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Topic:Pacquiao Is He On Roids?
Posted: 2010-03-03 03:31:50
I really know nothing about steriods is he on them,most of the USA boxers are saying he is???? i hope not but i saw interview with him he flapped loads,might be nerves etc but still,Paulie malignaggi at his Amir Khan fight pre fight announcement said or indicated that he is,but Mosley tested positive as did Roy jones,thoughts please and also on what they do and effects x
Posted: 2010-03-03 03:42:33
Iv just started useing human growth hormone myself which is what PAC is accused of useing I believe. I'm useing it as it is supposed to be the elixer of youth and pretty much great for your body and with little to no side effects, if only been doing it for 2 weeks now and there are no differences yet, I don't believe it is anabolic and it's not steriods but is the hormone you produce as a child to early 20s, everyone produces it naturaly so it is in testable realy as how can they decide you didn't produce that quantity yourself, I'm also using it as a fat burner "hopefully" as I have stopped training iv pilled the pounds on and this stuff is suppsed to increase your metabolism, it's only really a recently tested chemical so in theory future side effects could be horrible but for eternal youth il give it a go, next time you see me I might be 6 foot 2!
liam badco
Posted: 2010-03-03 03:53:36
i know loadsa people on that and there in great shape now
Posted: 2010-03-03 04:09:20
Think the pacquiao roids thing is just a smear campaign by mayweathers people whose just bitter cos hes not the top draw anymore. dont think there anything in it myself. small guy, best fighter in the world = must be on something.
very hard to detect growth hormone but theyre coming up with new methods to test for it now due to number of people on it.
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 04:10:26

this kind of thing, its not anabolic, and you wont see any sides unless you were doing like 50+ius a week for like a year.

i cant see that pac would be using a lot of it and if he is, very hard to proove its like EPO and blood doping in the olympics again hard to proove and EPO very dangerous to fuck with your bodys level of red blood cells.

Be careful boys

Posted: 2010-03-03 04:16:38
My mum wants me to get her some for mothers day! She had heard that it's excellent for older women, she is 46 and in good shape already but if it helps her keep young it's worth it!
Posted: 2010-03-03 04:24:25
Lol. cant wait till next year when i turn 25 so i can start usin some!
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 04:30:14
she will only need like 1.5iu a day and 5 days on 5 days off
Posted: 2010-03-03 05:56:28
i think we are a bit naive if we think top sportsmen from alot of sports arent taking performance enhancing drugs and the rumour about pacman has been going longer than PBFs camp has been putting it about.Nothing surprises me in sport anymore if theres big money involved in sport cheating will occur they think its a risk worth taking. By the way until pacman beats PBF he isnt the best fighter in the world IMO lol
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:02:31
I've read some shocking side effects to taking human growth hormone. Should research it carefully first.
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:09:46
Just dont do it, its false and your body isnt made for stuff some crank scientist has mixed up over a bunsen burner.
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:30:33
Sides on HGH and majority of AAS are only when abused or extreme dosages theres a hwole mindset and addiction when people want to get bigger, they get big then its never enough this is where problems can happen. The top competition bodybuilders actually take care of their bodies better than most liver detoxifiers etc one of my best mates does does Mr Universe etc. his prep and some of his diet etc leading up to competitions is amazing to watch.
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:31:18
The thing is splinter hgh has not been proven to be bad for us and has been proven to be good for us in some aspects, it's not like smoking which is 100% bad for you and people still do it anyway. Drugs should be legal in all sports in my opinion at least that way it's an even playing field. I really do think that in a few years time everyone will want to use hgh and it will be proven to be highly benificial, if you look at the people who do it and recomsnd it, they arnt steriod heads or idiots but doctors and scientists ( I also know they are the ones who will profit from this also).
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:32:24

his calfs are mad, he competes at 89kg too :-0
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:33:35
Also for martial arts and boxing anabolic steroids are useless pretty much due to severe cardivascular deteriation etc.
Fight Sport MC
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:38:15
Hey Cadden has bulked up a bit, that is Cadden right?
Fight Sport MC
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:41:51
Just a quick comment, touching on Pauls idea that drugs should be allowed in all sports.

