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Topic:Amir Khan Vs Danny Garcia
Mike Hill
Posted: 2012-07-06 14:58:00
Any predictions on this fight?

Undefeated Garcia or Khan??

I have just placed £250 on Garcia to win!
Does anybody else back my bet or have i just lost some money?? xx
Nigel Eagles Thai
Posted: 2012-07-08 14:34:24
its a good bet, Garcia looks the business but dont underestimate Khan after the Peterson fight. He will be on it big time
Mike Hill
Posted: 2012-07-08 14:39:44
Should be a good fight mate, but after seeing both guys i think Garcia can do it, khan still maakes alot of big mistakes for that level, Garcia is Awesome!!
Posted: 2012-07-12 05:15:07
Rising star Amir Khan makes his 2012 ring debut when he he meets undefeated phenom and current WBC Super Lightweight World Champion Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia this Saturday, July 14 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in a fight televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing.
Posted: 2012-07-13 08:18:47
Khan again according to a recent sky sports news report has one eye on the Mayweather fight. With one eye on Garica and the other on Mayweather I think we may see Khan in a bit of bother again on Saturday night. If he loses what next? An all British showdown with the returning Hatton?

I really want to get behind Khan but he just makes it so difficult. All his calling out of other fighters is so boring. Canelo as good as he is doesn't think he's ready for Mayweather and Canelo would rip Khan a new one!
Mike Hill
Posted: 2012-07-13 16:05:40
He never learns from his mistakes..

I like carnelo and de la hoyas attitude, but how many fights does carnelo have to have before he is finaly ready to stop up to Money??
Mike Hill
Posted: 2012-07-15 04:50:26
Hahahahahahahhahaha, I lost 150 in the chisora fight but khan won me big last night xx
Posted: 2012-07-15 12:30:25
hard to know where khan goes from this he cant cut it at the highest level. I wonder if roach will bin him off now. Maybe back to domestic level to start again.
Posted: 2012-07-15 15:29:25
Don't think either fighter is that special. Garcia sits down on his shots and makes the most of his punches but isn't that great in my opinion. Khan could have had an easy night if he kept to his hit and move but some how got drawn in again. Garcia had a nice change of tatics though going to the body which lead to Khan dropping his hands a touch wih left him open.

Khan could come back from that he has time on his side. Boxing is so fickle it will be a long road back though. As for Roach, money talks he must get a fair old wedge for being his trainer.

Khan's legs wobbled in the first round a touch after a glancing shot. He has made a shed load of money but right at the top of the sport if you can't take a punch then it's tough. His speed carried him through so far but unfortunatley that just won't cut it at the very top on it's own.
Posted: 2012-07-16 02:27:50
Khan is like a poor mans meldrick Taylor more chinny though he should ask roger mayweather to train him he's done plus Kel brook ain't all that either
Posted: 2012-07-16 02:59:28
Just watched it again he was out boxing Garcia easily just got caught by monster shot I think khan will be able to return think a tighter defence from mayweather improves his chances though
Posted: 2012-07-16 15:37:40
Khan's high opinions of himself were always a little unrealistic. I obviously wanted to see the lad do well but he put himself on a pedestal that his abilities could/had not reached.

It's a bit of a slap in the face especially as he made a big song and dance about losing his title the way he did, then his claims of fighting Mayweather.
Posted: 2012-07-17 14:03:17
cant help thinking he has had it too easy. When most fighters are earning there stripes and learning there trade for shite money in there 1st 15 or so fights khan was already living in the big mansion wearing the bling and writing books about himself before he fought anyone of any worth.......never has been a hungry fighter because he hasnt had to be. If your surrounded by ppl telling you how great you are from fight one you start to believe it. Agree with vinny brook is strong but not a great boxer by any means
Mike Hill
Posted: 2012-07-17 16:00:12
Say what you want about Khan having big money, its all bullshit, he didnt get paid for 1 of his big fights and then expected Bradley to get less than him for a fight, thats why Bradley didnt take an offer as he had 2 main titles at the time and Team Khan wanted him to take less than Khan..

thats why he keeps chasing the big money fights as he will have nothing when he retires, he knows he will loose vs Mayweather but its his only chance of walking away from the sport with money..

