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Posted: 2002-01-13 19:39:08
Andras, if possible, give me some info about the next Debrecen world cup; also if there is a lowkick event prior to it (as it happened last year)

Things here have moved forward with organizing WAKO Romania. We managed - as I already posted - to have fighters at the world championship.
My mate Cesar has started to train in the idea to fight at the fc event in Debrecen; eventually his brother will want to participate to a lowkick one if any. (Which means - I bet my old ass - that the guys in the +91 division will have a very hard time there :))

I myself got a good job which seems stable for the medium term, which means I will be able to afford to come there with the team at least at one of the events.
Pls. keep me informed. I will maybe meet Robert Molnar at the next event in Salonta (18-th of Feb) if he will come to attend as ref. Will be pleased to have you here too. Not big deal, this is just a local event for begginers level, but will be a nice occasion to see eachother. Will keep in touch.

Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-01-14 06:55:14
Hi Alex!

Wonderful news.

We are currently working on the website for the world cup; it's not yet ready, but here is the address anyway: We plan to open it fully in the next weeks.

I am eagerly awaiting the official event calendar for this year myself; it was approved on the meeting in December, it just wasn't sent around yet officially, that's why I don't have a copy yet. As soon as I get it I'll publish it online somewhere, and send it to you as well. I think I'll call around today to find out whether someone is just sitting on it.

Good news is that this year's Debrecen event will feature low-kick rules in addition to the usual full-, semi- and light-contact rules presented in previous years.

I however don't know about any open/international low-kick events from last year here. The low-kick and modified MT event here I know about that was before the World Cup was not open for international contestants, and it was only novice to second class level.

Can you maybe give some more info on the event in question, like an approximate date or name of the place it was held? I'll try to ask around about it. Was it organized by the official WAKO-affiliated KB association of Hungary?

I'm glad to hear Cesar and brother is back into business! :) The scene here could take some refreshment. ;)

I'm hoping to see more contestants hopefully attracted by the low-kick rules, from kyokushin, Zen-Bu-Kan Kempo, maybe even from some MT clubs.

I also hope you can bring a good team to compete! :)

Thank you for the invitation, but I'm afraid I won't have the time nor the financial resources to utilize it for now. :/

Hoping to come back with info soon,

Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-01-14 07:02:18
Hmm, I phoned around, and I was right: there is no official calendar yet, just one awaiting approvement (e.g. is not likely to change considerably); however the only international event this one indicates to be held in Hungary is the Debrecen World Cup.
Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-01-14 07:02:31
Hmm, I phoned around, and I was right: there is no official calendar yet, just one awaiting approvement (e.g. is not likely to change considerably); however the only international event this one indicates to be held in Hungary is the Debrecen World Cup.
Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-01-14 07:03:37
Sorry about the dupe - my Internet connection is a bit flaky in recent weeks.
Posted: 2002-01-16 15:48:43
Andras, thanks for the info.

I know for sure there was an event in Gyula in 2000 (if I recal right in June) called Hungary's world MT cup but I am not sure that it was sanctioned by WAKO.
I will check the WAKO official page to see if there is any mention about the other lowkick rules event that I was speaking about (my web connection is idle now) - I am still pretty sure there was an event with oriental rules that had international participation.

Cesar is not only back into business but also chasing my poor ass around the ring (I come from the gym and I am still dizzy after one of his damn hooks :)))
If nothing unexpected [like last year, grr :( ] happens, we will be in Debrecen. The funny thing is that the tough guys Marcel would have regularly brought to fight fc rules are now already or on the way to be fighting in WAKO pro division so they will not anylonger be allowed to attend amateur events; anyhow, we'll do our best.

Finances: speaking about you coming in Salonta I meant I will cover all costs except for the transportation there (which can't be too much, the place is at few kilometers next to the border). But I have to check if my guys will be able to have fights at the event (it is sponsored by the boxing federation and the kb matches will be only kinda some undercard stuff for the event so I am not yet sure if they will have all the weight division - both my guys are at -67 kg.) I will anyhow keep in touch. In any event, even if I will not come in Debrecen (if finances will be tight I will rather renounce to go myself and have the money go for an extra fighter for the crew) it is still very likely that during 2002 I will be travelling in Hungary, especially if WAKO reffing seminars will be organised, as I learned from the technical directors I am acquainted with.
Look forward to see you these days.

Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-01-16 20:41:48
Well, if it was MT, then it most probably was not sanctioned by the KB organization here, but by the MT organization (whom I don't have good contacts to as of now). Please tell me if you find out about that oriental rules event so that I can see why I didn't receive that info. In the meantime I'll try to get in contact with the MT organization - Dynamo was also interested in their international events.

Hmm, so you say I shouldn't become your life insurance agent for now? :)

What I specifically asked about and got a positive answer for: anybody, regardless of whether amateur or pro, what stlye or what organization can participate in the event at Debrecen if they have a valid medical pass, agree to obey the fight rules and pay the entry fee. As far as I could understand, this could even include e.g. any K-1 fighters. :)

Just like last year, you can count on me, should participation of some of your fighters depend on that.

Regarding Salota, thanks for the offer again - I must admit I didn't know how close it was to the border. I'm just getting bombarded with job and project offers and I am also already working on a few projects parallel, so I have no idea what my Februar will be like. :) But I'll try to take the time to renew my passport, and then there is little else keeping me from going. :)

Oh, I just recall: Debrecen is also going to host the WAKO Cadet World Championships on 23-25th May 2002. Someone else is allegedly creating a website for that event but I do not know the address nor whether it is up yet - I can ask if someone is interested.
50442 : Buzmeg

Reuben Kincaid
Posted: 2002-01-16 23:01:15
Hay Andras,

Which football team do you follow in Hungary ???

Is Bela Illes still playing for MTK ???

Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-01-17 13:15:03
Hi Reuben,

I'm sorry to say that I never was a big football (here that means soccer for you Americans :) ) fan, and especially since in recent years politics and business got heavily involved and induced numerous scandals while quality has agreedly been continuously sinking, my interest if that is at all possible has jumped over the zero mark on the line of numbers and is hopping away ever since towards the negative end :)

Fortunately rugby - although stamped as 'amateur' - is slowly getting bigger and bigger each year.

Nice touch with the sentences. :) Umm, I guess your spelling tries to approximate English pronounciation?

Ask unicorn about the spelling and meaning of the first one (he also has collected some similar ones in recent years :P).

The second one however (meaning "Thank You") is spelled as 'Köszönöm'.
Mark L.
Posted: 2002-01-17 13:24:31
All the best for fights out that way.
Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-02-12 23:39:18
Well, it seems the time has come, and I - in a daring move - unleashed yet another website to the already crowded Internet. :)

If you are interested in semi-contact, light-contact, full-contact (above waist) and low-kick (legkick or international rules) kickboxing, and might be interested in a medium-to-large scale international event this summer in Hungary, Europe, that has featured over 800 fighters from 24 countries last year, then please take a look at the website of the 8th WAKO Debrecen Open Kickboxing World Cup at

As always, I welcome constructive criticism, questions, ideas, etc. regarding the event or the website at any of my email addresses you indicated there or here.
Posted: 2002-02-14 11:08:44
Hi Andras

Long time no see :) I was busy with training (had to change the gym 'cause the old one became unavailable). I spoke with both Cristian Oprescu (WAKO Romania head) and my friend Marcel Dragan - they are going to send for sure some fighters at Debrecen for fc. Cesar is training to put himself back in shape but I am not sure whether he will chose to fight fc or legkick rules (most probably legkick though). So I am looking forward to see you this summer. WAKO Romania got finally and fortunately a big sponsor, spring/summer training camp will be set in Herculane (nice spa facility in the western part of the country) and the national team will have some subsidies to afford training in better conditions.
Do you know something about the European championship of this year (more exactly where will it happen) ? My pc is broken and for the moment I can surf on the web only from I-cafes. Would appreciate of you could give me some info about.

