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Topic:Super 8 Man Eliminator 15th July,2001 Vic
Posted: 2001-06-09 20:43:33

Posted: 2001-06-09 22:43:22
This is going to be an excellent show.
Great line up, though I wish Parr was in it.
The Kara Vs Meads fight should be interesting as well. Both very aggressive fighters. If I'm not wrong, they are both undefeated?
Does anyone know how many fights Nick has had? I have seen most but may have missed a couple in the last 6 months.
I reckon this one will go a bit longer than what he has had till now.
I was allways surprised by how popular Kara was from his first fight on.
Michael, tell us how many fights shane has had, I think quite a few more than Nick.

Posted: 2001-06-09 23:59:58
Kara is not undefeated. Sure thats what the posters and he may say,but not everyone has a short memory.
Posted: 2001-06-10 00:50:24
Fill us in Mike.
I have a shitty memory (worked with lead for too long). Maybe I have just got it all wrong about the undefeated thing and probably getting confused with another fighter.

Does anyone know what weight they are fighting at. I imagine light-heavy or cruiser-weight?


Posted: 2001-06-10 01:26:50
I can't believe you guys talking about Kare and Meads's (no dis-respect to them)fight and ignore what you've just seen in the poster? The best line up I've seen in this part of the world!


I hope no one (in the current line up in the poster) pulls out. If he does, let's hope the replacement is JWP. You in Australia won't get to witness such quality fighters fight at the same night, and fighting each other.

Anybody got the draw?
Posted: 2001-06-10 01:58:33
Posted: 2001-06-10 03:29:51
Under kick boxing rules?? bit of a pity, this would be awesome if it was Muay Thai!!! still can't wait to see it though!!! Go Dawson!!
Posted: 2001-06-10 04:01:49
I thought it's MT rules myself??? If it's MT rules, it's anybody's, but Warren would have to be hot favourite. If it is Kick Boxing, than it would have to be John Halford's hot favourite with Sam Soliman dark horse. Anyway, the draw is very vital.

Please anybody, give us the draw so we can take a shot at predicting. We'll probably won't guess it right but it's fun...
Posted: 2001-06-10 04:14:55
Hehe Lollo,
The interest in Meads Vs Kara is because talk of matching that fight has been going from about September last year. Plus its a match up that we know of.
I wasn't going to predict a winner for the super 8 because I don't know who is fighting who yet. Chopper was pretty impressive last year. I would love to see him and Dawson matched up.

Posted: 2001-06-10 08:14:12
does any one know how many fights "Nick Kara" has had, and if any KO's
Posted: 2001-06-10 10:31:54
As far as I know, he won all inside the distance. Most of the ones I have seen have been stopped by the ref.
Rob Youl
Posted: 2001-06-10 20:46:46
Why the hell isn't it under Mauy Thai rules - anyone would think tarik had oraganised it.
Rob Youl
Posted: 2001-06-11 03:38:41
I predict the finals will be Daniel Dawson and Sam Soliman
Posted: 2001-06-11 04:22:31
Can someone please tell me last years results? I was out of the state at the time and someone told me what happened but I cant remember. What were the full results?
Posted: 2001-06-11 04:44:36
Chopper won it last year, but it was a controversial night!!!
Best fight of the night was Dawson vs. Parr, which had extra rounds!!
At the end, Dawson was sick in his corner, he was that exhausted!!
Dawson won, but due to an injury sustained in the fight, Parr took his place against Chopper. Even though Parr was fighting with what I think was a ruptured eardrum, he knocked down Chopper twice in the three rounds. Chopper scored one knock down. Chopper was awarded the fight, not a very popular decision with the crowd. Anyhow, Chopper went onto win the tournament. Should be a great night this year, but as I said before, pity it's not under Thai rules.
Posted: 2001-06-11 04:48:07
Chapman fought Collard to win the final
jeez, trying to remember some of the earlier fights.
I remember Dawson faught Parr as an opening round fight. I believe it went an extra round with Dawson ending up the winner. It was a really close fight, but Dawson ended up with some damage to his ear I think. Anyway, he chose not to fight in next set, so Parr went through to take on Chapman. This also ended up being a great fight and somewhat controversial. Parr was probably ahead on points but he got dropped pretty late in the fight and the judges ended up giving the decision to Chopper.
Man, I can't remember the others. Oh, Chopper's first fight was with Nezif, and he seemed to win quite easily. Looked like Nezif was trying to get a K.O and wasn't concerned with scoring.
I think Jenks fight was lost to Harvey, so that ended the night early for him.

Sorry about the scattery post.
Posted: 2001-06-11 04:48:30
Cool but who beat who during the night?

quarter final
dawson def parr

semi final
chapman beat parr

chapman beat ??

Fill in the missing fights!!
Posted: 2001-06-11 04:49:07
Sorry Nong-o,
Looks like we both posted at the same time.
Posted: 2001-06-11 04:53:29
OK Paul you got in before me.
Posted: 2001-06-11 05:17:35

Remember everyone freaking out when they saw the shinpads?
They came of after the first set of fights.

The pic is of Wayne Parr Vs Daniel Dawson.

