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Topic:Junior Muay Thai - The Awakening Part 6 Sat Jan 24
Posted: 2014-10-15 05:33:17

Junior Muay Thai - The Awakening Part 6 Sat Jan 24

Here is just one of the bouts we'll be featuring on our next junior event.

Once again along with a great selection of novices we have some of the UKs very best juniors testing their skills against their European counterparts and this time a very strong team from the USA too.

Saturday 24th Jan 2015
UMA, 198-200 Edleston Rd crewe

Doors open 1.15
Show starts 1.40
First bout 1.45

Tickets just £10 when pre ordered

Keep up to date with everything that happens at the Facebook page

As always we'll try our best to make it special for all the kids so hopefully this time we can continue.

P.s you don't have to have fighters on to come and watch, Some of these kids have skills comparable to the best adults so it's nice for that to be recognised.

Matching has already started with around 17 international bouts sorted but will always try to work with everyone

Posted: 2014-12-19 03:27:01
I'm incredibly excited about some of the match ups we've made on this one.

Along with a good selection of novices and Domestic clashes we have the UKs best against undisputed no.1s / multiple champions / ifma champions from
The video below features kai laithwaite from All powers gym who takes on Spanish No.1 Carlos Garcia.
The standard no doubt will be incredible and tickets are just £10 A must for any muay thai fan ;-)

Posted: 2014-12-19 03:40:04
Sorry I missed off.....
The best from Belgium too

Please like our facebook page

Posted: 2015-01-24 08:31:41
is kai laithwaite still fighting on this show?
mark barlow
Posted: 2015-01-26 08:49:59
good show i enjoyed well done aaron
Sandee Worldwide
Posted: 2015-01-29 04:32:36

Well done to SANDEE Academy Junior Corey McLachlin getting another win and another belt.

Read more on the SANDEE blog
Posted: 2015-01-29 05:23:22
Unfortunately kais bout with the Spanish no.1 did not happen...... We lost a couple of bouts on the day too which at the time seemed major but in the scheme of things looking back we brought over 66 people from abroad 20 of which were fighters.

27 exciting well matched bouts 3 of which were title defenses (not something you see a great deal of so well done to the kids for putting their treasured belts on the line. All the other titles featured the legitimate contenders not just from the uk but from across Europe.

We had an unprecedented amount of world champions including ifma and wka and we have once again proved that beyond doubt that if you compete on an awakening event for a title you will be doing so against the very best.
We don't make titles for friends ticket sellers or local fighters , In fact we brought fighters in that had to travel more than 4 hours across the UK themselves.
so I hope that our transparency shines through and it's great that the awakening champions can truly hold their heads high.

I've been overwhelmed by the amount of praise and attention the show is getting from all over the world.

Sure there are things we want to work on like maybe get some better heaters or do it when it's warmer ha.

Ideas are already ongoing for the next event where I'll look to step it up again.

Thanks to all the gyms for supporting the show it's massively appreciated I hope we you enjoyed the show.

I'll post full results later

steve p
Posted: 2015-02-03 09:50:54
what was the results?
Thai Boy
Posted: 2016-02-16 04:48:23
Hi there

Do you have any date in mind yet for the next show, and what are the rules regarding headguards and body armour for the Awakening events?
Posted: 2016-03-01 04:13:53
Hi mate,

Sorry for delay responding, I don't check here too often these days...... dunno about next show yet as I like to ensure each one is a step up on the last but if you add me on Facebook and like the page you will get all the info on there.

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