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Posted: 2001-12-14 23:07:03
1st. fight
pretty much a boring fight. craig wins every round. valente doesn't seem to want to be there. doesn't look like a full contact fighter.

decent fight with bm winning by split dec.
sasiprapa controls first 2 rnds from the outside,but cook makes a fight of it by working the clinch heavy in rnd 3.4 and 5 are somewhat close with bm controling the fight.

gibson comes out in full contact pants and dances around like a fool for the first rnd. takes his drawers off and reveals shorts underneath in the 2nd. things heat up and gibson lands a spinning heel kick that devastates changpuek.
gibson winner by ko.

omnoi stadium title fight.
pretty even with the edge to thongthai.
thongthai lands a right elbow as thavitnoi reaches for the clinch. opens up a huge gash,fights stopped in the 3rd.
Posted: 2001-12-15 06:45:38
Results from the other bouts?
PJ Reilly
Posted: 2001-12-15 09:55:14
Was the show a success?
Posted: 2001-12-15 14:40:09
Valente is slated for the k-1 middlweight tournie. WTF ? is this the same guy?
Scott Mink
Posted: 2001-12-16 18:58:43
I thought it was a very good card and showed the sport in a good light. I was suprised by the vey small crowd.
Mark L.
Posted: 2001-12-17 12:40:38
damn! I didn't see this one
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