That's perhaps a bit drastic BUT... I would love to see, every four years (in between regular olympics) Olympic games where the athletes are allowed to get doped up to the eyeballs. Set some REAL records, would be amazing!
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:52:08
Mate there wouldn't be much difference than now as they are all already on enhancers. A good mate of Mine repped Canada in the olympics 10 years back for long distane running he said the head coach of the team was nick named the chemist due to all the drugs he gave them, they are fantastic at hideing it, which is a science in it's self! I wonder what mark.l thinks about this??? Normaly his post bore me to death but he does seem smart and know what he's talking about, there have been rumours for years that randy c is useing hgh, he's 46+ and in the prime of his life. God has been rumourd to use hgh also.
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:53:27
All of them use gear anyhow, they know the right times to come off for detection and half lives and also the masking agents, people are employed by the athletic clubs just to dose them up lol
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:55:55
Beat you to it robbo
Posted: 2010-03-03 06:55:55
Beat you to it robbo
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 07:15:40
come rugeley friday mate come on. . .
Posted: 2010-03-03 07:17:39
This is what was put forward on the other thread about him and PBF, due to his jump through the weights, and his drug test reluctance.

Wouldn`t surprise me.

Thought HGH was illegal in sport?
Posted: 2010-03-03 07:18:16
I'm a big fat mess, so out of shape it's crazy, if got to get my lungs back first mate. Il be in decent shape when I get back from BA il come down then
paulo da silva
Posted: 2010-03-03 07:46:54
if they make you taller can i have some :-)
Posted: 2010-03-03 07:53:08
That is the main reason docs prescribe them to kids paulo, it activates growth spurts in kids so the kids can catch up with there friends, I don't think they can make adults taller but I'm keeping my fingers crossed
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 07:54:17
no way HGH would make him shoot up in weight and look the way he does it wuld have to be something else like jones did but seriously Pacman doesnt fit any of the usual criterea id say hes been eating more protien
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 08:03:43
hong mam choi hgh over efficiency he is about 8 foot lol
paulo da silva
Posted: 2010-03-03 08:04:32
let me know if it works and i get some , i just want to be as tall as my little 13 year old cousin , cant take the midget jokes anymore
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 08:12:34
LOL youd have to do massive doses which would cost a fortune and u could develop big hands and a massive jaw and maybe a 14 inch cock. when will you be placing ur order hahahaha
paulo da silva
Posted: 2010-03-03 08:20:30
if i get taller and get a 14 inch cock will place my order now , let me know the prices :-)
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 08:36:45
think there is a link to it above from google lol
Alix James
Posted: 2010-03-03 08:52:31
Dosage as always is important.

Read research articles at Uni regarding very significant increases in organ size, clearly not a positive effect.

Psychologically, as mentioned, often dosage increases when new cycles start as people often want more that what they had on the last cycle. Can be hard to know when/how to stop correctly.

I have a friend who was/is a big user of everything under the sun, has had amazing results, also has had lots of flat periods, has had some health issues, has made mistakes. He struggles to train now without taking stuff and often looking for new systems/concoctions to pick himself up.

Mental focus is really the key, and steroids that help tune this are normally the most effective at getting results.
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-03 09:23:27
yes not good if u have cancer either. usually the more expensive ones have the least sides and hence the least mental deteriation.
Posted: 2010-03-03 09:46:45
Many Many moons ago i did my thesis on the use of performance enhancing drugs on elite athletes ,

Loads of people would be suprised to know just whos used or still using the stuff it is so widespread its untrue and for the record i think paul is right the only way to even the playing field out is to allow them as so many on it and the tests are a pile of shite , the only way people get found out is if they balls up on the masking or testing procedure .

As for HGH it is a relatively untested substance in terms of all the other stuff going around .

Ephedrine is one of the more common substances by most sports but also one of the easiest to detect .... and the only reason it was banned about 7 or so yrs ago was the fact you could buy it in most sports type supplement shops and people went mad on it (its a Bronchodilator) and used mainly in Asthma) .

