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Topic:White Collar Boxers Wanted, 27th Aug, Woking
CG Promotions
Posted: 2011-07-20 03:37:54

hi guys

i'm putting on a show soon that will have some white collar bouts on it.

if any of you wish to fight white collar rules in a cage (something different eh!) please get in touch.

Stand and Bang, our first show, will be held in an 18ft octagon cage, and will be exactly what it says on the tin, K1 and white collar only. there will be no MMA bouts.

K1 fighters, and white collar boxers.

there are 2 options for the K1,

pro K1 will be 3x3 min rounds, no shin pads
am K1 will be 3x2 min rounds, shin pads. (both K1 10oz gloves)

white collar will be 3x 1.5 min rounds, 16oz gloves, optional headgaurd.

we welcome first time fighters on this show, and will endevour to match with another raw novice.

as it is our first show, we have no reputation as of yet, only our personal reputations as honest men. but we fully intend to be totally fair in our matchmaking, and only deal with reputable gyms.

the show will be judged by three judges, and refereed by Jesse Saunders. some of you may know Jesse.

no purses will be paid as we are new promoters, and quite simply dont have the money. we will offer a £5 per ticket commision to the fighter on any tickets sold. were offering a chance for your lads to fight on a pure, stand-up ONLY cage show, which wont be interrupted by any MMA bouts! we have gone to great expense to get a cage, and we intend to fill that cage with awesome, FAIR fights throughout the show.


we would like details of any of your fighters who would like to fight K1, or white collar.

no under 16's please. this is an adult card.all going well we will put a more mixed card on the next show!

Please send your fighters details,

fight discipline,
honest record (include if any, any kickboxing/mma/thai bouts please)

and we will endeavour to get you matched.

this is our first show, and we hope you will help make it a huge success!!

yours in sport,

Kyle & Joe

please contact

07839 442 442

07789 781 311
CG Promotions
Posted: 2011-07-20 04:29:47
hi guys

we have some keen and eager fighters at the following weights,
please help me match them

67kg K1- 0-2
59kg K1- 1-1
80kg K1- 1 interclub
84kg K1- 1 interclub
90kg K1- 6-0 (all against fat tuk tuk drivers in thailand)

55kg white collar- no previous boxing record
70kg white collar- 1-2 mma record

novices welcome, RAW novices required!! this is the perfect show for debut fighters.
CG Promotions
Posted: 2011-10-07 14:10:57
fighters still required- get in touch!!

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