Posted: 2001-07-01 17:40:28

Thought I'd bring this one back around since it's happening pretty soon.
Please let us know if there happen to be any changes to the line-up.

Posted: 2001-07-01 18:00:33
I have been told that Nick Kara and Shane Meads are not fighting.
And that Shane Meads trains with the Bull Dog Crew, Woof Woof !!
32517 : Meads Vs Kara

Posted: 2001-07-01 21:56:56
shane Meads has pull out due self injury. Shane trains at Liverpool south Muay Thai, Trainer Sun doi
Posted: 2001-07-02 00:33:01
thats not the word here in melbourne !
Posted: 2001-07-02 00:37:11
thats not the word here in melbourne !
Praying Mantis
Posted: 2001-07-02 01:11:10
Awesome line up. But notice how all these boys are in the same weight, same country & how many have a world title belt around there waist? Thats not right & goes to show the number of titles around, but thats another thread. There should be more of these to find out who the best of the best is. Its a pity Zambidis isn't in the line up too.
Praying Mantis
Posted: 2001-07-02 01:12:02
Awesome line up. But notice how all these boys are in the same weight, same country & all have a world title belt around there waist? Thats not right & goes to show the number of titles around, but thats another thread. There should be more of these to find out who the best of the best is. Its a pity Zambidis isn't in the line up too.
Posted: 2001-07-02 01:26:23
Tournaments ARE NOT the way to decide who the best fighter is!!!!! They fricken SUCK! Single fights determine the best fighter around! Zambidis has Stan as his match maker/manager, and let me tell you Zambidis is worth BIG dollars today, and Stan would let Zambidis loose on any fighter in his devision...BUT first....SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!
Posted: 2001-07-02 01:59:13
I agree Praying Mantis, but this is an all Australian thing. Zambidis is an international fighter. An international middleweight thing will be the thing to watch for, it should be coming up soon.
Posted: 2001-07-02 02:19:14
What has happened to Shane?

Nickosis, what is the word in Melbourne?
Is there going to be a replacement fighter there for Kara?

I agree with Mike. I don't think tournaments are for deciding who the best fighter is. Luck still has too big a part in the final outcome. Though, I reckon they're good value for spectators and enjoy them very much. It's not that often that we would see 8 really good fighters on the same show without it being a tourny.
Mantis, you make a good point about how many title holders are in this event.

Posted: 2001-07-07 20:15:15
shane meads is on holidays and when he returns he will have a collar round his neck aaaa ooohhhhhhh, woof woof go the mighty Bull Dog Crew.
Posted: 2001-07-08 11:03:07
Im cheering for Daniel Dawson. GO THE ROCK!!!!
Rob Youl
Posted: 2001-07-10 01:57:30
Warren Elson has had to pull out due to injury I think. Which is a bloody pity but it should be good none the less.
Apparently they are allowing knees- K 1 style short grappling
Andi P
Posted: 2001-07-10 21:48:05
I heard that both John Hallford and Warren Elson are out.
I also heard that Nick Kara will now be fighting Rafael Thai instead of Shane Meads.
I think it will still be a good night with fighters like Dawson, Kara, Soliman etc still on the card.
Hey Nong - O ...hope things are still going well in Thailand and you are kicking arse at the camp - look forward to catching up with you on Sunday brother....
Posted: 2001-07-11 00:11:08
Andi, how heavy is Nick Kara? I thought Rafael is only a light/welter weight? Doesn't sound you mean Daniel Tai?
Posted: 2001-07-11 00:18:14
Raphael Tai fights at about 69kgs usually
Posted: 2001-07-11 00:22:14
I think Kara is about mid 80kg. I think the fight he was supposed to have with Meads was close to cruiserweight. I think (not certain though). I'd like to see a Kara V Tsakonas fight soon.

Andi P
Posted: 2001-07-12 06:58:41
Hey Vince,

sorry mate, got the names mixed up yes I ment Daniel Tai not Rafael Tai.
Sorry for the confusion. Yeah and Nick Kara is a cruiserweight I think.


Posted: 2001-07-13 01:43:23
I'm going to shoot this show. Drop by my site on Tuesday and check them out. I wish I had a digital camera. Scanning is the worst part of taking pictures.

Posted: 2001-07-15 05:41:13
cheers Andi, you're right, I heard Daniel pulled out of the super 8 cruiserweight tourney in wgtn, so that would be why...can someone post the results..go Choppa, go the Axe
Posted: 2001-07-15 05:41:13
Posted: 2001-07-15 08:19:21
daniel Dowson won the final KO shane Chapmen 2 round
D Thai KO Nick Kara frist round
Posted: 2001-07-15 14:22:47
Howdy Ax brothers.
For those of you that haven't heard the full results

1, John Dickson defeated John Purcell by points, split decision.

2. Daniel Dawson defeated Andrew Keogh by TKO, 2:15 in the second .rnd.

3. Sam Soliman defeated Darren Curovic by unanimous points decision.

Shane Chapman defeated Mike Cope (points I think)

4. Chris Collard defeated Norm Graham by unanimous points decision.

5. Tony Antonio defeated Tim Drury points decision.

Semi Finals

6. Daniel Dawson defeated Sam Soliman: points decision

7. Shane Chopper Chapman defeated Chris Collard points decision

Semi Main Event

Nick Kara Vs Daniel Tai.

