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Topic:Rise Of The Machines 2 November 1st
Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-07-07 06:35:12
Rise of the Machines is back Nov 1st.

After the success of the 1st show where alot of new up and coming talent were on show, we are back again showcasing some of the best Uk talent alongside some established fighters.

The tournament is back but this time at 70kg under B class rules.

Last tournament was amazing with 4 young talented fighters competing at 66kg and Tyler Liptrott walked away with the Winners belt,money and Care Package from Sok Sai.

This next one is shaping up to be another great tournament with several names already entered.
There will be fireworks for sure!!

We will be concentrating on Juniors too and hoping to have 4/5 Junior bouts.
Looking to match Liam Makin, 10,2f 2w 31kg and Noah Woodstock, 10,2f 1w 1 loss 35kg if anyone can match?

If any trainers want to put fighters on the show please get in touch.
Facebook: Craig Machines Nield
Ring Events
Posted: 2015-07-07 07:34:53

Posting on behalf of Fighting Machines with their poster, of which was done by Ring Events. Looking forward to this show as always.
Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-07-09 20:15:15
That's Liam & Noah matched up and also will be having 2 A class on this show which are 99.9% sorted so more details will be released once confirmed.
Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-07-16 05:17:01
Tickets already being purchased!!

Matched a great fight yesterday, one of the headline fights.

Will release details very soon.....

Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-07-16 08:35:07
Really pleased to announce 1 of our Headline fights:

53.5kg A class 5x3 minutes

Andy Hughes, Valley Thai v Sam Buruca, Art of 8/Kiatphontip

Andy is a 'veteran' of the sport and has had 26 fights and fought twice on FM shows in the past, one a great fight with talented Macauley Coyle. A highly skilled fighter with alot of experience, will he be too much for Sam??

Sam is a young talented fighter on his way up learning his trade very well. Currently over in Thailand, Sam is due to fight on the Prince of Thailand Birthday show. With 9 wins out of 12 fights, Sam is looking forward to testing himself against Andy in what is going to be a fantastic fight.

Tickets are available now online

Posted: 2015-07-17 16:09:06
Great match up !! Predictions anyone??
Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-07-22 07:02:49
Couple more matches confirmed now including an English Title defence by the impressive Michal Dzieda. Making his 1st defence of the title he won only 4 weeks ago. Thats what is should be like, fighters wanting to defend their titles not just winning them.
Tickets are available now from
Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-07-24 07:26:25
*********ENGLISH TITLE DEFENCE*********

Champion: Michal Dziuda,Bradford Pro.

Challenger: Remassy Omoboye, All Powers Gym.

Undefeated Michal defends his title he won on the previous FM show for the 1st time against seasoned fighter Remassy from All Powers Gym.

Michal is a strong fighter with an unblemished record and is a fighter who will not relinquish the belt without a fight. He can bring the fight to any opponent or be very skillful and use his tactics to win.

Remassy is a laid back guy but very skilled and technical and also on his game so will be up for this challenge and wanting to take that title home.

A great contest which will have the crowd going crazy as both have a good following.

Who wins this one?

Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-08-12 07:57:22
Great fight matched:

Current No.1 Lisa Brierley, Petchnoi v Former No.1 Emma Bragg, Team #OO.

Lisa is curently No.1 at 48kg and very keen to keep that position in a very busy divison with the likes of Dakota Ditcheva,Becky Caslin, Cherie Stanton all close on her heels.

After a long lay off, Emma is back training with a new gym and ready to claim the top spot again. Emma has been inactive but fighting this month and then Lisa in November in what will be a cracking fight.

Who will be the best Straw weight in the UK? Brierley or Bragg??
Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-08-24 04:55:32
Another few matches confirmed over the weekend.

Looking at announcing the 4 man tournament this week!!! Very exciting! Possibly a 'grudge' match if the draws falls correct.