This is what happens when you have a taxi driver look after your accounts and other money dealings haha xx
Posted: 2012-07-19 10:13:52
Amir Khan's now wanting the typical rematch. What is it with these fighters that whenever they get beat they feel that they should have a rematch instantly? Khan's proved he is chinny and is not 'that' good. Let him wait is what i say. Make him take a few steps backwards to build up again and then challenge in around 12 months time.
Mike Hill
Posted: 2012-07-19 16:33:32
He will prob be fighting out of a new gym aswell soon, maybe he will get the columbian back that trained him for 1 fight ;-) lol
The Crippler
Posted: 2012-07-19 18:56:45
Too many mediocre millionaire sportsmen in the world now. Extreme excellence is no longer respected in the way it should be.
Posted: 2012-07-20 08:03:51
Of course he wants a rematch why wouldn't he? He should have won easy and would win a rematch easy if he sticks to what he is best at - in and out! Garcia isn't that special.

Amir Khan is fortunate he is high profile in this country. So at every opportunity he can keep self-promoting. If he was an american boxer with his record and coming off that type of loss, he wouldn't even get an interview with a major network!
Mike Hill
Posted: 2012-07-20 08:17:03
Enzo Calzaghe is on his way in ;-) x
Mike Hill
Posted: 2012-07-20 08:19:05
shiv17! Garcia might not be that special but he is undefeated and he sparked Khan!! NOT SPECIAL?? the kid is pretty damn good

he wont win a re-match, next time i will put a grand on the and not just 250
Posted: 2012-07-20 12:03:54
he should not have a re match he was spanked in 4 rounds. Its not as if it was a classic fight that went to a split decision. To get a rematch would be a bit unfair to the other contenders. As for beating garcia if he stuck to a game plan thats rubbish garcia was willing to take a few so he could work the body so khan would slow down and drop his hands which worked perfectly......doesnt that make garcia the better fighter??? Khan didnt do anything wrong the better man won simple as that really
Posted: 2012-07-20 13:12:28
what makes me laugh is freddy roach just 2-3 weeks ago was saying that without a doubt that in the case of fights ending in ko's there should be no cant do much better than knocking your opponent unconcious

yet khan gets ko'd again and they are on about a rematch

fwiw i agree as well that there shouldnt be a rematch..if khan had been ko'd late then you could say that he just had to stay safe another 5 mimutes but he was sparked early and whats he gonna do in a rematch? run for 36 minutes.. no thanks

i warmed to khan again(used to be a fan) when he tried to fght through it..i was shouting at the telly for him to land a nice shot and take garcia out but his legs turn to jelly too often..i like that khan wants to be the best and wants to test himself..just a shame that he doesnt seem cut out for it
Posted: 2012-07-20 15:35:45
Didn't say he should get a rematch only why wouldn't he want one. Khan is full of himself, so will probably think in his own head he could beat him. I don't think he deserves it though.

Still stand by my comments that Garcia isn't all that, yes he beat Khan but everyone on here thinks he's shit. Watching the fight back a couple of times, some of Garcia's stuff looked awful, head down swinging wide punches. Get him in there with someone with a good chin, who can box (no ageing legend either) and I'll be happy to eat my words as he seems like a cool guy.
Posted: 2012-07-22 18:33:07
I'm a fan of Amir Khan the boxer/fighter, i just think he thinks that he is a lot more than what he is. I can't stand that arrogant/over-confident attitude he has when in fact he isn't all that... Danny Garcia is something like 24-0 now. May not be the most enthralling or skilful fighter but he is getting results - all sorts of results winning by KO, Unanimous, Split decisions, etc. Doesn't matter people's opinions but facts are facts, Garcia is a good contender.

Khan obviously will want a rematch, but he certainly doesn't deserve on in my opinion. Get back to camp, forget about title shots and just plough through some top ranked oponents and come back with a vengeance. That way he will get a lot more recognition (and fans) rather than just a shot at another version of the title and plodding on.
Posted: 2014-05-06 00:16:15
lol... I wonder how many people are eating humble pie the amount of things they have said about Khan on here over the years! Now look at him a possible contender for Mayweather!
Mike Hill
Posted: 2014-05-18 13:01:58
lol Hawkman, did Khan fight Mayweather or Pacman, re-match Garcia or Maidana when you wrote this?? NO! he fought a very one dimensional Collazo, I still say Mayweather wins easy, but heard that Khan vs Pacman is set before hand ;-)
Posted: 2014-05-26 03:40:54
no but Ricky Fatton did and lost to both - throughout his whole career people were backing him, Khan has had a tough ride to prove his point to the British public, he did take a few dodgy ones to the chin and got knocked out by Prescott but fair enough I think he has learned his lesson and has great speed and power now.
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