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Topic:December 13th Johnny Ts 50th Birthday Party Sho
Johnny T's Gym
Posted: 2015-08-25 13:44:15
december 13th johnny ts 50th birthday party show.
We are taken names for this show already.its looking like its eng v france with 3 match ups already its my 50th birthday i couldn't think of a better way to spend it other than having a show.if you could support me and darren on this special occassion then please forward your fighters.hopefully you can enjoy this special occassion with us .thankyou
Posted: 2015-09-02 09:00:11
As John said, it's his 50th this weekend, I'd like to do a great show to help him celebrate so if you have anyone you want matching please get in touch. Already got some good headline bouts on this. Let's help him celebrate in style please
Johnny T's Gym
Posted: 2015-09-23 17:47:05
Please send any fighters you would like to fight on this show to darren or myself.names are coming forward slowly.we are hoping for our usual 16/18 fights.a mix of childrens novice c class b class and a class
Posted: 2015-09-30 17:23:37
Looking for fighters for this still across all ages and experience. Juniors and adults, please let me know if you have anyone interested in fighting. We are looking in particuler for n/c class at 60kgs (got several from the same gym, differing exp) Junior girl no fights 21kg, junior girl 36/7 kgs 2f 2w. Junior boy 12 years 56kgs 2f 2w. exp junior girl 35/6 kgs age 11. Exp boys 10 years 30/2 kgs. Any juniors or adults appreciated at the moment.
Johnny T's Gym
Posted: 2015-09-30 17:41:23
The junior girl is from mine .shes 33/34kg only been training nine months.thanks
Johnny T's Gym
Posted: 2015-10-23 20:23:45
Can anyone help need
8/9yr old no inters no fights only been training six months 21/22kg
11yr old 33 / 34kg 2f no inters
Both girls .for our dec 13th show.we really want to match these two juniors so if you can help please contact us
paul pearson
Posted: 2015-10-26 09:45:37
Did you get my 2 lads weights I sent you both on fb John/Darren?:)
Johnny T's Gym
Posted: 2015-10-27 20:59:07
Ye mate.just waiting for a match for you
Johnny T's Gym
Posted: 2015-11-13 08:30:16
Please could anyone help
I need these two female juniors matching
8 / 9yr old no inters no fights only been training six months 21 / 22kg 11 / 12yr old 2f no inters 33 / 34kg
Up to now my gym only has two fighters on so i really would like to match these two.its not often i have my own juniors on.but as its a special occasion and the last show ever at the venue i really would like these on.please help thankyou
Johnny T's Gym
Posted: 2015-11-22 14:45:53
Desperate to match two girls
8 / 9yr old no inters no fights only been training six months 21 / 22kg 11 / 12yr old 2f no inters 33 / 35kg
1o yr old 10f 5w 5 loss 30 / 32kg boy
Posted: 2015-11-30 14:33:58
J Aaron Bentley GFC 45 Kgs Alex Jones Kearsley Muay Thai
J Zaine Mehtab GFC 40 Kgs Beau Robinson Thaitanium
J Lewis George GFC 31.5Kgs Alex Home 12Guage MMA
J Kellisha Dodds GFC 36.5 Kgs Charlie Thai Fist
J Drew Gudoic Johnny T's 34 Kgs Mia Bell 12Guage MMA
N Darius Palma Northern Spirit 54Kgs Jonjo Parry 639 Muay Thai
N Hassan Din GFC 59 Kgs Jamie Bramhall 12 Quays Thai Boxing
N Joe Ball Spitfire 66 Kgs Tom Higgins Shin Gi TaI
C Kieran Lee GFC 60 Kgs Robert Mcnee MMA Accademy
N Ben Rowlands Thaitanium 75 Kgs Craig Jamieson 12 Quays Thai Boxing

Junior British Title
J Lewis Bentley GFC 32.5 Kgs Harry Fletcher Peel Thai

C Lee Woodcock Walkden MT 73 Kgs Leigh Conlon Bates Gym
B Adam Haslam GFC 60 Kgs Brice Delval France

B Haiden Wheeldon GFC 67 Kgs Grzegora Kubiak Spartan
C Isaac Taylor Johnny T's 57 Kgs Sammy Marchiori France

North West Area Title
B Leon Scott Shor Chana 70 Kgs Joe Nicholas T1

A Myk Estlick GFC 61.5 Kgs Simon Robyn France

English Title Defence
B Niall Brown MSA Stockport 72.5 Kgs Matthew Crozier MMA Accademy

A Sam Buraca Kiaphontip 53.5 Kgs Harris Hussain Abusins Gym
A Mike Long Shor Chana 73 Kgs Filip Kulawinski Bad Company
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