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Posted: 2003-07-08 01:10:36

K1 Fukuoka July 13th

All single 5x3 matches...

Francisco Filho- Mike Bernardo
Ernesto Hoost- Cyril Abidi
Sem Schlit- Remi Bonjasky
Jan The Giant- Alexy Ignashov
Mike McDonald- Golden Ukitte(spel)
Aziz Katou- Pele Reid
Ray Sefo- Tatsufumi Tomihira
Posted: 2003-07-08 01:44:50
mcdonald's opponent is gordan jukic [192]. don't let his rank fool you. he is dangerous and will give mcdonald a very tough fight. if mike loses it will be his fourth loss in a row to a lower ranked opponent: schilt, holm, williams and now he must defend #24 against jukic. this time last year mcdonald was ranked #6. what a drop!!

poor tomihira. he is going to be the most brain dead fighter ever to come out of the ishii league. the guy must already think he is dating a pair of twins when in fact he is just seeing double. hopfully his girlfriend thinks it's cute when he says "you're so hot and so are you".

looking forward to filho and bernardo although i think they will be too cautious. expecting a chess game.

schilt-bonjasky should be the most exciting match of the evening.

ignashov gets a 150kg fat guy to practice his new jab on. that should be entertaining.

hoost-abidi? should be an easy fight but who knows with these two.

pele reid gets another chance to dance around for 3 minutes. he does know this is a combat sport, doesn't he?
Posted: 2003-07-08 01:46:15
All in all it looks like a good card. I don't know why they're continuing with Reid though- so far he has dissapointed. Anyone know this Golden Ukitte(Croatian)?
Posted: 2003-07-08 01:50:11
Ok- Gordan Jukic not Golden Ukitte... I read the line-up written in Katakana. I thought; sh!t, he must be good with a name like 'Golden'! hehe.
Posted: 2003-07-08 03:12:40
Jukic is second best Croat after Mirko - I think it is enough.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-07-08 03:46:33

Lots of big names on the poster!

Ernesto Hoost Vs. Cyril Abidi is going to be a copy of the fight between Cyril Vs. Ignashov in Paris 2003. I give crazy Abidi 2 rounds and then it is all over. Keep the towel ready in the corner team Abidi:)

Francisco Filho Vs. Mike Bernardo is not easy to predict! I can turn out to be a girl or a boy? I hope that Filho will get a brilliant comeback to the game, but I am afraid that he has picked the wrong opponent for his opening fight. A draw would be a good start for Filho.

Semmy Schlit Vs. Remi Bonjasky is going to be a tuff one. Sem got heart, he proved that against Hoost and McDonald. First I would say another victory for Bojansky, but at the end of the day, Semmys size might be too much to handle for Bojansky, so I give this one to the big tower Semmy.

Jan The Giant Vs. Alexy Ignashov might turn out to be a true copy of Jan Vs. Orlov. (I hope not!!) The only different is, that in this fight Jan will loose on KO. I am sure this is not going to be a pretty fight, still I am looking forward to see the knee striker in action. Ignashov the scorpion is always great to see fight.

Mike McDonald Vs. Golden Ukitte. Well…. I have never seen Golden Ukitte, so I have no background what so ever to judge or talk about the outcome in this fight. But I hope that the Black sniper will be back in shape on back on the right track, after having had some real bad fights the last 16 months.

Aziz Katou Vs. Pele Reid is to me like Fonzie Vs. Travolta. I dont care who wins, but I will be super surprised if Aziz don’t wins this fight on TKO/KO.

Ray Sefo Vs. Tatsufumi Tomihira. Sugerfoot all the way to the bank. There are very few fighters in the K-1 strong enough to defeat Ray Sefo, Tomihira is NOT one of them. KO in the first to Ray.

Posted: 2003-07-08 04:06:27
Fonzie vs. Travolta. Now that would be a great fight!!
Posted: 2003-07-08 04:07:49
i think the second best croatian is leko. third might be bodrozic. i haven't seen jukic fight though.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-07-08 04:21:01
Leko is German... Isn’t he?

Michael Schiavello
Posted: 2003-07-08 05:32:07
Jukic is hot... I saw him fight Doug Viney and it was one of the BEST and most exciting K-1 fights I have seen and I have seen plenty.
Posted: 2003-07-08 05:43:51
Looks like most of it will be easy to pick with easy wins for Sefo (punishing a japanese school boy), Hoost (picking on an amateur), Iggy (smacking over the fat guy) and Filho (destorying everyones favourite punching bag).

