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Topic:Dec. 5 King's Birthday Promotion Results
Songchai jr
Posted: 2002-12-06 07:57:30
Dec. 5 King's Birthday Promotion Results

Here are the results of December 5, 2002 King's Birthday Promotion.

w= win
ko-knock out

1.Nuengtrakarn Por.Muang-Ubol (Thai) 154 lbs. w
Sari Mourad (France) 154 lbs.

2. Rambo-Jiw Por.Tabtim 145 lbs.
Skarbowski (France) 145 lbs. Ko3

3.Joe Kamau (Myanmar) 147 lbs.
Mohamed Yosoup (Isareil) 147 lbs.draw

4. Wang Wei Huang (China) 145 lbs.
Kamel Jemel (France) 145 lbs.w

5. Hirotani Hara-Gym (Japan) 154 lbs.ko1
Johansen Peter (Sweden) 154 lbs.

7. Theeratorn (Cambodia) 126 lbs.w
Itzik Levy (Israel) 126 lbs.

8. Nordin (Romania) 154 lbs.
Ole Laursen (Denmark) 154 lbs.ko1

9. Faisal Muhamad (Sudan) 154 lbs. w
Nuno Martin (Portugal) 154 lbs.

10. Ole Laursen (Denmark) 154 lbs.ko2
Faisal Muhamad (Sudan) 154 lbs.

11. Posai Hor.Pattanachai (Thai) 160 lbs.
Duan-Esarn Kiatsarika (Thai) 160 lbs.w

12. Prabpram-Lek Sithsuntad (Thai) 145 lbs.w
Taveesap Sithsaeng-Arun (Thai) 145 lbs.

13. Kato Phoenix-Gym (Japan) 152 lbs.ko1
Chatchai Sakpannee (Thai) 150 lbs.

14. Usui Jotaro (Japan) 142 lbs.
Jaipetch Kiatmuangkarn (Thai) 142 lbs.w

15. Kawazu Shinichi (Japan) 116 lbs.ko5
Charnchana Singklongsee (Thai) 116 lbs.

Boxing results:

Yodsanan KO9 Lamont Pearson
Yodsanan is WBA Super Featherweight Champion

Yoddamrong Singwangcha KO7 Al Deliguer
Yoddamrong is WBA #3 Super Bantamweight

Yokthai Sith-Oar KO4 Joel Junio
Yokthai is WBA #5 Super Flyweight

Thank you for your interest.


Songchai jr

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