I used it for about a yr after a serious chest infection when i was 30 and it made me so bloody aggressive but lean as .

only up untill a few yrs ago this stuff was still sold in most places in america as a stimulant to keep you awake so was even sold in petrol stations lol

Posted: 2010-03-03 10:19:33
Paulo it aint good having 14 inch nob mate its a curse xx
Dave Croft
Posted: 2010-03-03 10:26:03
recombatant human growth hormone is an amino acid as a simple explanation and is produced naturally in the body. its primary role being that of cell regeneration. so a user can train harder for longer. its use will not make you faster, bigger or stronger. but it will help you recover after training harder and for longer which of course will.

it has few negative side effects except that as a cell rejuvanator it is capable of enhancing cancer cells as well as healthy ones. apart from that it has a positive effect upon mood and sleep depth.

body builders use it with insulin to burn body fat without CV work.

and i know all this as 3 of my pals are currently in USA competing for their pro cards on the body building circuit
Posted: 2010-03-03 11:04:47
the main problem of allowing performance enhancing drugs in sport is the athletes who dont want to take anything .....what happens to them do they get left behind and ultimately earn no money all sport would suffer then. Then where does it stop do football clubs sign up 12 year olds and start them on growth hormone straight used to be the most skilful who won things now its the strongest.
Posted: 2010-03-03 11:18:04
Good point mate, how far would they take it with youngsters, Those that didn't want to do it would get left behind but that is the same with lots of things, those that are not willing to try evolved technique, those that don't diet correctly. Why is it classed as cheating to use drugs because it gives one guy a better chance than others but these german/Russia super athelsates that have had perfect nutrition mannagement there whole lives can compeate legaly with the skinny little man that starved half his life from ethiopia. Trying to Gain an advantage in sport is natural, if everyone was allowed to do it, then it would be the chemists compeating against each other trying to find the best ratio of substances
The Crippler
Posted: 2010-03-03 12:12:30
Athletes in the UK are some of the most tested in the world in any sport. Out of competition test, no warning and you must inform UK Athletics if your diary changes over 24hr (if go away for the day).

No doubt there are sportsmen full of drugs but a "druged" Olympics is still not a level playing field and IMO would lead to deaths and body "malfunctions"

caffine is the bet drug invented!!!! ;-)
Posted: 2010-03-03 16:36:05
You can still legally get ephedrine over the counter by buying chest-eze tablets, the only over the counter medicine that still contains it I think.

I used to take it in a stack with aspirin and caffeine (pro-plus).

Made me very hot, very shaky, very dizzy and very active!

Posted: 2010-03-03 16:50:57
Skip that stuff I get savage insomnia as it is.
Posted: 2010-03-04 03:59:25
its not a health issue or how safe you take it thro dosage its a cheating issue pure and simple its banned in sport taking it creates an unfair advantage. True some supplements are created in the body but not in the amounts that supplements give you. As for them been harmful the bent chemists who peddle this are going to tell you its harmless ive never seen a drug dealer tell you not to buy his smack cos it could damage your health lol. The best sportsman or women should be the one who has self discipline and gets off there arse over xmas and other hard times to train and evolves thro training techniques not supplements and true a pro will push the rules fully to his advantage but taking performance enhancing drugs is breaking them rules simple as.
Posted: 2010-03-04 04:18:14
i cant believe people here are giving weight to the ramblings of a crackhead family aka the mayweather's

pac's been a superstar for years and the only reason he wasn't the superstar he is now was due to weight class and nationality, he's getting the recognition now as he's sparked high profile names, these boxers weren't better than pac they were just better known to the western market

there's some quality fighters on here & i'd bet that they'd have some success at higher weights as well, some fighters would do better at higher weights than others due to what they cut for current fight weights and how much power they carried dismiss achievements as being on gear is a low move and imho fits well with the ratbag mayweathers, fact is, extra tests aren't in the rules's like saying because saenchai can beat nearly anyone even at higher weights that he's on gear!, i don't think for 1 minute saenchai is & believe he is where he is due to natural ability, skill and dedication but it's the same principal as with pac

