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Posted: 2003-08-18 07:03:34

This is the fight unstable was talking about.
as you can see, the guy kicking had ability, but anyone can get hammerred on the day.
For mine, I thought it could have been stopped earlier but I've also seen guys come back from worse to win.
Posted: 2003-08-18 07:13:46

Pitbull and his charge Mark 'The Snake' Mottinelli - who has this habit of having a live python wrapped around him as he enters the ring!
Posted: 2003-08-18 07:15:57

Wade Davis lays one into Nathan Freidman during their stouche where Davis proved too strong winning by points decision
Posted: 2003-08-18 07:17:11

Daniel Grove and Jason Baltovska had a great fight but Baltovska took the trophy with a 2nd round TKO.
Posted: 2003-08-18 07:18:33

A great fight for the punters - high kicks, hard punching and eight counts!
Posted: 2003-08-18 07:19:56

Mohseni showed great technique but Blake Devine had the points in his pocket.
Posted: 2003-08-18 19:17:01
Hi Again everyone I sorry it has taen me so long to post the results I don't think I have quite recovered from the weekend and all the stress and running around from the promotion. Thanks Ian for posting and also to the Fighters Trainers,Spnsors, Ring Official and Fignt fans that came to all the people that were turned away at the door I am very very sorry but the club was at maxium compacity.

Josh Smith from Pitbull Gym defeated Matt Quirk from Fight Rite by Split points decision
Matt Stacey from Rod’s fight Centre defeated Martin Walters from Zen Ryo Ku by KO in the 2nd Round
Mark “The Snake” Mottinelli from Pitbull Gym defeated Trent “The Quiet Riot” Coles from Southern Cross Kickboxing & Muay Thai by KO in the 3rd Round

Wade Davis from Ultrafit defeated Nathan “Cyclone” Friedman from Rod’s fight Centre by unanimous decision.

Kane Abbott from Reflex Martial Arts defeated Daniel “The Tiger” Young from Extreme Kickboxing by unanimous decision.

Frank Kernahan from Fight Rite defeated David “Mr. Perfect” Nicolia from Rod’s Fight Centre by unanimous decision.

Tim Musgrave from Fight Rite defeated Korum Ellis from Zen Ryo Ku by unanimous decision

Gerard “Giant Killer” Jeffery from Rod’s Fight Centre defeated Christian Leek from Holy Trinity Martial Art by Split points decision

Liam Hammond from Reflex Martial Arts defeated Will Nunnery from Taurus Gym by TKO in the 2nd Round .

Chris Hodges from Southern Cross Kickboxing & Muay Thai defeated Piers Szivos from Blackbelt Pro by unanimous decision.

David “The Slug” Smith from Pitbull Gym defeated Kevin “The Anvil” Aurisch from Anvil’s Kickboxing by Majority decision.

Matt Kelly from Fight Rite defeated Jayden Dempsey from Double Dragon Martial Arts by unanimous decision.

Pedro Staszewki from the Dandy Fight centre defeated John “Popeye” Bonanno from Pitbull Gym after the referee stopped the fight due to injury (dislocated shoulder)

Jason Harris from from Zen Ryo Ku defeated Lethal” Luke Abbott from Southern Cross Kickboxing & Muay Thai by unanimous decision for the WKA NSW Super Middleweight Oriental Rules title.

Jason Baltovska from Reflex Martial Arts defeated Daniel Grove from Double Dragon Martial Arts by KO in the 3rd round for the WKA NSW Super Middleweight Kickboxing Title

Mark “Bullet” Vella from Pitbull Gym defeated Jake “Bing” Abbott from Southern Cross Kickboxing & Muay Thai for the WKA NSW Lightweight Muay Thai Title by 3rd round KO

Blake Devine from Southern Fighting Arts retained his WKA Super Light Heavyweight KickboxingTitle with a unanimous decision over Rasool Monseni from the Dandy Fight Centre
140421 : Curious?

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2003-08-18 19:23:32
GREAT pics:
thanks !
Please can you tell me / us here in the U.K. ? What rules ( i know its Thaiboxing btw )
As we use shin pads fights sometimes but with a headguard ! like a in between AM: rules !
And then we use NO pads at all ! in semi and pro: rules
Please can you explain the above and whats it classed as?
And are they 3 rounders?
Just curious ?
sandy man
Posted: 2003-08-19 05:09:58

Rules vary here in NSW from the rest of Australia.
There is a huge push at the moment to get Muay Thai (without guards) legal in this state. It is a political hot-potato at the moment and there is a lot of feeling in the sport at this time.

Basically here's the guff as I know it:

Kickboxing in NSW falls under the juristiction of the Boxing Authority and the Department of State and Recreation. Promoters must have the fighters on their shows wear shin guards during a Kickboxing fight. Pro and amateur. Though I must say I have seen fights here in NSW with pros not wearing shin guards.

