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Topic:Billybigconkers Conspiracy Theories
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2012-11-25 14:39:35
As much as I see some downsides with anonymous accounts (as I've expressed many times before) they are allowed on Ax, and I'm not into giving away information about Ax user's identities.

That said... billybigconkers has apparently bothered people enough that they have developed theories about who he might be in real life. The latest accused is Douglas McAdam, AKA Fight Sport MC on another Ax thread. I just wanted to clarify that I looked into the details of both Fight Sport MC and billybigconkers yesterday and I don't see a connection between the two on the admin side.

I actually see a slim connection between billybigconkers and some other Ax accounts that I plan to look into further, but there is nothing concrete.

Feel free to use the rest of this thread to comment on the phenomenon known as billybigconkers, including any interesting conspiracy theories, or about anonymous accounts in general.

Posted: 2012-11-25 19:40:43
do you mean general conspiracy theories Brian?

am i alowed to discuss:
the moon landings
Pope John Paul 1 and 2
etc etc?
Posted: 2012-11-25 20:53:40
I think Brian Ritchie is big dougie. The big dougie we see at shows is some other guy.
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2012-11-25 21:40:50
Nephilim is onto me.... :-o

Hawkman... nothing involving politics or religion :-)

Wait, does that rule out almost all of them?

Man, I know how to ruin a party.
Posted: 2012-11-26 07:23:01
has big dougie and billybigconkers ever been seen in the same room????? thought not! billy is a ghost!
Posted: 2012-11-29 16:37:00
try this to answer problem
Posted: 2012-11-30 14:54:17
I don't think Brian Ritchie actually exists? has anybody met him? This site is prob owned by some big corporation.... ha ha ha ha ha
Craig Hyndman
Posted: 2012-12-03 12:03:46
I'm billybigconkers...

(said in my best, "I am Tiger Woods" voice)
Posted: 2012-12-04 04:36:38
sorry i am billybigconkers,.... and i have the bigconkers to prove it
Posted: 2012-12-07 10:15:16
Bring back Kara dote or whatever he was called, he was funny.
I think Billybigconkers killed him?
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2012-12-24 11:05:17
didnt see the moderators helping out when the bill/amanda wedding thing was up,great for dougie to get cleared as it can be upsetting when accused of something you havent done,whilst the rest of us have to take crap.
.trolls should be allowed to comment on fights/fighters etc but not personally attack people and their families imo.

i remember the moderators posting 3 accounts of mine that was changed when i moved/lost my house even though they were all name related to myself or julie so it hasnt been a problem for you in the past-rules for some and not others as usual.
this forum could be awesome if used to promote and be informative about shows/fighters and i have found it beneficial in the past but trouble makers need to be exposed x merry xmas
Posted: 2012-12-24 15:53:17
Sorry Nathan but are you saying that the moderators on this forum have been known to give out personal information such as names and email addresses? Is that not a breach of internet privacy laws?
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2012-12-30 16:06:25
nathan touchgloves wrote:

"didnt see the moderators helping out when the bill/amanda wedding thing was up ... rules for some and not others as usual."

Sorry, but this is stupid conspiracy theory crap.

There is no such thing as "rules for some and not others as usual" on Ax. That has never been the case on Ax. It is ridiculous that people that have been on the forum this long still manage to come up with thoughts like that. One of the benefits of having an outsider like me run this site is that I don't care who I'm moderating. Some well-known names in the community can vouch for this. My ideal is to give everyone the same level of respect.

Every single time someone thinks the Ax moderation is biased, it is due to me not having the time to do Ax moderation because I'm busy with projects that pay my bills. In my line of work, and in my current situation, I have to take it when I get it. Freelance Web development work comes in floods and droughts, feasts and famine.

Ax moderation takes a lot of time. Cleaning up a single thread can an hour or more. I've been trying to bring on more moderators, but I need to make modifications to the administrator interface in order to trust multiple moderators that I don't know very well. I had hoped to get that finished before the winter, but that didn't happen. So, right now, it's just me moderating when I have time with Dave filling in occasionally.

FightSportMC managed to get in touch with me, I don't even remember how. I think through Dave.

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