kentucky fried floyd is shook and was looking for anyway out of the fight, pac will spark him if they ever meet but unless floyd has the upper hand he wont fight pac & imho that's why he wanted these tests
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-04 04:39:02
urgh, ephedrine, its derivative is in sudafed the positive results from it are better used in sports like motor racing and jet skiing etc due to enhanced concentration. all these decongesgants etc contain pseudoephedrine or ephedra and this crappy things you see ephamax with plants and caffeine in are all waste of time, ephedrine is nothing to write home about id happily fight against someone who had taken it beforehand as it does more harm than good in fight environment, know too many ex-ABA boxers who tried it, no use in competition.
some of the info posted on here regarding cell regeneration etc is correct but it can make you bigger and stronger definitely in the right doses you only need to look at an AAS mass strength fat cardio anabolic and catabolic comparison chart to see that it is high up in strength and size gains.
I wouldnt say people would use IGF and HGH purely as cutting without cardio, the top bodybuilders do cardio but way differently to what we would ever see in martial arts. Some of the most defined, cut athletes just walk on the treadmill and its enough, their diet and supplements are so perfect and their last 48 hours before competition slow water cutting is amazing.
One of my best mates has won Mr Universe Short, 1st European Championships Short, 1st World Championships Short & Overall, 1st Including many other national and international titles, last year he did Mr Olympia which is about the biggest one out there and i have read many of his articles and books published on his training etc. very interesting if you are into the theory behind it.
Holding on to Your Gains, by William Llewellyn
"Holding on to Your Gains Without Steroids" is a good book worth reading with decent info on training without the use of AAS.
William Llewellyn’s ANABOLICS 9th edition is about the most comprehensive and accurate guide out there but it is approx $90 and heavy to ship.
SPORT SUPPLEMENT REFERENCE GUIDE (SSRG)is also good and i used the old 7th edition to support a thesis i wrote when i was studing this.

Paul u just can sleep because you are waiting for a gypo to kick down ur door and cut ur throat for nailing his sister!
Posted: 2010-03-04 06:09:33
wait till your kids are born with 16 fingers and 85 toes then you realise your body isnt for abusing, thats what gyms are for.
Posted: 2010-03-04 06:36:06
lmao splinter good point mate altho to have kids they have to get a hard on 1st performance enhancing drugs means for the body muscle tends to have the opposite affect on the love muscle
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-04 07:04:14
rofl im sure they can get hardon just when they shoot its like talc lmao
Posted: 2010-03-04 09:05:06
they will make good swimmers though.
Posted: 2010-03-04 10:55:50
Yesterday when I was baitin off at the end a puff of smoke came out! It was the 8th of the day though
Deano White
Posted: 2010-03-04 11:19:00
Vinny, it aint good having a 14 inch knob its a curse ? Donnelly is taller than that aint he :P
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-05 09:52:04
Posted: 2010-03-05 10:27:27
Vinny if you wanna know why hes in such good nick read boxing monthly this month theres a special interview with his strength and conditioning coach the guy knows is stuff inside out the same guy who works with Khan. Manny is basically just a freak of nature. Schaeffer and Mayweater both massive cunts as well just trying to wreck his image,
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-10 07:54:25
good work MDK
Posted: 2010-03-11 04:16:45
MDK cheers mate read it good interview,imo all i can say is i don,t know its all cloak and dagger tricks really xx
Posted: 2010-03-12 11:13:58
Be interesting to see if he can stop Clottey tomorrow night, no one ever has. If he becomes the first the conspiracists will be at it again.
annibell the cannibell
Posted: 2010-03-12 11:19:03
where can i get some?
Posted: 2010-03-12 14:46:46
i seem to remember one qoute from a very famous mma competitor when asked about performance enhancing drugs, the one is question was tito ortiz and he said if you aint cheating your not trying hard. so i think that pretty much sums it up in the world of competitive sports.
Posted: 2010-03-12 17:15:42
Manny in 5 v Clottey
Posted: 2010-03-12 17:59:52
Good quote jamie!

