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Topic:Bkb Bare Knuckle Boxing And Its Comeback?
Posted: 2015-09-10 17:25:31
Anyone else been noticing the new promoters out there pushing forward Bare Knuckle Boxing?

Started off with BBAD, and not there's a few more; Raging Bull, Quinn Promotions, PFC.

Some decent scraps and a lot of blood, but seems that the police now know they cannot do anything about it.

BBAD (now UBBAD) are holding an event on 12/09/15 at a luxury hotel in Nottingham.

Anyone else got into this as a fan or fighter? Just after opinions.
Posted: 2015-09-11 19:27:55
there's a lot of stuff about Decca Heggie on FB but i think he has fallen out with the bkb promoter.
He is a big guy and one of his fights with a 6 ft 9 22 stone bruiser is online, but tbh, a seasoned pro with a decent stiff jab would keep any of them off...i seem to remember all the fuss years ago when people were saying Lenny McLean or Bartley Gorman or Roy Shaw could have beaten Tyson but they're only good at what they do , which is scrapping in a field / yard/ pub carpark. Specialised but entertaining nonetheless
Posted: 2015-09-15 15:04:52
I'd agree Hawkman. I have been to a few of these events now and being honest, they standard is getting better. There's one fighter, James Sweeney, and he's very good. Was at the latest Nottingham BBAD event and was quite impresses with the international fights. Billy Burton beating Scott Midgley, and Michael Ferry, the tough heavyweight beating Corey Williams.

It has a long way to go before the fighters are anywhere near as skillful as pro boxers, however, what's interesting is that both of the main promoters, Joe Brown from UBBAD, and Andy Topliffe from Field Rage (former owner of BBAD), both stats that they're not looking for skillful, technical fighters, they want in-close brawls, that's why the pit/ring is so small - they had a 16ft ring at the last UBBAD. To me, i think they should go for more skillful fighters and show more of the boxing element off and make it a sport, not just a brawl. But hey, it's entertainment for a certain audience.
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