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Topic:Mosley: I've Only Been Beaten By African Americans
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2011-02-20 13:07:03
"Pacquiao is definitely going to lose the fight. He's gonna get beat and the reason why is the only people that I've lost to are African Americans. He's never fought an African American and I've only lost to African Americans. I don't lose to nobody else; everybody else gets smashed. My record shows it," stated three-division world-champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley, who recently returned to his training facilities in Big Bear, California after a cross-country tour to promote his upcoming May 7th showdown with pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao.

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I assume he's doing that to build up conflict and drama around the fight. That's not a good way of doing it.
Posted: 2011-02-21 11:21:20
Spent force, this fight needs a lot of hyping imo so expect more of the same,
Posted: 2011-02-22 08:23:50
Hope Pac-Man destroys this trash talking buffoon.
Posted: 2011-03-07 10:53:50
Seems like someone elses words in his mouth imo.....
Mike Hill
Posted: 2011-03-10 15:20:25
COME ON MOSLEY!!!! ;-) x x
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2011-03-11 15:18:53
Met Mosley in Big Bear when we were there. Seemed like a nice humble guy. Those are possibly not his own words.
Posted: 2011-03-23 08:08:58
Shane sugar left he,ll lose badly looked terrible in Sergio mora draw and had 1 good round v Mayweather another racist remark like Hopkins "a white boy won,t beat me" v Calzaghe should be fined sorry simple as that,plus Cotto beat him he can moan all he likes but its history black and white (no pun intended)he,ll flap his jab out and try big right hand,he loses to people who jab and has taken too many...time to retire Shane xx
Posted: 2011-03-25 04:28:17
I'd love to see the uproar if Calzaghe turned around and said "No black boy gonna beat me", it'd be on the friggin' news, they'd have a parliamentary debate about it. The American liberals would be up in arms whilst the kkk would make him an honorary president or something.
Posted: 2011-05-07 04:29:25
early round stoppage im predicting, MP
Dean Petty
Posted: 2011-05-07 11:22:35
i think pacman stops him around 8 possibly due to corner retirement
Posted: 2011-05-08 04:01:17
PBF would of beat them both in the same night. MP struggles against clever boxers even washed up ones.
Posted: 2011-05-09 09:32:17
Agreed Mosley did nowt and survived and worth a few quid on Marquez because he's not shot Mosley needed the money he was poor really IMO x
Posted: 2011-05-09 15:58:17
i reckon if mayweather was watchin that on saturday hed have been straight on the blower to bob arum, pac is slowing noticeably with every fight now at welter his foot speed has deserted him completely, not being able to nail and finish a 39 year old should be very worrying for him and roach. think he was wary of mosleys right as well tho, also took far too many off margarito in his last figyt.
Posted: 2011-05-10 02:27:01
Don't forget though that Gayweather is a counter-fighter. I still think Pacman's in-out speed and 2 & 3 punch combo's would unsettle him enough to give Pacman the win.

Pacman on points vs Floyd Prickweather.
Mike Hill
Posted: 2011-05-10 04:16:12
it will be same as all mayweathers fights, first 2 maybe 3 rounds to his opponent and then when they keep throughing the same shit, mayweathers timing and awareness will kick in and every shot thrown by him will land and every shot thrown at him will be blocked and countered....

Mayweather points and not even a close fight xx
Posted: 2011-05-10 16:23:39
hate to say it but may-never i mean mayweather would beat manny @ 147
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