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Topic:Fighters Opportunity For Enfusion
julie kitchen
Posted: 2016-12-22 20:15:22
Fighters opportunity for Enfusion
To all fighters and fans,

We’ve noticed that many fighters want to fight in our Enfusion Live shows.
This is your chance to get an opportunity.

As you may know Enfusion also hosts an Enfusion Reality show.
We are thrilled to say that in May 2017 Enfusion will record another Enfusion Reality show in Thailand .
This is your chance to join the Tournaments!

The fighters that will be selected to join Enfusion Reality will battle in Thailand and get a chance to participate in the ENFUSION LEAGUE!

If YOU ARE a male A-class fighter of -72,5 Kg,
OR a male A-class fighter of – 85 Kg,
YOU can assign the Enfusion Reality contest.

In these two weight categories 8 fighters will compete:
The fans will pick 3 fighters per division by way of a poll on Facebook .
So who-ever gets the most votes will join the Enfusion Reality show.
Another 3 fighters will be selected by Enfusion and get a wild card.
Also 2 fighters will be selected by pre-rounds.

If you are an A-class fighter, free of contract +
If you can manage the weight of one of the divisions for 18 months:

Than YOU can submit YOUR profile
before January 15th, 2017

On this Enfusion Reality, we have the -61 Kg division for the female A-class fighters. The women A-class fighters can submit their profile to join Enfusion Reality in Thailand. We are looking for 4 team captains and 2 of these team captains will be selected by a poll on Facebook as well. For the women it is not required to keep the weight of -61 Kg for 18 months.

This is your chance to show the world that you are skilled to fight on Enfusion.


Country fighting for :
Address: Town: Country:
Phone number: +..

Gym :
Phone number trainer/management: +..

Age :
Weight in Kg:
Height in Cm:

Total fights:
Describe your fight style:
Date last fight:
Best opponent beaten, so not who you fought but from who you won:

Links matches (youtube, vimeo):

Facebook :

Motivation: Why should Enfusion pick you?

Motivation: Why should the fans pick you?

Declares to be free of contract and filled out this form truthfully
julie kitchen
Posted: 2016-12-29 02:09:29

watch the link to find out more information
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