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Posted: 2011-01-05 07:06:30
Well, its the day after the first session back and that ache will be kicking in....
Heres a few tips to speed up the recovery process:
- Drink plenty of water
After last nights session you will have loadsa toxins in your system. These toxins are flushed out by your lymph glands, but they need the volume of water to do that
- Eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruit
The vitamins and minerals within vegetables/fruit clean your system up and keep you healthy.
- Go for some light exercise
I know it will be the last thing on your mind to exerise again, but getting that blood pumping will ease the ache. Just go for a steady walk or light jog.
- Massage
Massage the belly of your muscles towards the joint nearest the heart(calves towards the back of the knee, and quads up towards your groin, arms up towards your arm pits)

If you take supplements I recommend ZMA or a half dose of Tribulus (1-tablet per day) to help recovery.
You can get these from, and use the code RCYO26 at check out.

Hope this helps guys
Posted: 2011-01-05 08:05:32
thanks for that rich.
Posted: 2011-01-06 02:17:53
No worries mate.
Glad to be of help :)
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