Posted: 2010-03-15 05:34:03
I was only 7 rounds out.
liam badco
Posted: 2010-03-15 08:20:42
clottey is made of steel he took some hideous body punches, pacman took a few digs himself
Posted: 2010-03-15 08:57:45
i loved the fight, clottey did himself real proud, how tough, pac was marked up afterwards, could pbf take a body beating like that??? could pac land them??? its got to happen.
Posted: 2010-03-15 10:15:28
unless pacman tightens up his defense he wont get a chance to land anything against PBF
Deano White
Posted: 2010-03-15 10:31:00
fatandbald i agree 101% m8 PBF aint like nobody else at that weight !!!
Posted: 2010-03-15 13:28:05
Although i dont like to admit it i think PBF would take Manny apart
Posted: 2010-03-15 14:18:46
Admit it and a few more things too lol xxx he wouldn,t be able to that to PBF but Mayweather doesn,t box well v fast handed southpaws x
liam badco
Posted: 2010-03-15 15:31:13
rofl vinny :) x
Posted: 2010-03-15 18:50:24
It must happen before one of them actually retires for good.

Up there with the biggest fights ever?
Posted: 2010-03-16 04:23:20
pbf's too frightened to fight pacquiao, end off lol otherwise they'd have already fought lol & he wouldn't have convinced himself that pacman is superman or must be using gear to fight like he does...extra tests are just a excuse to avoid the fight, i hope to fook that pac gets the fight and wipes the floor with kentucky fried floyd but i'd be equally happy with floyd getting a doin from moesly and never hearing about the crackhead mayweathers again lol
long live the king manny pacquiao
Craig Hanuman
Posted: 2010-03-16 08:12:20
PBF is a faggot...I used to really rate him, but fancy being scared of a natural 8 stone midget man on roids ??? Its not like he's facing Arnie !!! Any excuse to get outta the fight !!! Pacman wins easy...wears him down.
liam badco
Posted: 2010-03-16 09:00:19
we may have to wager on that mr willis ;)
Craig Hanuman
Posted: 2010-03-16 09:06:52
...if it happens Mr Harrison your on ! ;)
Posted: 2010-03-16 14:35:50
PBF all the way... he's not scared, just being an arse and talking complete tripe as usual.. but he will win when it eventualy does happen
Liam R
Posted: 2010-03-18 05:27:24
have to admire pbf skills but i would pray roach has something up his sleeve in the prep for that fight and pacman lands some of those kidney checks pbf would do infamous floor dive
Mick Crossland
Posted: 2010-04-10 06:08:46
Found these recently, evidence towards why the match didnt happen between Mayweather and Pac. The first one has some interesting stuff bout the respective weights about both fighters and the second makes reference to steroids and the drug tests and how negotiatios broke dow for the fight.

Posted: 2010-04-10 07:03:12
i have gotta say that i don't think mayweather will win.
pac to win on points. floyd is a defensive fighter who does well in counter attack but pacman is not guy who sticks around after unloading.
I wish it will happen, i bet on pac to win it.
Posted: 2010-04-10 08:12:20
the most skillfull fighter pacman has fought and still been in his prime was marquez and i thought marquez won them fights but with the knockdowns they were close but for long periods of the fights he totally schooled pacman. Pacman will get caught with the punch he doesnt see coming round 9 or 10 ko for PBF in my opinion pacmans defence was shocking against clottey its a good job clottey only throws a punch once every bank holiday.
Posted: 2010-04-10 08:56:55
mate, you don't think Diaz was a good scalp for pacman? what about mayweather he hasn't fought that many highly and prime fighters latelly. but i might be wrong there.
Posted: 2010-04-10 09:29:24
no i think diaz is a limited boxer who would give any other boxer a go who stood in front of him cos of his big heart.....but as for a good scalp hes a limited fighter who has done well to reach world level but one of the easier champs pacman could of for PBF i think he ran out of opponents to fight he hasnt ducked anyone i just think not many want to meet him to be the way i think pacman is a great great fighter im not slagging him i just happen to think hes the 2nd best fighter in the world thats all
Posted: 2010-04-11 01:15:49
cool, i guess that is why the purse would be so huge, people really have different opinion on the outcome! i heard upwards of 100mil fight purse?
Posted: 2010-04-11 05:28:50
i think diaz has gained credability when u consider how much of a fight he put up compared to fighters with 10x a name i.e clottley, cotto, de la hoya, hatton, morales etc etc