Looking to match 'Big' Loz Smitten 79-81kg A class if anyone in the UK or Ireland fancies it??
Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-09-01 09:12:26
Pleased to announce the £1000 tournament.

Will Goldie Galloway, Pure Impact Gym

Joe Nicholas, T1 Muay Thai

Inguss Rudzitis, Bradford Pro

Mike Farrer, Spitfire Gym

2 reserve fighters to be announced.

Semi Final 3x2 minutes

Final 5x2 minutes.

B class rules.

Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-09-11 05:53:33
Show is just over 7 weeks now.

Some great fights lined up.

4 man tournament.

A class:
Sam Buruca v Andy Hughes
Jordan Williams v Derek Brambles

B class:
Emma Bragg v Lisa Brierley for the No.1 spot.
Remassy Omoboye v Michal Dziuda - English Title.
Jack Maguire v Kieron Jessop
Dilwyn Jones v TBC
Matty Crozier v TBC

Plus a full card of N and C class fighters including great fights like:
Stuart Stabler v Nathan Powell
David Borland v Ashley Whelan
Nakeisha Craig v Danielle Butler
Faye Murphy v Alice Smith
plus many more.

Tickets available now.
Junior £15
Standard £25
Ringside Table Seat £40
Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-09-21 06:45:37
Less than 6 weeks to go.....

Looking like another great show from FM Promotions with lots of exciting fights matched AND the 70kg 4 man tournament.

Sanctioned by WRSA and officiated by IMBTO.

Only 2 tables now available.

£250 for 6 Ringside with selection of food served to the table. Best seats in the room.

Last show was an amazing atmosphere with over 600 tickets sold so get in touch with fighters for tickets.

Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-09-23 09:52:29
Looking for a few matches:

58kg N class 3f 2w 1 loss
61/62kg C class experienced junior and had head contact fights.
59kg C class 5f 1w

52kg C class 2f 2w
59kg C class 3f 3w
72kg Oriental Rules 2f 1w 1 loss
76kg B class 9f
78kg 12f
78kg Oriental Rules 4f 4w

If anyone can help please call or text 07932945436 or email



Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-10-14 10:36:54
Just an update of Current Fight Card:

4 man tournament sponsored by Sok Sai.
Will Goldie Galloway
Joe Nicholas
Robbie Collins
Mohammed Kalf

A Class:
Andy Hughes, Valley Thai v Sam Buruca, Art of 8

B Class:
WRSA English Title Defence:
Michal Dziuda, Bradford Pro v Remassy Omoboye, All Powers Gym

Dilwyn Jones, Majestic Gym v Scott Kelly, Sitjaipetch Muay Thai

Andy Morris, Majestic Gym v Jack Jones, Sor Thankiful

Jack Maguire, Majestic Gym v Mike Hardy, Sitjaipetch Muay Thai

Jacqui Bogart, Northern Spirit v Linzie Edwards, Celtic Pride

Bart Tweed,Superpetch v Harris Hussain, Abusins Thai

Plus Full Undercard of Juniors, N class, C class + K1.

Tickets available from all fighters.

Fighting Machines
Posted: 2015-10-28 07:29:48
In to the final week now!!

Very strong card with tournament, A class, 5 B class and N, C class and Junior bouts.

Doors open 1.30pm with Junior bouts starting 1.45pm.

Interval will be about 5.30pm with B class, A class and tournament final after the interval.

Thai curry will be available to purchase at the interval and there will also be Stay Down fight clothing present on the day so check out there new exciting clothing.

Tickets only available through the fighters now so get one this week. Depending on numbers returned at weigh in, may be handful left but over 500 tickets currently sold.

Huge thanks for all the support from the gyms involved and from other promoters who have helped with pull outs and worked together. Massive thanks to trainers and fighters who have taken last minute fights to help out and shows how great this sport is.

Check out CraigMachinesNield on Facebook and for an up to date fightcard to be posted on Friday.



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