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Guy Paret
Posted: 2003-11-12 05:47:13
Brussels Fight Night Results
1. Zoetaert Kevin (Team Htk) vs Aliev Edgar (CAMJ) Winner Points
2. Boutelier (Cardio Fight) Winner Points vs Tusset (Zenacademy)
3. Anas (Bikba) Winner Points vs Debisschop (CAMJ)
4. Tusset (Zenacademy) vs Jeremy (Korazaki Gym) Winner KO 1st
5. Funzi (Cardio Fighting) vs Rustemi Kreshnik(Real Team) Winner TKO 2nd
6. Salim (Bikba) Winner Points vs Guida (CAMJ)
7. Kate (Bikba) Winner Points vs Leroy (Impact Academy)
8. Geoffry Spittael (Team HTK) Winner Points vs Hofsmid Styn (Vivoorde Gym)
9. Vatnikaj (Bikba) Winner Points vs Talal (Mohamed Gym)
10. Pépé (Team Papas) vs Khachatcyan (Naïm Gym) Match Nul
11. Mark Gallo(Bikba) Winner Points vs Dumont (Vivoorde Gym)
12. Omar Bellamar (Impact Acasemy) Winner Points vs Nordine (D'adario)
13. Mirco (Korazaki Gym) vs Jurgen Van Hecke (Capitol) Match Nul
14. Jamal (Bikba) vs Omar (Osman Gym) Winner Points
15. European Championship WKA -61,5kg Kickboxing 10x2
Hicham Belmahjoubi (Bikba) Winner KO 3th vs Damien Velvelidis
Guy Paret
Posted: 2003-11-12 06:50:27

One of the most technical fighters of the night: Vatnikaj
Guy Paret
Posted: 2003-11-12 06:52:21

Geoffry Spittael (Team Htk) on the right..
Guy Paret
Posted: 2003-11-12 06:57:05

Mark Gallo on the right winning his fight. Gallo is a former Light & Semi Contact fighter... Taking the lowkicks was something new for him...!!!
Guy Paret
Posted: 2003-11-12 07:08:36

My former coach... Yildrim Suat, always happy to see him again.
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