The Boxing Auth. and Dept. of State and Rec. will not allow a Muay Thai show to go ahead without headgear, body armour, elbow pads and shin guards.

Oriental Rules fights are where there a no knees to the head and no elbows. Body armour (for knees to the body) and shin guards have to be worn. Though I have seen fights without shin guards.

The WMC have had shows go ahead here in NSW with knees but no elbows from what I've seen without body armour head gear and shin guards.

Women are NOT ALLOWED TO BOX, KICKBOX OR FIGHT MUAY THAI !!! This again is due to the draconian, anal retentive attitude of the B.A. and Dept of S&R towards Martial Arts here in NSW. They can however, go into full contact Kyokushin tourny's any other weekend they choose?!?! What the ???!!!

Amateur fights are generally 3 x 1.5 minute rounds. There are also 3 x 2 minute rounds. Depending on the title and sanctioning body, rounds can go from 4 to 5 and 7 rounds. There may be other rules but I haven't seen fights out fo this state first hand.

Here is a photo of Pitbull's Mark Vella (Bullet) during his latest win which was a Muay Thai fight with all the garb on.

If I have it wrong, my apologies but this is what I believe is to be the case.

Posted: 2003-08-19 19:53:14
Hi Ian
What you say here is almost right mate. Amatuer Kickboxing is under the control of the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation in this state. Only Professional Fights are dealt with by the NSW Boxing Authority. If a promoter in this state wants to put on a show they need to obtain a permit. They must contact one of the sanctioning body Representatives who in turn will then apply for a pemitt for them within 21 day of the proposed event. A different permit is required for a Professional fight. If you Have a promotion with an amateur undercard then Professional main event you would need two different permits.

The length of the rounds depends and how many rounds depends on the sanctioning body. With the Body I work for if one of the Amateur contestants has had less then three fights they must fight 3x1.5 minute rounds. After that 3x2 minute rounds. Amateur State Titles 4x2 minute rounds Amateur Australian and above above are 5x2 minute rounds. You can also have a 5x2 minute rounds non-title fight in the amateurs. What you have also about Muay Thai is correct to my knowledge. I tried to have Muay Thai & Oriental rules fights sanctioned by the body I work for in this state with out pads my proposal was refused. I then tried to have it approved with the body armour(I know it sucks but at least its a start)as the WMC had sent the standard with the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation in this state sometime earlier.Again my proposal was refused so I had a Barrister send the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation a letter saying we would go to Arbitrate Council to have the matter dealt with. The NSW Department of Sport and Recreation then approved my proposal.

When you decide to put on a Pro fight everything changes,you deal with the NSW Boxing Authority. They handle everything they appoint the Ring officials, conduct the Weigh in of the Professional fighters. The Sanctioning body Representative doesn't have much of a say about anything. Not real fair in my opinion when the NSW Boxing Authority has very little knowledge about Kickboxing.

The joys of living in New South Wales and trying to promote Kickboxing & Muay Thai. If promoting wasn't stressful enough.
Posted: 2003-08-19 21:17:23
the slyman is always on top of things. i cant wait to see the photos mate.


Posted: 2003-08-21 18:16:01
Mate, I haven't been to a Pitbull show in quite some time. What can I say, it was AWESOME. Good to see some biffo. Almost makes me want to make a come back ;)
Bullet as usual you put on a great display of your fighting abilities winning by breaking the poor guys arm! I got to say the boys from Southern Cross have come a long way though looking competitve in all their fights. One other point of note - the final fight - Rasool has a very hard nut. Got hit a shit load but kept coming. If only he could fight with his hands, although who am i to give advice.
Posted: 2003-08-21 21:21:53
Hi awesome
Thank you very much for your comments, it was good to very briefly catch up with you on the night mate.I must say that I think that was the best promotion I have done to date. It was unfortunate that we had to turn so many people away on the night but the venue was at maxium compacity. I still haven't quite recovered from all the stress and running around from the week leading up to the promotion. Less than a week later I am getting flooded with emails from people who want to fight on my next one. I have started work on my next one (actually I started three weeks ago.) I hope that I can make NO BULL FITE NITE XXII even better.
Widow Maker
Posted: 2003-08-22 21:55:39
On behalf of my fighters I would like to thank guys for the complements and let you know that we will be back. Jake does have a fractured ulna and will be out for a while and every body who came down has the flu (including me) but we will be ready for No Bull XXII.
Posted: 2003-08-23 18:48:42
A python snake around the neck ?? God, I smelled some at a zoo and u need a gas mask to survive ! Ayn't he stink like shit, he washes himself, or they wash the python ? Anyhow, gives one the creeps :))
Posted: 2003-08-23 20:30:28

dunno bout how they smell, but here 'tis!
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