Jukic is good, can take a hit and has good speed and lots of experience. Apparently won an 8 man tournament in europe, so hes got the skills. Only thing against him is his weight. At around 93-95kg hes on the light side compared to most of the heavy weights. Still give old mcdonald a run for his money.
Posted: 2003-07-08 05:47:43
Never right off Abidi !

I think I'm one of the few people who like watching Abidi, he's so unpredictable. He can beat the best (Aerts, Sefo) and loose to some of lesser ranked fighters (Goodridge) but you'rwe always guaranteed excitement !

Though i have too say I can't see him beating Hoost, too technical to be caught out by an Abidi haymaker !
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-07-08 05:57:22
Excitement is a big word AndyC, I rather use the word entertainment.

Cyril Abidi is the only K-1 fighter that I know, that fights like Elvis Presley did in the movie " Kid Galahad". I like a good western movie, and I like a good clean fight. But mixing up Kid Calahad with Abidi gives none of the above.
Posted: 2003-07-08 06:03:28
Don't knock Elvis Oliver he was a 23rd Dan in American Kempo :)

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-07-08 06:08:07
john conway
Posted: 2003-07-08 06:12:07
NO one and i mean no one say any thing bad about the king, God bless his soul.

135217 : T.C.B.

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-07-08 06:26:33

As a big Elvis fan myself, I would never say anything bad about the King.

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-07-08 06:30:31

135220 : Pele Reid

Paul T
Posted: 2003-07-08 06:57:16
what is the story on Pele Reid?

I have only seen him fight once, and granted that
was against Sefo - but i was pretty unimpressed.
is he a good fighter?
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-07-08 07:12:15
Not if you ask me Paul.

Pele got smart K-1 shorts and some fancy dynamics kicks when he is warming up, but he is very unimpressed to look at when the going gets tuff. I will say that on a very good day, Pele might get a draw against Nakasako.

If you take 50% Chad Bannon and 50% Gary Goodridge you got Pele Reid.
Posted: 2003-07-08 07:42:03
Paul T,

Pele Reid was a kick boxer who became a pro boxer in the UK. he had about 10 pro boxing fights, think he won about the same as he lost. Smiler or Farhad will be able to tell you a lot more. I think Smiler has fought him once or twice!!


Roger Deaton
Posted: 2003-07-08 11:30:46
Zack Arnold reported that Hoost was suppose to fight Mirko on this show, but K-1 was unable to come to terms on a deal with Mirko for the fight.

You know pro wrestling legend Jerry "The King" Lawler was suppose to do a match with Elvis Presley in Memphis as "kickboxer vs. pro wrestler." But Presley passed away before it could take place. They had agreed to do it around the time of Elvis's death. There is a great documentary on karate and competitions that Elvis put-up something like $150,000 to shoot. The footage was lost for a long time, then discoverd and the documentary is now being sold. Forget the name of it.
Paul T
Posted: 2003-07-08 12:25:16
thanks guys!
Mike Angove
Posted: 2003-07-08 16:10:07
Jukic - will beat MacDonald if Mike stands and trades - but Jukic is vulnerable to speed which Mike has - Viney - an inexperienced fighter exposed that aspect of Juckic's games but Mike doesn't hit anywhere near as hard as Viney. And Juckic has a bloody hard head - either Juckic by KO's in the 3rd or 4th or MacDonald by points - also if Juckic is only 95 KG I'll eat my hat he is about 6 ft 2 and bloody solid - i'd say 98 - 100.

I don't see Mike losing 5 in a row - but to be honest power is often the facotr which proves his undoing - if he gets careless Jukic will nail him.

Posted: 2003-07-08 20:27:25

leko isn't really german. his parents are croatian and he was raised in croatia. he may have been born in germany or spent some of his early youth there but it has been stated on sherdog that he plans to represent croatia from now on. i think since he dumped his german manager he has no real ties to germany anymore. he trains in the netherlands and there hasn't been a k-1 germany since 2001.

how do you say "blitz" in croatian?

but K-1 was unable to come to terms on a deal with Mirko for the fight.

this seems to be the problem with a lot of mirko match ups. he always delivers so he should get paid what he is worth.
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