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Topic:Imavca Veterans Titles
Posted: 2014-10-28 08:37:04
IMAVCA veterans titles

IMAVCA sanction title fights in Muay Thai, all kickboxing styles and MMA between competitors 35 years and older.
See website for further detail of what we offer.
Posted: 2014-11-19 03:31:29
Questions have been asked about, whether due to the level of contact we require and the way title fights are sanctioned, if bouts could be held on Interclub’s (UK), Smokers (USA) and similar controlled contact bouts elsewhere in the world.

Yes, they could be as long as there is sufficient officialdom for the bouts to be refereed and judged, as there would be on a sanctioned show. Level of contact to be agreed between the parties prior. We allow bouts that are controlled contact to the head but with full contact below, or bouts where all contact is controlled.

The intention of the IMAVCA is to give the veteran martial artist something to aim for and a reason to keep training and competing at a time when many leave the sport or stop competing.

IMAVCA title fights are only sanctioned between those 35 or older to provide a situation whereby competitors are more equally matched in terms of things like speed and reactions which reduce with age and thereby put the elder competitor at a disadvantage when facing those who are younger. Of course experience is always taken into account with the titles we sanction, with those of limited or moderate fight experience only being the eligible for the first level or two of our titles. Given this, gym based or small show type events, as mentioned above, may be appropriate for such bouts given the potential experience and age of the participants.
Posted: 2014-12-31 09:07:53
Numerous requests have been made to allow full contact strikes to the head in IMAVCA title fights.

The intention of the IMAVCA is to provide something for those involved in martial arts 35+ something to aim for at a time when many stop training or feel as though they cannot compete as their age prohibits this, especially if competing against those much younger.

From comments received, we understand the there are those wishing to compete under full contact rules, as well as those looking to compete under the controlled contact style. Therefore, with effect from January, IMAVCA will recognise contests fought under both full contact and controlled contact under all rule sets.

Full contact bouts for Thai, K1 and other kickboxing styles must be fought wearing 16oz boxing gloves. MMA bouts must be fought using 8oz MMA gloves.

We will contact our champions to request conformation from them under which rule set they wish to be recognised in and will defend their titles in.

The rules page on our website will be altered in due course.
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