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andy b
Posted: 2011-11-08 11:13:35
Hi guys

Just need some advice really.

Did my first interclub around 3 months ago and it didn't go too well.
I usually walk around about 67 kg and am 5'9, I decided I wanted to fight at 64 kg and so cut down to that but probably a bit too quick, I done it in about 1-2 weeks just by eating smaller portions and barely drinking anything 24 hours before fight day.
Embarrassingly for me they stopped the fight in the second as I was so exhausted I couldn't even hold my hands up anymore. I had trained pretty hard and felt good before the fight so can only assume that the cutting and the dehydration done me in. Do most people cut out fluids 24 hours for interclubs or not as obviously you fight a few hours after the weigh in?

There is another interclub coming up in 2 weeks and I haven't been training and watching my diet as usual so wasn't going to do it but I really want to do it and have started training hard the last couple of days again and fill in great shape. Do you think that 2 weeks is long enough to prepare myself? And also do you think is more sensible for me to fight at 67 or maybe just 66 kg instead of cutting? The only reason I fought at 64 last time and would preferably like to fight at that or 63 in the future is I think that at 66 or 67 I will be shorter than most at those weights.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Posted: 2011-11-16 17:43:31
its just an interclub, dont bother cutting weight
Posted: 2011-11-20 14:42:33
I'd do the inter club at 67kg pal. No point in cutting weight at all. Your coach should be the best person to decide what weight you should fight at. Have a chat with him.

Being shorter than most at a weight isn't a problem. Look at Tyson!!

Posted: 2012-03-30 12:42:16
interclubs arent a fight; not a proper fight anyway. No need to cut weight. Ive stepped in to interclub matches hungover to fuck on ten minutes notice, bang out of shape, and done alright. Dont overthink it. spend more time on head movement and a decent boxing guard than on weight and protein bollocks and you will be right
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