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Topic:Corefit Uk Fight Night 5 15/10/16
Henry Cleminson
Posted: 2016-07-28 08:18:36

Corefit UK Fight Night 5 15/10/16

We are taking fighters now for both juniors and adults. Please email details to
Posted: 2016-08-30 08:30:48
Looking to match the undercard fights, all from Corefit UK...

C CLASS - Jacob Connolly 65kg 2w 1l
C CLASS - Ben Campbell 63kg 1w 1l (10 junior fights)
C OR B CLASS - Liam Brennan 66/67kg 4w 2l
C OR B CLASS - Kavan Judge 63kg 3w 2l
C CLASS - Jordan Parmer 69/70kg 1l
C CLASS - Sukhi Singh 60/61kg 2w
N OR C CLASS - Ashleigh Jeffers 70kg 2w 1l
C CLASS - Leon Nias 84kg 1l
C CLASS - Carl Hudson 66kg
C CLASS - Dan Carey 86kg 3w 1l
B CLASS - Natasha Hingley 52.5kg 6f
Posted: 2016-08-30 08:32:15

A CLASS 85kg 5 x 3
Gaz Richards (COREFIT UK) V Scott Stewart (Skelmesdale)

A CLASS 56kg 5 x 3
Markus Kalberg (Norway) V Louis Green (Franks Gym)

A CLASS 65kg 5 x 3
Lucien Alleyne (Black Diamond) V George Smith (Warriors)

A CLASS 70kg 5 x 3
Liam Cradles (COREFIT UK) V Jack Fallon (Franks Gym)

Semi Pro 52.5kg 5 x 3
Ellis Barboza (COREFIT UK) V Tommy Green (Lumpini)

B CLASS 54kg 5 x 2
Hayley Connolly (Pra Chao Suua) V Sophie Hawkswell (Kiatphontip)

PRO K1 3 x 3
Gaz Price (REAPER GYM) V Piotr Wesolowske (Foundry Gym)

C CLASS 51kg 5 x 1.5
Rajan Swali (Pra Chao Suua) V Dom Hill (Skelmesdale)
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