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Topic:Corefit Uk Fight Night 3 03/10/15
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-05-01 14:19:49
Corefit UK Fight Night 3 03/10/15

Our next show will be held again at the fantastic venue Edgbaston Cricket Ground complete with all the big show entrances and second to none atmosphere.

Fight Night 3 will again have International bouts down to N Class. If you missed it last time check out the promo here:

Contact Henry Cleminson for more details and send fight lists to

Kev Dorman will also be hosting all the best junior talent to start the day off again with his Prodigy Fight Series. This will be all individually matched fights and will have all the glitz and glamour of the evening show. There is no other junior event like it so get in contact with him to see your juniors on it. Here is a link to a highlight of the last Prodigy Fight Series.

Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-08-02 18:28:22

Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-08-05 15:37:40

Last Sunday we released our first fight Gaz richards (Corefit UK) vs Mateusz Duczmal (bad company). This will be an A Class fight at 83kg and part of the main card which will feature a truly international class card throughout.

I can now add our second A Class bout to the card, again featuring two top lads making their way up the ladder. This fight will be at 65kg.
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-08-05 15:56:52

Last Sunday we released our first fight Gaz richards (Corefit UK) vs Mateusz Duczmal (bad company). This will be an A Class fight at 83kg and part of the main card which will feature a truly international class card throughout.

I can now add our second A Class bout to the card, again featuring two top lads making their way up the ladder. This fight will be at 65kg.
Posted: 2015-08-07 07:14:50
Hi mate are you still matching? We've got a a 62-63.5kg n class lad 16 1 f 1w and
A 72.5kg lad 16f 15w 1l a class from imperial gym in southport
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-08-07 15:09:07
Hi Jack we are still matching yes. I'll see if I can get your lads matches and will be in contact next week mate
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-08-12 12:40:53
we have a good card of fights lined up but still looking for a few more matches. Can anyone help with these?

75-7kg K1/C Class 1 win
85kg N/C Class 17yr old 2w 1l
57-8kg FEMALE C class
57-9kg N/C Class 16yr old 10 fight junior experince
58-9kg C Class 1w 2l
70-72kg C Class 4w 1l
62-3kg C Class 3 fights
68kg c Class 1 loss
74kg C Class 2 fights
48kg N Class 15yrs experienced
66kg N Class

Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-08-26 15:43:43
[image upload attempt failed for id: 13407]
Ellis Barboza
Posted: 2015-08-27 07:22:12

Here is our headlining fight and what a fight! UK number 1 Dean James who needs no introduction and Design Rachanon who not so long ago won the Thailand Title at 115llbs. Tables are almost sold out and standard tickets are flying out also. Contact fighters or the gym 0121 439 0899
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-09-05 17:41:03
4 weeks to go until the show kicks off....

We have got a fantastic card with some world class performers on the card including Dean James vs Design Rachanon, which was released last week. Fighters are arriving from Thailand, Ireland and Norway to compete on this. So far we have SOLD:

10 out of 11 available silver tables. Do you want the last one? If so be quick to guarantee you get it.

6 out of 8 gold tables. Again if you want it contact the gym ASAP on 0121 4390899.

Lots of standard tickets have gone out and juniors can pay on the door for £15.

Remember the Prodigy Junior Fight Series precedes the main show during the daytime and will host 20-30 of the best up and coming talent from around the country. We are dedicated to making this junior concept everything the evening show is:

Well matched fights
Fantastic venue
Proper entrances with music, red carpet, professional lights
Recorded fights and DVD
Professional officials via the IBMTO

If you have an evening ticket you can gain access to this amazing junior show for FREE. That means 2 shows for the price of 1. There will be a gap between the two shows of a couple of hours for everyone to recharge ready for the BIG atmosphere that FIGHT NIGHT always brings.

Hopefully see you all there

0121 439 0899

Like on facebook @ Corefit UK Fight Night

Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-09-09 19:43:58
The fight line up is now complete. We are just waiting on a few fight pictures to complete the cards and some entrance music.

We may not be the biggest show but we still have quality fights and an atmosphere you will find very hard to beat.

In case you haven't seen this venue and some highlights of our last show here is the link....
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-09-15 10:43:10
Just under 3 weeks to go now!

Design Rachanon is due to arrive in the UK this Wednesday. Dean James and Design will be the headlining show which will also include a fantastic line up of fighters from Dublin, Cork, Norway and gyms from Devon to Leeds including....

Liam McGrandles (Corefit UK) vs Alan Davies (MPR Academy)
Jack Twigge (Corefit UK) vs Keith Wall (Courage, Cork)
Liam Brennan (Corefit UK) vs Carl James (Master A)
Jacob Connolly (Corefit UK) vs Erik Brew (Imperial)
Sammy Jo Luxton (Chaos) vs Hannah Brady (Kiatphontip)
Sophie Hutchins (Thaitans) vs Uzma Rana (Nak Muay Norway)

and more supporting undercard bouts.

Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-09-18 15:34:28

In case you haven't seen it already click this link to see a top quality interview and training footage with Dean James and Design Rachanon ahead of their upcoming fight at Edgbaston Stadium 03/10/15.

We are still looking urgently for:

Female 55-6kg 3 fights c class
Male 65-7kg 2 fights c class
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-09-20 13:38:33
Fight pull outs are always awful especially when so near to the day. Both these two fighters have put a lot of effort in so if anyone can help them out it would be much appreciated!

FIGHTERS NEEDED Corefit UK 3rd October

54-5kg C Class 3 fights GIRL
58-60kg c class 2 fights MALE
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2015-10-01 16:18:09


We had some terrible news yesterday with Dean James forced to pull out from his fight against Design Rachanon. We wish Dean a speedy recovery and a return to action ASAP.

However the show must go on and like a true warrior we have found a top class replacement at late notice.

Kyle Hodgers from Louth Thai in Dublin has agreed to take on Design Rachanon. Hodgers who is no stranger to fighting top class Thai opposition has spent a lot of time training and fighting in Thailand on shows like Max Muay Thai. He is an Irish and Anglo Irish Champion and also Thepprasit Stadium Champion.

Kyle comes with a great pedigree and will be well up for the test against Design.
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