Posted: 2002-02-14 11:11:34
Btw, the event I mentioned finally was in Petrosani, not in Salonta. I went with 2 guys of my team, one lost a decision, the other won by ko-ing his opponent 2-nd round. Had the best time of my life, as I am back on the "stage" :))) (I didn't fight, being such an old fart, but reffed the matches of fc heavy division). Hope to set things so as to build a complete team till the end of this year. Keep fingers crossed for us :)
Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-02-14 11:17:14
Hi Alex,

According to my informations
Semi-contact, Full-contact and Low-kick European Championships
is going to be held between the 23rd and 26th of October 2002 in Athens, Greece;
Light-contact, WAKO Thai-box and musical forms European Championships
is scheduled for between the 19th and 23rd of November 2002 in Kassa, Slovakia.
Posted: 2002-02-18 14:38:58
Thanks for the info. Greece is not the cheapest place to go for a championship (grr, as usual, money issue is capital), on the other hand is very close. I will keep in touch about the Debrecen event.

Posted: 2002-03-06 17:02:52
Hi Andras - a couple questions re. the matches from last Debrecen event that you put online:

- There was a sigle match at +91 kilos division. It was only one in the whole event, that one was the final one or just the single you arrived to digitize ?
- Who were the fighters ? (country and age if you happen to know)

I am askig, of course, in view of the two guys I mentioned that would very likely attend the event - Cesar Gheorghe and Florin Pintescu. Imho, if that was the final match, neither of them would have problems with any of those guys - the one who won had decent timing and combo boxing skills but none has either the ko boxig power of Cesar or of Florin's kicks (Florin has a huge record of round kick ko-s, as for "the killer whale" as they call Cesar, Florin himself was the single guy that I know who could eat one of his hooks and survive) - well, I don't want to blow much of a trumpet before I'm sure they can reach there but of course I'd highly appreciate if you can give me some info about the above.

Thanks, regards,
Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-03-06 22:36:01
Hi Alex!

Hmm, let me think... yes, I think that was the only +91kg full match in last year's World Cup.

The fighter in the black trunks is from Romania, but for the life of me I can't remember his name now. I have recorded the reaching of the medals where the announcer says all the names, but I deleted it from my computer so I can't check right now, but I probably can around Wednesday next week.

The fighter in the blue trunks is our very own Sárosi, Zsolt, from Hungary. I think he is the best that we have in WAKO full-contact kickboxing - why do you think I keep repeating Cesar or Florin should come and have no problems cleaning up the field? :)

So I'm looking forward... :)


Posted: 2002-03-07 04:05:43
Hallo guys,
Have not talked to you for a long time. What is new in Hungary and Romania.
Andrash we have a gala on 16th of march and 2 guys from Hungary are going to fight at this show. There has been some changes in the Hungarian MT scene and I believe Gyorgy Rehak is the new president now . Here is a fax contact 0036 1 244 0763. Please if possible inform me about any tournaments in Thaibox in Hungary and Romania if possible.
Posted: 2002-03-09 05:46:34
Thanks for the info :) I know the guy from Romania - not sure about the name - he lost every time he faced Florin so he is not much of a trouble. Would be interested if there are guys fighting at +91 in legkick rules 'cause very likely Cesar will not be very happy to fight fc rules. Both him and Florin keep training so if everything else is ok you will see them :)


There is a plan to have a World cup here in 2003 with all the sets of rules (fc, legkick and international Thai = knees, no elbows). I will have more details after I will meet (next month) the WAKO Romania directors for the next local event. Keep in touch.
Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-04-04 08:55:43

I'm trying to get in contact with the organization. Will notify you of any progress I can make.


I think the name is Aurel Bococi.

I'm not sure about the legkick division at all - very few electronic registrations have arrived yet, and I also got somewhat worried that nobody would come :), but László Ignéczi reassured me, that there is almost two months of time until the deadline, 31st May, and people are probably just not hurrying too much with submitting.

I'll tell you as soon as I find out.
Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-04-04 12:20:18

I talked to Gyorgy Rehak on the phone, of course he remembered you and when I asked he quoted you as someone responsible whom it is good to work with. :)

I asked him about an event calendar, and as he is just relocating and doesn't have an internet connection yet, he promised to fax you one soon.
Andras Kadinger
Posted: 2002-05-14 13:34:23
As it was last talked about more than a month ago, I just wanted to call everyone's attention to this event again.

News is, that categories for children got added recently.

Here is the website address again as a reminder:
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