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Topic:Dave Jacksons Show Results Anyone??
Posted: 2004-04-04 12:42:11
Does anyone have any results yet????
Mr N Rich
Posted: 2004-04-04 16:57:38
Mark Beale beat John Hale on points

Shaun Johnson won on points

Snowflake won on points

Packed venue!!
Posted: 2004-04-04 17:52:46
Posted: 2004-04-04 17:54:11
Guy lost on points, but put up a good show considering he ttok the figth at last minute. I think the 84 kg guy from Caladonian won when his opponent gave up in the 2nd, not to sure about your other lads Brain
Posted: 2004-04-04 18:28:19
Cheers Dazza, how do you know that I
am from Caledonian???
Posted: 2004-04-04 18:30:30
Taken from badco website

Charlotte webster (Bad Company) v (Emma Franklin (Warrington) - Charlotte won on points.
Chris Stead (Bad Company) v Paul Timmins (Wicker Camp) - Paul Timmins won on points.
Steve Savage (Bad Company) v Martin Chivenon (GFC Bury) - Martin Chivenon won on ponts.
Homer Mohammed (Warrington) v John Wincott (Trjan) - Homer won on points.
Jamie Ricketts (Wales) v Helen Lewis (Warrington) - Helen Lewis won on points.
Abdul Arif (Warrington) v Guy Ramsay (Scotland) - Abdul Arif won on points.
John Hale (Warrington) v Mark Beale (Coventry) - Mark Beale won on points.
Shaun Johnson (Warrington) v Farid Ait Daoua (France) - Shaun Johnson won on points.

Posted: 2004-04-05 04:05:40
braincall, you told me before the Andy Thrasher Ian McCauley fight, bit of a give away that
Posted: 2004-04-05 04:07:44
Sorry Dazza, forgot about that LOL
guy caledonian
Posted: 2004-04-05 12:16:39
some more results....scott trousdale 59kg (sandy holt)vs rob hunt 63kg (trojan)points win to rob
ali woodbridge 58kg (sandy holt) vs chris horne 59kg(caledonian) draw.
julie fleming (sandy) vs leanne currie (dean / vinny nongkee) points win to julie.
wes 66kg (wicker) vs del 66kg(caledonian)points win to wes.
steven mains 82kg(caledonian)vs wayne 84kg(warrington)t.k.o to steven, 2nd rd.

cracking show dave, well run, well organised, regards to abdul, he's an absolute gentleman.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2004-04-05 17:23:27
Thanx to everyone who supported the show.

It was a great night, it went on a bit too long but that was an accident, I didnt think all the matches would hold out until the night. I havent promoted for a couple of years and I seem to have been rewarded with a lot of payback from good friends and all the people I have helped out. I am really grateful to you all for that.

All the gyms put out class fighters but the biggest thank you goes out to Guy Ramsey and his fighters from Scotland...He pulled me out of the shit and matched some of the big ticket sellers at the last minute. More than that he then agreed to fight Abdul Arif from my gym himself on about 5 days notice...

......The down side to that was that the "bast**d" gave Abdul a fight and a half! :)

Guy, on a personal note....You have the kind of attitude that I would like to instill into every person that ever walks into my gym! "Bravery, dignity, composure, style, grit, determination, resiliance, humility, strength, humour and most of all pure class". You had nothing to prove but simply fought for fun. It was a pleasure to have you and your boys down here.

best regards from all here at Warrington

Dave J

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