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Topic:Next Enfusion Live The Hague 3.12.2016
julie kitchen
Posted: 2016-11-29 06:06:49
Next Enfusion Live The Hague 3.12.2016

Tune in to watch!

Kickboxing Talents #26, The Hague, The Netherlands, Saturday
18.30 local start time (17.30 GMT)

1. 3X3 Tournament -67Kg
Lofogo Sarour (South Sudan) Vs Tarik Lyachat (Morocco)

2. 3X3 Tournament -67Kg
Samir Lopes (Cape Verde) Vs Tony Jas (The Netherlands)

3. 3X3 Tournament -67Kg
Wail Karroumi (Morocco) Vs Juan Javier Barragan (Spain)

4. 3X3 Tournament -67Kg
Walid Hamid (Morocco) Vs Richaymond Lopez (The Netherlands)

5. 3X3 -63Kg
Reda Narain (Surinam) Vs Mohammed Dadda (Morocco)

6. 3X3 Heavyweight
Ashraf Houssini (Morocco) Vs Balhor Nasim (Belgium)

7. 3X3 -70KG
Jassem Al Djilawi (Egypt) Vs Romano Bakboord (The Netherlands)

The winners form the tournament will face one another in 2017. The winner will secure their spot in the -67kg Enfusion League.

Enfusion Live #44, The Hague, The Netherlands, Saturday 3.12.2016
21.00 local start time (20.00 GMT)

1. 3X3 -54Kg FEMALE
Fadma Basrir (France) Vs Sanne Strabbing (The Netherlands)

2. 3X3 -72.5Kg
Patrick van Rees (The Netherlands) Vs Reda Zaidi (Morocco)

3. 3X3 -70Kg
Bilal Kasrioui (Morocco) Vs William Diender (The Netherlands)

4. 3X3 -72.5Kg
Yassin Baitar (Morocco) Vs Redouan Laarkoubi (Morocco)

5. 3X3 -72.5Kg
Aziz Kallah (Morocco) Vs Marcel Verhaar (The Netherlands)

6. 3X3 Heavyweight
Hicham Achalhi (Morocco) Vs Vladimir Tok (Germany)

Andrew Tate (USA) Vs Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco)
julie kitchen
Posted: 2017-02-15 14:26:23
This weekend will be shown on BT sport.
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