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Topic:Rage In The Cage2 2-8-13,paisley,scotland
Posted: 2013-07-27 05:59:44


fightstar promotions are proud to present Rage in the cage 2, paisley town hall, paisley, 6pm. Friday 2-8-13. We have Alex Reid as our MC for the night and Grant Waterman will be joining us again to be our referee for the evening. We have 11 exsplosive bouts confirmed and still have 4 to be final confirmed. Event being filmed for Sky, 24 foot cage. Fully licensed bar. Tickets £25 balcony, £50 Vip ringside which includes a 2course meal.
For tickets call 07557199825 or If you stay in Paisley tickets available from Sweeneys gym, dave the barber or prolife. This will be a great night don't miss it!

fight card

Justin Jaynes Extreme Cauture Los Angeles America vs Mickey the Killer Millar House of Pain Bournemouth 70kg pro MMA

Jimmy Justice Millar Primitive Gym Bouremouth Vs Julez " The Bull" Loftus Bull Gym Dundee 77KG pro MMA

Tony Lindie Jr Sweeneys Gym Paisley Vs James Kay Edinburgh Clovenstone Gym 78KG Boxing 4x2

Dale Houston Sweeneys Gym Paisley Vs Blake Souter Gladitorial Kombat Gym Glasgow 70KG amatuer/semi-pro rules MMA

Jamie Lees Sweeneys Gym Paisley Vs Kev Brooks Griphouse Gym Glasgow 63Kg amatuer/ Semi-Pro rules MMA

Davy Mason Sweenys Gym Pailsey vs Zandev Wylie Gladitorial Kombat Glasgow 65KG amatuer/ Semi-Pro rules MMA

Dougie Ferguson Sweeneys Gym Paisley V James Bruce Edinburgh Gym 60KG Boxing

Josh Crisp sweeneys Gym Paisley vs Paul Duffy Glasgow Gladitorial Kombat 77kG Semi Pro

Stephen Dick Sweeneys Gym Paisley vs Steven Kelly Team Viper Gym Greenock 73KG amatuer/ Semi-Pro rules MMA

Bryan Keegan Sweeneys Gym Paisley Craig Johnston Team Viper Gym Greenock 73KG Semi amatuer/ Semi-Pro rules MMA

Davie McCallum Sweeneys Gym Paisley vs Dany Kerwin Team Extreme Dundee 120kg Semi amatuer/ Semi-Pro rules MMA


DONI MILLER 65KG GLASGOW PRO MMA, BARRY MCHUGH SEMI -PRO 73KG GLASGOW, Dean Elliot amatuer/ Semi-Pro rules MMA (novice)
Jamie Gaffney 77kg amatuer/ Semi-Pro rules MMA (novice) Barry Miller 93kg amatuer/ Semi-Pro rules MMA kg(novice)
Boxing James McDougall 67kg (novice)


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