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AX name:
Number of posts: 765
Real name: Jussy Senturk
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: United Kingdom
What do you train/compete in?: Thai-Boxing
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: U.K.M.T.A - Bolton Thai-Boxing Club - under Sandy Holt
Height: 5 Ft 2"
Weight: 55 Kgs
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Tell us about yourself: I have been training in Muay Thai since 1993, At Sandy Holts Bolton Thai-Boxing Club, I have had knowledge of Martial Arts from a very early age, through my dad doing Karate, even though that did not apeal to me at the time & I prefered to do gymnastics, as I got older I realised how important it was to know some kind of self-defence, after a guy I was seeing at the time bullied me & nearly broke my nose,
after the incident it was a few months before I finally decided which martial art to do, infact my choice was made easier when some of my friends said they were going to start thai-boxing lessons in Bolton, so I went along too, after watching the first class I new that was what I wanted to do, I started on the very next session, my intentions were to train & learn some basic self-defence,
but the more I trained the more I got hooked & the more I wanted to learn other aspects of the sport, so I decided I would try doing my grades, but that wasn't enough & took part in a few Interclubs, before I new I was fighting professionaly, I am now a full time professional Thai-Boxing Instructor & Double British, Commonwealth & World Flyweight Champion, to which I have to Thank My Thai-Boxing Instuctor/Coach & Friend Sandy Holt.

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