as for marquez, it looks like pac must have been struggling with weight while marquez was at his prime weight, end of the day pac won those fights and he looks better at the heavier for marquez owning pac lol marquez was like a yoyo in them fights(pac with less power)..he didn't go down that many times against kentucky fried floyd and floyd had a huge weight advantage in that fight, also there were glimpses when pac did box rather than just throw punches in the marquez fight and he made marquez look daft...a bit like a matador with el toro, pivoting off and taping marquez on the shoulder to tell him he was behind him lol
i hope floyd gets sparked pronto and that's him done, nothing else to talk about & apart from ghetto humour nothing worth hearing
if there was a top fighter in muay thai slinging the crap that floyd does then perhaps there'd be no grey area, u etither like fighters that slag others off at any cost or u think they're a fudd lol & i think king floyd of the fudds is the numero uno nobhead
Posted: 2010-04-11 08:11:52
ye true boxing is a matter of opinion and thats why the purse will be so big and in my opinion billy you have got the marquez pacman fight totally wrong......i happen to hate PBF as a person but on boxing talent alone you cant slag him
Singto Muay
Posted: 2010-04-27 16:31:38
I would like to highlight that any fighter found to be using any banned substance found on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) Prohibted List, will be subject to an investigation.

Prohibited List

An excert from the Prohibited List:


The following substances and their releasing factors are prohibited:

1. Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents [e.g. erythropoietin (EPO),
darbepoetin (dEPO), methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta
(CERA), hematide];

2. Chorionic Gonadotrophin (CG) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in

3. Insulins;

4. Corticotrophins;

5. Growth Hormone (GH), Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1),
Mechano Growth Factors (MGFs), Platelet-Derived Growth Factor
(PDGF), Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs), Vascular-Endothelial
Growth Factor (VEGF) and Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) as well
as any other growth factor affecting muscle, tendon or ligament protein
synthesis/degradation, vascularisation, energy utilization, regenerative
capacity or fibre type switching;

6. Platelet-derived preparations (e.g. Platelet Rich Plasma, “blood
spinning”) administered by intramuscular route. Other routes of
administration require a declaration of Use in accordance with the
International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions.

and other substances with similar chemical structure or similar biological

Yours in Muay Thai

Ryan Rudkin
UKMF Doping Control Officer
Posted: 2010-04-27 17:54:00
fat and bald mayweater has ducked paul wlliams paul williams i think would destroy him he has to be the most avoided fighter on planet also in time martinez could give pac and mayweather trouble
Posted: 2010-04-27 20:22:22
also you gotta realise how new matinez is to the sport of boxing he didnt touch a bag till he was twenty and e has untold natural talent with a bit moe experince hes the new phenom in boxing without a doubt and unlike khan he will fight anyone and williams is the new hearns like andy howson punisher by name punisher by nature he needs to mix it with these protected pound for pound greats i honestly think he could beat pacman and mayweather on a good night this man is a 6ft 2 hungry beast full of venom
Liam R
Posted: 2010-04-28 09:05:10
Doping control officer? get to fuck, how many more ridiculous signatures can you add to your name to sound important... URGH!

liams gym area ax posting co-ordinator
Posted: 2010-04-28 10:08:21
ye i agree about williams hook and i dont blame PBF cos williams is just too big he will probably finish his career at light heavyweight
Posted: 2010-04-28 11:16:17
harsh but true marrow
Posted: 2010-04-28 14:48:13
lol @ liam ax post co ordinator but pmsl at doping officer KRU rudkin haha....
Liam R
Posted: 2010-05-10 05:37:05
Stop sending ridiculous Chinese whispers to me Bumpkin, do u think i could make 65kg if i was doped up on testosterone and growth hormone, ive hardly got masses of muscle and the work rate of Pacquio. How u gonna afford to test people for Epogen and blood doping when you cant afford to buy belts outright? Stop worrying about who will ever fight for one of your titles from my gym and start worrying why when you are supposed to be an area supervisor or whatever that you are cutting corners to save pennies by using judges that have not passed the assessment.
bridie murphy1
Posted: 2010-10-13 08:18:09
growth hormone is a peptide not a steroid , iv been taking it for 6 years ,and in that 6 years i only had a 2 month break .growth is good for you and cannot harm you if taken right . doctors all around the world take it them selfs .

