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steven long
Posted: 2011-08-14 06:56:35
deep tissue damage
after taking a huge kick on forearm and a previous break ive sustained deep tissue damage and just wondered if there was any advice on how to speed up recovery or any other advice :)
Kelly Leach
Posted: 2011-08-16 16:48:28
Hi Steve

Unlucky you have a repeat injury after a fracture :(

It is difficult to give general advice without locating the injury.

I have done a list which I hope you find helpful...

Anterior muscles of the forearm (front)

Pronator quadratus - Deep (Turns the hand over)

Flexor pollicis - Deep (Flexes the thumb)

Flexor digitorum profundus - Deep (Flexes the fingers)

Pronator teres - Superficial (Pronates the forearm)

Flexor carpi radialis - Superficial (Flexes the forearm & Abducts the hand)

Flexor carpi ulnaris - Superficial (Flexes the forearm & adducts the hand)

Flexor digitorum - Superficial (Flexes the fingers)

Posterior muscles of the forearm (back)

Supinator - Deep (Supinate the forearm)

Anconeus - Deep (Assists extension of the forearm)

Abductor pollicis longus - Deep (Abducts the thumb)

Extensor pollicis brevis - Deep (Extends & abducts the thumb)

Extensor pollicis longus - Deep (aids ext & abduct of the wrist)

Extensor indicis - Deep (Ext index finger)

Extensor digitorum - Intermediate (Ext the fingers,the wrist & the elbow)

Extensor digiti minimi - Intermediate (Ext the little finger)

Extensor radialis longus/brevis and ulnaris - Superficial (Control movement in the wrist)

Then there is the Brachioradialis on the posterior side of the forearm, flexes the elbow.

So by looking through this I am sure you will appreciate that it is difficult to give advice without being clear of what you are treating.

Kelly :)
steven long
Posted: 2011-08-18 09:20:52
hello kelly thanks alot for that list i fink its could be a couple of them pronator quadratus sounds like one of them and so does the supinator and anconeous , all ive been doin so far is ice , gentle massage , and movement which it does seem to be gettin better but would be very gratefull if you know any other helpfull tips , thanks alot
Kelly Leach
Posted: 2011-08-18 15:18:29
Hi, no worries @ all. Keep it moving as you are doing, start introducing heat into your treatment, alternating between ice (contrast bathing) keep it moving and have a go at using some resistance band to exercise the wrist/elbow.

A stress ball for finer movements may be of benefit and to also assist with blood flow.

If you feel it is easing up now, then keep doing what you are :)

Good luck

steven long
Posted: 2011-08-19 10:20:09
thanks alot kelly will follow your advice , appreciate it
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