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Posted: 2014-07-03 01:57:39
Madeleine McCann

who reckons the parents did it, which is what the cadaver dogs indicated , in their rent a car, apartment etc ?

Dogs which have never ever been wrong before in a dead body search...

also why did Gerry Mc Cann dispose of the rented apartments fridge one night?Playing tennins and going for a jog and writing a blog ..

Who is really protecting them and why? Gordon Brown, the Pope, David Beckham etc etc.....
Posted: 2014-07-06 08:49:42
just read up about those dogs they are amazing!! it really does seem like they did it!
Posted: 2014-07-06 22:46:21
I just don't understand the cover up and why the Portuguese police being made to look like incompetents
Posted: 2014-07-11 18:44:38
There's a whole load of things that don't seem to add up. I do find it extremely hard to make a choice about whether it's a kidnapping, or the parents are involved. I hope they find out what happened to her though.

Did anything ever come of that woman who apparently was waiting at a harbour in Australia i think (may be wrong on that) and apparently asked "is that my baby" or something like that? Never heard much more of that.
Posted: 2014-07-12 05:32:51
i think she died by accident and they covered it up! knowing they would get done for child neglect and loose their jobs
Posted: 2014-07-14 23:51:28
hence going to the pope a week later for forgiveness...
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