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mark barlow
Posted: 2012-05-10 10:53:55
British Champs Results
Girls 6-8yrs -30kg
1st Elizabeth Griffiths (Assassins)
2nd Tamia Hart (Northern Spirit)
3rd Megan Farrington (Assassins)
4th Ellie Purdy (Thaitans)
5th Annalise Sumpton (Phoenix)

Girls 9-11yrs -30kg
1st Alisha Rae (Eclipse)

Girls 9-11yrs -35kg
1st Nicole Humphries (Phoenix)
2nd Yasmin Swift (Beastmasters)
3rd Brooklyn Oliphant (Nemesis)

Girls 9-11yrs -40kg
1st Shanelle Dyer (Allstars)
2nd Iony Lawrence (House Of Pain)

Girls 9-11yrs -45kg
1st Rhea Walker (Peel thai)
1st Chloe Latham (Peel thai)
3rd Chantelle Tippet (Chaos)
4th Lucy Brennal (K-Star)

Girls 9-11yrs -55kg
1st Raisa Habib (Studion 2000)
2nd Alisha Riley (2-Technical)

Girls 9-11yrs +55kg
1st Jasmin Sengoles (Gladiiators)
2nd Alisha Riley (2-Technical)
3rd Raisa Habib (Studio 2000)
3rd Bethany Macey (Studio 2000)

Girls 12-14yrs -35kg
1st Taylor Rae (Eclipse)

Girls 12-14yrs -40kg
1st Sammy Luxton (Chaos)
2nd Dani Fall (Reaper)

Girls 12-14yrs -45kg
1st Allaya Kitchen (Touchgloves)
2nd Hannah More (Gladiators)
3rd Laken Wilkinson (WLMT)

Girls 12-14yrs -50kg
1st Amber Kitchen (Touchgloves)
2nd Charlie Butler (Peun Taan)
3rd Courtney Brenan (K-Star)

Girls 12-14yrs -55kg
1st Chicara Gerrard (Wicker)
2nd Miecha Emsley (Sasiprapa)
3rd Liomah Hulme (Sasiprapa)
4th Hannah Turner (Unit 1)

Girls 12-14yrs -60kg
1st Anya Barrett (Chaos)
2nd Lauren Biddulph (Telford Thai)

Girls 12-14yrs -65kg
1st Keisha Nathan (Beastmasters)
2nd Niamh Kinehan (Beastmasters)
3rd Tillie Witham (4th Dimension)

Girls 15-17yrs -55kg
1st Shannah lee Hulme (Sasiprapa)
2nd Vicky Booth (Singto)

Girls 15-17yrs -60kg
1st Zahra Memon (Singto)
2nd Claire Walker (Touchgloves)
3rd Chloe Bell (2-Technical)
4th Coral Mcgee (Northern Spirit)

Boys 6-8yrs -20kg
1st Ryan Payne (Thaitans)
2nd Freddie Shilling (Semtex)
3rd Cameron Harris (Thaitans)

Boys 6-8yrs -25kg
1st Billy Button (Assassins)
1st Bobby Button (Assassins)
2nd James Elliott (Minotaurs)
3rd Cole Oliver Froggatt (PeelThai)
4th Will Shaw (Chaos)
5th Harvey Thompson (Mongkorndam)

Boys 6-8yrs -30kg
1st Remi Campbell (Northern Spirit)
2nd Riley Smith (Nemesis)
3rd Abdullah Mullah (Camp313)
4th Lewis Reeks (ShinKick)

Boys 6-8yrs -35kg
1st Frazer Wallace (Beastmasters)
2nd Roy Merrin (Nemesis)
3rd Alex Riley (2-Technical)
4th Brooklyn Vassell (8Limbs)

Boys 6-8yrs -40kg
1st Cameron Davenport (Northern Spirit)

Boys 6-8yrs -45kg
1st Ishaaq Maneer (Camp313)

Boys 9-11yrs -25kg
1st Nazeem Powell (Masda)
2nd Craig Conroneod (IrishThai)
3rd James Hendry (Eclipse)

Boys 9-11yrs -30kg
1st Dylan Bowen Booth (TNT)
2nd Myles James Brown (Phoenix Thai)
3rd Cory Mclachan (Eclipse)
4th Kian Flannigan (Peel)

Boys 9-11yrs -35kg
1st Jack Oliphant (Nemesis)
2nd Taran Beck (2-Technical)
3rd Dylan Furness (Peel)
4th Jack West (Lumpini)

Boys 9-11yrs -40kg
1st George Griffiths (Assassins)
2nd Ste Clarke (Sasiprapa)
3rd Aidan Foster (Phoenix)
3rd Bryndley Merrin (Nemesis)

Boys 9-11yrs -45kg
1st Morgan Mountford (Beastmasters)
2nd Declan Brookes (Telford)
3rd Jack Knight (Masda)
4th Harry Hartley (West Leeds)

