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Topic:Por Leelajan Elite Gym
AX name:
Por Leelajan Elite Gym  
Real name: Mike
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: Bangkok, Thailand
What do you train/compete in?: Muay Thai, Boxing
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: Por Leelajn Elite Gym
Tell us about yourself: A new Muay Thai and Western Boxing gym that has set new deminsions to what champions are really made of.

Along with the best trainers of our generation our team at Por.Leelajan Elite finally has the opportunity to release the best kept secret of Martial Arts to the world.

Por. Leelajan Elite Gym has been opened since June 2010. The gym is in the process of training some future fighters with no skill in Muay Thai and turning them into champions.

Por. Leelajan Elite is located in Minburi Bangkok, which is located on the out skirts of Bangkok and is easily accessible by the BTS skytrain from Sukuhmvit and a van to Min Buri (มีนบุรี). Por Leelajan Elite was created as a way not to only help everybody and anyone to train Muay Thai or simply sharpen their boxing skills, but to upgrade their fitness level as well.

The gym has 8 bags, 1 ring, 6 rooms, a toilet and a shower. It is surrounded by trees and plants to give a more relaxing feel. Another gym is in the process of being built in the near future along with more bags and training equipment.

The Gym Is very close to all your conveniences, with Tesco Lotus a 5 minute walk away, Carrefour a 10 minute walk, and the local Market a 3 minute motorcycle ride.

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