This fight was a complete shock for me. I expected Daniel to be a tough opponent for Nick, but now way did I expect Kara to get knocked out. Nick looked totally stunned. To me the look on Nick's face was a look of surprise rather than being hurt real bad. I am sure he will only become a better fighter from this experience. I know I know, everybody says that. But in this case I really believe it to be true. The entire audience on my side of the ring had their mouths open speachless. Tai looked like the hardest hitter I have seen Nick face so far.
Hopefully we will see Kara V Meades soon.

Main Event: Super 8 Final

Daniel Dawson defeated Shane Champan by KO 2nd round.

Congradulation to Daniel Dawson. This guy is a great and worthy champion. Chopper didn't look as devistating or as tough this year compared to how he was last year. It seemed he took much bigger bombs from Parr last year and managed to get through. I was hoping this final would happen, but it didn't end up being as spectacular a fight as I imagined it would be. I watched Dawsons fight on Fox yesterday (fight from the Brisbane show a couple of weeks ago). Daniel looked so much faster in that fight. I allways thought he has some of the fastest and cleanest thai kicks in the whole of Aus. Absolutely my favorite Middleweight to watch.

For those who haven't heard about the next Solak show.
The K1 Max is going to be held on the 5th of August at the beautiful Crown Casino. Such a great setup for a photograper (colours in the background etc).
Some of the fighters on the show are

Alex tui (no longer just a rumour).
Ian Jacobs
Gurkan Ozkan
Arthur Tsakonas
Prince Amir
I hope Bannan also.
Dont remember if Zambidis was mentioned now. Can someone confirm this?
Some big money was talked about. Apparantly if the guys make it all the way, they can win up to $200,000. Which is nice to hear. Perhaps this will entice some of our guys to come back from boxing.

Man, this one will be awesome. So many Aussie Kickboxing legends on the same show. Don't miss out.
I've got to hand it to Tarik, he is really coming up with some great line-ups.
Well done.
Actually not sure if Tarik mentioned Nezif and Behic. WIll someone please confirm this please.

I'll get some pics up on my site in the next couple of days. Drop by and check them out.
I hope someone will write a proper report. How about it Nickos?

Posted: 2001-07-15 14:29:50
Forgot to mention,
Tai and his crew were really pumped up after his defeat of Nick Kara.
Tai asked Solak for a rematch with Gurkan Ozkan. Tarik and Gurkan agreed and it looks like it's going to happen on the above mentioned show.
Whose Tsakonas going to fight?
I great one for Bannan I think.


Posted: 2001-07-15 15:45:17
Cool. Can someone tell me how Chopper and Kara were ko'ed.

Posted: 2001-07-15 17:28:57
Hey vince, do you know Daniel Tai's record? He must of had 50 fights by now! I haven't seen him win too many but he seems to be getting much better of late. Certainly not known as a big puncher, better known for his good chin, strong leg kicks and big heart. Kara must of been a fair bit bigger than him too. I heard he's quite slick in the gym but he gets too defensive in the ring eh? Does any one else know?
Posted: 2001-07-15 17:31:30
Vince, chopper did not get knocked out, it was a tko, due to the leg shots that he got from cope. dawson had a easy first fight, while chopper had the more harder opponents. Dawsons name on it, Eliminator. May be it would be a good thai fight rematch
Posted: 2001-07-15 17:41:02
I mentioned in another post that Cope's leg kicks were quite deceptive. Short sharp and fast but not that hard, he just throws heaps of them and it works really well. More of a karate style snapping kick. That's how he softened Ethan Shepps legs up then finished him off with the punches to the thigh. He could've changed his style by now though I guess cos I haven't seen him fight for years.
Posted: 2001-07-15 18:09:03
hey Chainsaw...I'm not sure of his record now, but it must be around the 50 mark, I remember he had about 30 something fights when we fought (not against eachother) on a conventional boxing card in is good that he is getting more aggressive cos he has the tools and the power...I think he became very defensive because he had alot of hard fights early in his career and lost his first 8 fights...his losses always seem to be on points and he never really got hurt or with Aaron Boyes must have changed his ring attitude...Daniel's a good guy, all power to him
Posted: 2001-07-15 20:06:19
Yeah...your right about Daniel...I'm really happy for him. Lots of guys would have quit after so many early loses but he kept going. I think if you add both his boxing and kick boxing fights, I would have to say that's he has well over 50 fights. But I think as Chainsaw said, maybe only won about 20 or even less. He has been fighting since 93' or 94' and very active too, but still young cos I remember his first fight at age 16 at one of my show...He has come a long way and now developing to be a great fighter.
Posted: 2001-07-15 20:28:44
Sorry about the misinformation about chopper. It happened 2 feet in front of me with Shane's back to me and me in mid focus. I actually thought he must of got tagged in the head, just the expression on his face while he was down.

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