Boys 9-11yrs -50kg
1st Harry Brogan (Semtex)
2nd Callum Scott (House Of Pain)

Boys 12-14yrs -35kg
1st Evan Jays (Benfleet)
2nd Luke Riley (Tmas)
3rd Jordan Gale (Chaos)
4th Flynn Musson (4th Dimension)
5th Louis Brennan (K-Star)

Boys 12-14yrs -40kg
1st Thai Barlow (Assassins)
2nd Sam Humphries (Wicker)
3rd Joe le Maire (Unit 1)
4th Cattrell Dyer (AllStars)

Boys 12-14yrs -45kg
1st Tyree Stevens (Assassins)
2nd Anthony Jones (Masda)
3rd Cory Phillips (K-Star)
4th Liam Weldon (Calder)

Boys 12-14yrs -50kg
1st Jordan Macey (Studio2000)
2nd Kareen Shah (Shinkick)
3rd Yassan Jamal (AllStars)
4th Harley Macleod (Semtex)

Boys 12-14yrs -55kg
1st Joe Craven (Calder)
2nd Lewis Campbell (Beastmasters)
3rd Max Gannicott (DevilsMT)
4th David Williamson (Eclipse)

Boys 12-14yrs – 60kg
1st Charlie Simpson
2nd David Kurdzies (Telford)
3rd James Setchell (WolfThai)
4th Michael Down (Devils Thai)

Boys 12-14yrs -65kg
1st Lee Eyre (2-Technical)
2nd Jack Meakin (Peel)
3rd Oliver Hatton (Studio2000)

Boys 12-14yrs -70kg
1st Liam Nolan (Minataurs)
2nd Ellis Corrie (DBMA)
3rd Shane Dooley (Gladiators)
3rd Liam Lambourne (Lumpini)

Boys 12-14yrs +80kg
1st Tom Lancaster (Naksoo)

Boys 15-17yrs -40kg
1st Luke Kelly (Assassins)

Boys 15-17yrs -45kg
1st Josh Hall (Semtex)
2nd Marcus Scott (TNT)

Boys 15-17yrs -50kg
1st Reece Thomson (Mongkordam)
2nd Billy Wain (MrM’s)
3rd Tug Walkey (Touchgloves)

Boys 15-17yrs -55kg
1st Terry Harris (Minotaurs)
2nd Alex Brown (Thaitans)
3rd Alex Brennan (K-Star)
4th Lee Homer (Ultimate)

Boys 15-17yrs -60kg
1st Dillion Elsmere (K-Star)
2nd Aiden Lee (Fearless)
3rd Tom D’rosarrio (Semtex)
4th Lewis Taylor (Minataurs)

Boys 15-17yrs -65kg
1st Billal Massod (K-Star)
2nd Luke Bennett (Masda)
3rd Luke Shortt (Thaitans)
4th Connor Sadik (Fearless)

Boys 15-17yrs -70kg
1st Kane Chamberlain (Assassins)
2nd Kieran Fortune (K-Star)
3rd Jackson Barkhouse (Maryport)
4th Sam Atkinson (Sukata)

Boys 15-17yrs -75kg
1st Jack Meakin (4th Dimension)
2nd George Beach (Lumpini)
3rd Casper Goredei (K-Star)
4th Lewis Tams (WLMT)

Boys 15-17yrs -80kg
1st Ammari Diedrick (4th Dimension)
2nd Ollie Jones (Lordhell)
3rd Sam Gough (Shinkick)

Boys 15-17yrs -85kg
1st Dylan Merrin (Nemesis)
2nd Talvinder (Sami) (Fearless)
3rd Adam Khan (TNT)

Boys 15-17yrs -95kg
1st Alex Cossey (Sukata)
2nd Sunny Singh (G-Camp)

Boys 15-17yrs +100kg
1st Owen Panter (Wutan)
2nd Tyler House (Lordhell)
3rd Levi Burdess (Wolf)
Singto Muay
Posted: 2012-05-10 11:45:27
Hey Iman,

this was the other way round, we got this... Yeah!

Girls 15-17yrs -55kg
1st Shannah lee Hulme (Sasiprapa)
2nd Vicky Booth (Singto)
kevin dorman
Posted: 2012-05-10 13:21:39
Hi guys. Ellie Pardy also for Thaitans. 1st place 6-8 girls under 25kg
Posted: 2012-05-10 17:01:36
Kickboxing results ?
mark barlow
Posted: 2012-05-11 03:48:48
sorry kev yes your right ellie pardy -25 champ thaithans
kevin dorman
Posted: 2012-05-11 04:08:57
Thanks mark.
mark barlow
Posted: 2012-05-22 07:30:48
Sorry some amendments have been made.

Boys 9-11yrs -35kg
1st Jack Oliphant (Nemesis)
2nd Tyler Beck (2-Technical)
3rd Dylan Furness (Peel)
4th Jack West (Lumpini)

Girls 6-8yrs -25kg
1st Ellie Purdy (Thaitans)
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