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Topic:Shw. K1 Stylist. Needing Match Ups.
Posted: 2016-09-10 10:00:54
SHW. K1 stylist. Needing match ups.

1-3 MMA & 1-0 K1 rules fighter.
Only had couple of interclubs in last couple of years.

6ft6. 128kg +/-3kg.
Last "real" fight in '07.
Been training and sparring - looking for a come-back of sorts.

Full rules only for K1 style.
No bkb, mma, Thai or padded amateur.

I'm 35 and I train out of Cambridge Free Fight (Gez Coville).
I self manage so, if you need me to fight, email me.

Preferably within 80miles of Peterborough/Huntingdon but will travel for the right set-up.

Or, has the UK kickboxing circuit dried up?
Posted: 2016-09-10 10:02:05
**EDIT** available Oct 15th onwards...
Posted: 2016-09-20 14:20:00
What's the "right setup" ?

As someone with only 1 k1 style bout you're still a novice. No disrespect intended there. Promoters aren't going to pay more than £200 all in I'd say.
Posted: 2016-09-20 16:15:55
The money is certainly only a part of the bigger picture but set up for me is more about quality.

I've attended shows or cornered a handful of people who got paid just fine but were at terribly run places. Called to fight before warning, before warm ups. No receiving payment at all. Receiving payment by bounced cheque. Drunk referees anybody? Atrocious mis-matches.

Getting paid peanuts does suck for a novice, but being well informed - kept up to date and having transparency for how a show is being run is a big deal.

"You're getting paid a £1. But that pound is in cash and will be with you in cash, before you go home. There'll be bottled water in the changing rooms. You'll have a 20 minute pre-bout warning and there'll be two medics ring-side. The general public won't be wandering in to your changing rooms". Those kind of things go a long way. I've no doubt some people run their shows well anyway but plenty that don't.

I agree with earning your wage! Unless you are some kind of well known show seller already (which I'm not yet) but I'm looking to try and earn that, or get beaten up trying. I'm under no illusions but I have a small dream.
Posted: 2016-10-04 15:22:14
Potentially matched for 5th & 19th November.

Anything for December 3rd onwards is most welcome.
Posted: 2016-10-08 11:16:27
:( Looks like I have a broken foot.
Thanks for the emails guys.
But I'm out for maybe 6 weeks.
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