg!!! I know I know, thats a hell of a difference, but with injuries and living it up a little too much it has just piled on! will Supreme Greens help drop this weight??? and if so what fighters diet can you recommend???


Posted: 2009-09-19 09:25:04
supreme greens will defo help you drop your weight if used with a training programme and good diet. they will help alkalise your body and lose weight.
10kg isnt that much too lose. it just depends in what amount of time. best over 4-6 weeks rather than a mad 2 wk crash diet where you starvr your body of nutrients its needs.
order supreme greens and you wont be dissapointed.
Posted: 2009-09-22 03:46:06
excellent!! I have no problem with a 4-6 week program as I wont be fighting again 2 soon as im recovering from a broken hand! (im sure me body is telling me 2 give up sport!)
I will order some now!


Posted: 2009-09-28 09:39:58
Hey Craig,

Just wondering what the delivery time is on the supreme greens???

Cheers m8

Posted: 2009-09-29 15:59:28

Posted: 2009-09-29 16:00:36

Posted: 2009-11-06 02:42:04
M+M PROMOTIONS in conjunction with LEAN+GREEN are holding a gentlemans dinner show on Dec 11th, St Helens.

Keep you eye on the Main Forum for more details.
Posted: 2009-11-12 09:30:52
Posted: 2009-11-12 09:32:54
Posted: 2009-11-12 09:35:20
Posted: 2009-11-12 09:36:35
cannot attatch poster
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2010-01-06 08:07:40

julie kitchen 10xworld champion fuelled by lean&green
matthew goulden
Posted: 2010-01-19 04:11:52
Can you explain how lean and green works please?Iv taken other superfood "green" supplements for a long time.Such as Dr schulz's and great greens these contain many and various super foods such as spirulina various algaes, alfalfa and a load of other ones I cant remember,a lot of which may be in your products,I dont know?How does this differ?

I find that green superfood supplements really significantly boosts my immune system.I have seemed to geta a lot less run down and less colds etc since taken them but they havnt had any effect vis a vis weight loss particularly.

Whats the difference? I want to lose weight so il give em a bash if they work?
Posted: 2010-06-08 11:48:09
Lean+Green happy to announce now providing nutrition for Paula Walker, Olympic Bobsled Driver and also Suzy Madge, Record breaking Adventure athlete and ski mountaineer.
Paula is currently in training for the upcoming season and Suzy has set off on her next expedition-Qala-e Hurst Valley, Afghanistan, a place not many have conquered.
Check out the links below for their profiles.

Lean+Green are promoting a summer sale of buy a tub of supreme greens, and receive a tub of digestive enzymes worth £12 FREE.
Offer starts until further notice.

Order at
Posted: 2010-07-10 02:10:58

I just bought some supreme greens but didn't get any free enzymes?

How do i get them?
Posted: 2010-08-05 02:32:08
Offer of free enzymes has now finished.

Jabroni- what is your name and I will look into it.

Posted: 2010-08-11 14:01:30
FIGHTSHOP are now stocking Lean and Green products

Click on image above

Posted: 2010-08-12 02:35:04
Lean+Green are happy to announce the biggest online fighters shop, FIGHTSHOP,are now stocking Lean+Green products.

For more info or to buy online, go straight to the link above.

More opportunities for athletes to receive the best nutrition.
Posted: 2010-08-20 02:32:34
Check out Fighters Mag this month for brilliant write up by Sub Editor Cris Janson Piers on his fantastic results from using Lean+Green products.
Posted: 2011-06-13 09:22:31
I myself have been using bsn syntha 6 protein for roughly 8 months now and have no complaints. I wouldn't maybe suggest it to lose weight but if your just trying to tone up and gain muscle then whey protein will help.
Posted: 2011-06-22 07:28:32
I'm looking to fight by the end of this year, i walk round about 77kg and looking to fight at 67.5-69kg, just wondering how these work, and how they're put into your diet? i.e how many tablets you take etc, thank you.
neil jones
Posted: 2011-06-23 03:17:25
i have tried every where to get supreme greens, but no one has any in stock, do u know any site that has it in stock thanks!
Posted: 2011-07-13 12:06:25
neil jones
supreme greens in stock.


the product alkalises your body+provides a full detox. You will lose weight, increase stamina+strength, full alot better and will improve your health. Full info on the above website.

Posted: 2011-12-22 12:13:35
Hi Guys, I have like 20-25kg to shift after xmas after a very long lay off doing other things. Can the supreme greens and digestive enzymes powder be mixed together in one drink and drank together?
Posted: 2012-01-08 15:44:30
hi craig ive just been reading all the posts and im looking for your advice on products.

come the last few weeks of a fight camp i feel run down and usually get a cold or something is there anything you sell that could help me and i use maxi muscle thermobol fat burners not sure how much they do but have used them and would be open to try new products if there recomended?

linzie batey
Al Killiya
Posted: 2012-01-13 20:47:19
cant seem to find anywhere hat stocks these anymore >:(
Posted: 2012-01-16 04:21:06
Hi Linzie,
Last couple of weeks of training when your dieting the hardest, missing meals, smaller portions, upping the training, your body suffers alot and this is when your not getting enough nutrients and vitamins to fight off colds etc and keep you feeling strong and fit.
Supreme Greens capsules will provide all this for you and will alkalise your body and help detox you and get rid of all the toxins. You will feel stronger and fitter and also lose weight.
Currently out of stock on website but if you are interested in the product, I have several gyms in the area who stock the product and can get a few tubs.
Just let me know or paypal £43. This is for a 30 day supply. All info on

Al Killiya- please see what i have wrote above and either paypal me or email me @ your order.

peter fellows
Posted: 2012-02-09 15:00:57
They are the bigest con going. Getting your eating regular and small. Check out the eat well plate and base your eating around that. These are so bad for you.
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