you will hear people say it makes your bones grow lol yes if you are taking enough of the stuff ,lots and lots . i was taking 2iu a day 5 days aweek ,for a couple of my fights i took 4 iu 2 weeks prior to the fight .

growth hormone will help with injurys but i dont think it makes you fight any better . i turned pro late on in life i started at about 32 and i have just retired at 41 . growth hormone only helped in muscle recovery and injury .

iv stopped taking it now as i no longer fight and dont train as hard as i did so i dont need it .

please be aware there is a lot of counterfiet growth out on the market and the chances are you will be bying fake stuff .i have done alot of reseach on steroids and peptides for all kinds of athletes , i used it as part of my degree . steroids are no good for fighters fighting more than 5 rounds ,they will be powerfull for the first 2 rounds and after that they are blowing out of there asses .

if you are going to take steroids then i suggest you train very hard ,if not the side effects are not worth it .

peptides are great and safe if they are used right. there is a lot of peptides out there that can benerfit a fighter . i would advise that they should only be used at the age of 30 and over .

any body under this age dont need them after all you are still young . although growth hormone is great for burning fat .
bridie murphy1
Posted: 2010-10-13 08:24:46
ps the only reason i stopped taking growth hormone is that its very expensive ,and been as im not fighting no more i cant afford such luxeries . if i was to win the lottery i would buy shit loads of the stuff :-] .

the price of real growth hormone would be 160 pound for 16 iu so if you are offerd it for less than that its fake . trust me i no .
bridie murphy1
Posted: 2010-10-13 09:46:15
one more thing ,if buy growth or other peptides from a body building gym its more likley you will be paying for there habbit as well as your own ,only they will taking the good stuff and selling you the bad stuff .fact . the price above is the true price of growth hormone and you might get it 20 pound cheaper if you buy it from abroad .
Posted: 2010-10-13 15:19:52
bridie murphy1
Posted: 2010-10-13 19:13:40
thays true sold13 you cant .
Posted: 2010-10-14 02:25:50
hi bridie what happened to photo shoot? iv had my nuts back n crack waxed n everything!!
Posted: 2010-10-14 02:31:49
like the body builder pic.. looks like an umper lumper
bridie murphy1
Posted: 2010-10-15 06:41:51
lol sold13 i no how you feel i had a brazilian wax yesterday ,im still waiting for the redness to go down :-0 . mark gibbs will come over to our gym at some point to talk to us and do a bit of filming ,you can come to my gym and get your pics done there ,soon as i no when he is comming i will let you no .
bridie murphy1
Posted: 2010-10-17 18:39:43
sold13r why dont you ask mick at whicker camp if he wants to put some lads / girls in the mag ,hes got great fighters to talk about :-]mark said it was for all fighters in all styles .lets get micks fighters in a keep the profile high :-]
Posted: 2011-08-04 00:47:12

I don't believe Pac is using steroids. He doesn't need to. Anyway, why don't ya all take a break. Join the Greatest Fight, the Fight Against Hunger at And get 2 FREE VIP tickets. I went for it and got a membership. Now keeping my fingers crossed to win and be able to see the Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Marquez fight in person on Nov. 12!
Posted: 2011-08-08 02:07:50

how'd you get on with the hgh? good stuff? gains? feel younger?
Posted: 2011-08-08 09:06:32
unfortunately it wokred so well that paulinthailand is now a 12 foot tall , 2 year old baby. and he s not allowed to use the internet .
Posted: 2011-08-08 09:51:39
Ruth Finch
Posted: 2011-12-02 00:10:19
Pacquiao! I don't think so.

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